Connie Jordine-Legister’s DOB – 6/2/1923 – 96 Years!

We hope you enjoy looking back on your memories on Facebook, from the most recent memories to those long ago. 2012 – 2018. Valdin, Kevin and 7 others. 3 places. 1 year ago. Mervelee Ratty Nembhard.February 6, 2018 at 8:57 AM · London ·  I read the #Horoscopes, but will document later. Mass Tom reading z Daily Express. His NP of choice, so it’s mine 2. Ladies obey U…  Top of Form. 2 Comments.  Bottom of Form. Share

1 year ago. Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is in London, United Kingdom. February 6, 2018 at 8:42 AM ·  Happy birthday Ms CONNIE LEGISTER! Today marks the 96th DOB of Ms Connie. On the 8th March, it will be my husband’s 96th birthday. I was planning a celebration with the family, but it’s not going to happen. Instead, we are planning his nephew Dudley’s funeral. I have written the tribute and sorted some photos for the programme. When it seems Ur headspace is processing 2 much info? I can’t recall wat day mi book fah at Catford. I decided 2 get z ticket at B… Top of Form. 6 Comments.1Mervelee Ratty Nembhard. Bottom of Form. Share

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My Husband’s Family at his 90th birthday party. This would be 2013 before I know that had plans for destroying 26 years of my life in the UK? Because I was getting more attention than her.

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is celebrating a birthday with Valdin Legister and 5 others at Bermondsey. February 6, 2018 at 1:20 AM · London ·  Taurus: Be tactful when dealing with work problems. Badmouthing a colleague will come back to haunt you. Even if you dislike a fellow worker, its important to compromise. It may be necessary to adjust some of your methods to accommodate their needs. Updates 6/2/2019: Let me quote from “In addition, the issues you have raised appear to be legal issues and therefore, should have been addressed during the Employment Tribunal trial.”

Evaluation: Read between the lines. None of us human is perfect. That’s why I refuse to be judgemental about the weaknesses of anyone who has ever cross my paths. 
Ok, I might probably have shed a few tears, but I did not CUSS BAD WUDS. So yes another way for me to move on with my life if that’s what it takes? That’s why I am doing like my MOTHER done and sacrifice my life for others. There will come the times when all I can do is spare the time to listen to another person who just wants to talk about issues that are affecting them. And the only way to move on is chat and get the angst out of their systems. 
I have learned and is still learning from every encounter. I don’t have time to keep up the hard feelings. But in order for me to make sense of what’s happening, I will have to use #writing_therapy to get matters out of my system. I promise to continue being #sensitive.  No cup no break, no coffee nuh throw way….?

Sagittarius: Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Don’t neglect your friends. If you’re enjoying the company of a romantic partner, don’t let these meetings dominate your schedule. Make time for the people who have been with you through good and bad. 
Evaluation: Everything is written in the #stars. I read the horoscope even more religiously than I do the Bible. It’s more a case like the Bible is part of my Headspace due to my Father’s teaching. The first book I got from my Papa was a copy of the Bible. Talking to my sister-in-law, Ms. Doreen Forrester-Nembhard helps me to be in that place where I should be finding my #purpse

I am mindful of her words that whatever I do will impact on my 2 sons Kevin Murray and Valdin Legister. So on the 95th or is it 59th birthday of my Mother’s #BestFriend Mrs Connie Jordine-LEGISTER, I will close off saying Happy Birthday Ms Connie! I am hoping and praying I can come home to see you one last time and say my final goodbye to you chatting about life like I could not have done with my Mama Lou? 
And now I feel the tears because I know how much I have learned from hearing you talk about your life. That’s one of the things my Mother was not equipped to do. What’s the sense crying over spilled milk. Just another learning experiences about life.
Some of them want to use you, some of them want to get used by you…. Sail the world over the 7 seas, everyone is looking for something? Love is blind, fickle and can be good and bad… It’s left to make it what we want it to be?

Is celebrating love with Valdin Legister and 2 others. February 6, 2017 at 10:08 PM ·  Just ran to catch the #Bus to get home. Proof that I am still in control, managing my #DISABILITIES despite the pressures placed on me to conform to what others might think I am supposed to be. But there is only one #RATTYNEMBHARD, who is #Mother to Kevin MurrayValdin LegisterKevin Murray. Tough luck to those who are unable to accept that fact! Updates 6/2/2019: So why should I allow make me a victim from the vile hate crime therein?  I can go as far back to when I was diagnosed with diabetes.  

Shared a photo — feeling optimistic. February 6, 2017 at 4:03 PM ·  GOD bless me with gifts, therefore I will continue using my #VOICE to achieve the best outcome in my Fight4justice campaign. Updates 6/2/2019: Just to remind you that I am talking about the 26+ years of my life destroyed by when they decided to take over the Early Years Sector at whatever cost to the world.

“It is never my custom to use words lightly. If twenty-seven years in prison have done anything to us, it was to use the silence of solitude to make us understand how precious words are and how real speech is in its impact on the way people live and die.” ~ Nelson Mandela from the Closing Address at the XIII International AIDS Conference, Durban, South Africa, 14 July 2000 #LivingTheLegacy#MadibaRemembered. of Form Bottom of Form Share.2 years ago


Section of the letter sent to Senior HR Dilys Epton on the eve of Mothering Sunday, March 2015. So Justice Mrs Simler needs to go back and rethink why she sent my case to the EAT. That way is in no doubt that the ET and EAT did not deal with any fact.

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard shared a photo — feeling motivated. February 6, 2017 at 4:00 PM · A timely message to all those intent on dragging me down to their level. My #Sons Kevin MurrayValdin LegisterKevin Murray will not allow. Even for those who think they have the upper hand, be ready for the time of #Awakening. My GOD will not let anyone triumph over the #LOVE I bestow in my children from #Conception to where they are at in their lives. I #RattyNEMBHARD is the Supreme #QueenBee, love or lump it!

“Let us stand together to make of our world a sustainable source for our future as humanity on this planet.” ~ Nelson Mandela upon receiving the Planet and Humanity Award, International Geographical Union, Durban, South Africa, 4 August 2002 #LivingTheLegacy #MadibaRemembered. Top of Form. Bottom of Form. Share

2 years ago. Valdin Legister is with Mervelee Ratty Nembhard. February 6, 2017 at 12:12 AM ·  I am the son of a Queen……….. Updates 6/2/2019: Let me direct you to where you can witness the talents of this Queen Mervelee Myers. On representing LEYF 2011. My own book produced at in 2011. Caribbean Celebrities Radio celebrating Jamaica 50th Independence. I have the Hashtags for leyf/ mostusedtagsinsocial.comleyf.aspx. I am on by blagging about my talents as an expert authority from cradle to grave. This just the tip of the iceberg. Just type my name into Google if you want to know more.

I am working hard earning BENEFITS. I never believe in getting supn or nutn fi nutn. By the Sweat of Ur Brow though shall Eat Bread. Updates 6/2/2019: Here’s more proof why I refuse to be the voiceless vulnerable victim that want me to become when they done this. Access Denied You don’t have permission to access “” on this server. When they joined in the institutional indirect discrimination after I was forced to sign for benefits. Through no faults of my own. That’s why I am biting my lips and adhering to Nelson Mandela’s LivingTheLegacy as I go about creating my own. So I can turn up for interviews with The rest is history.

I Discovered The GDPR At Charity Meetup in 2018

Complaint Form to The Judicial Ombudsman 2nd February 2019. In light of the caveats imposed by the EAT Judge Simler on the 18th March 2018, I am the only one getting penalised for adhering to the Employment Tribunal Court Management Orders by Judge Baron on the 15th March 2016 and Judge Elliott 8th June 2016. If you doubt my credibility I have my Subject Access Request Data Protection Act – 117119 The former employer claims not to have any data for me after withholding my FILES. But they tampered with my data from the 27th March 2015 when they send me “Invitation to Disciplinary Hearing”. Later after refusing me the link to do my DBS, make an online application using my email address. The ET and EAT tried trapping with deadlines but failed to act on my concerns about the Respondent non-compliance.

4. Your complaint: Paragraph 1 Your complaint must be set out concisely (definition adj brief and to the point) on this page only. You must give specific details, illustrating exactly why you believe the JCIO, Tribunal President or Magistrates’ Advisory Committee’s handling of your complaint fell short of the standards you could reasonably expect.  Paragraph 2 The Ombudsman will investigate the issues that you provide below if he considers (v 1 regard as. 2 think about 3 be considerate of) your complaint warrants investigation. He will not be able to deal with your complaint unless you particularise (v give details about) your concerns on this form. You may provide supporting documents if necessary.  

Considering that it was Justice Ingrid Simler who sent my case to the EAT. The following are my grounds for complaint. My Bible collection now includes GDPR – How to be ready and 20 GDPR myths debunked Toni Vitale, Head of Regulation, Data & Information, Winckworth Since up until that time when I acquired the former employer, the ET and EAT along with Government Departments were not showing how they were preparing for the GDPR. I think it’s time the start doing their research about the implementation of the GDPR. LEYF did not review and update the contract I signed in line with the Equality Act 2010.

1. With regards to complaint 1, I set out concisely my reasons why I consider Judge Shanks was rude to me. I sent attachments to verify my arguments. I will, therefore, do the same again as everyone seems to be using my vulnerability of having disabilities to confuse me. Maybe the only way I can further help is to act out and demonstrate the rudeness and what he said: “You are not a credible witness”. “You made up your disabilities”. “You want the case to be re-tried and the fact was use”.  All this in the presence of my elderly husband who has been affected by 4+ years of the discrimination that tore our lives apart. I will provide the documents to prove who the credible witness is. From the first time, I meet the Respondent’s Representative, Mr John Fenton To the time the case was adjourned as attachments. What the ET & EAT done is use hate crime to make me a victim after presiding over the second miscarriage of justice.

2. (A) How did Justice Simler come to the conclusion that it is normal for the Respondent to make submissions which they consider relevant after I provided documents to the ET, EAT and the EAT President to the contrary – (Attachments)? At the same time, the ET refuse my submission of additional witness statements after information relevant came to light after the adjournment – (Attachments). See website for reviews. These were in the public domain during the ET case. Rashid Iqbal resigned but still attended the ET perverting the course of justice. Was he paid a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) like what Judge Hildebrand tried to trap me with?

(B) Judge Shanks failed to take note of the bundles to the EAT with fact of the case and how the Respondent was perverting the course of justice by withholding my FILE & Medical Reports – (Attachments). Concerns were raised about Mr John Fenton unprofessional conduct to (C) The Barrister was too scared and even though she tried, Judge Shanks was using intimidating tactics. Saying I am not a credible witness (Attachments – Summary of EAT. Yet to find the Barrister’s). The Respondent should not have been allowed to develop these points. This was to provoke me. They did the same from 23/07/2014 using data from my

3. (A) Judge Shanks made his revelations at the summing up of the case that I made up my disabilities. However, is only one (1) of the three (3) Medical Reports concealed by the ET. (B) He used every argument the Barrister put forward to say I was trying to get the case retried. I should not have had to take my case to the ET. I was passed fit for work by (C) Judge Shanks put this forward as his own opinion and finding. I was treated by

(D) Also as the case put forward by the Respondent after prompting Barrister Samantha Jones with questions that help her to lie and perverting the course of justice. With claims that Judge Freer sent me home overnight to search for Medical Reports. The ET can adjourn the case after Ms Jones lied and made up false claims that her doctor quarantined her to stay indoors for forty-eight (48) hours. She only did this to pay time as she did not prepare any of the ET case. This was done by Mr Fenton HR Management. Why did Mr Fenton direct the ET to address correspondence to Senior HR Dilys Epton when he claimed to be out of the UK? Ms Jones firm is not mentioned on ET correspondence.

(E) There was no finding of fact made by the Employment Tribunal. Judge Freer & the Panel lied that there were no other Medical Reports. (Refer to Subject Access Requests) & If this was the case why did Justice Simler send it back to the EAT (Attachments)? The EAT continued with the contingent policies and procedures of the ET. Putting me under pressures to meet deadlines. This resulted in the exacerbation of my disabilities as can be ascertained from me having to get help from the NHS Professionals who I always relied on to manage and control my health conditions. But the Solicitors Regulation Authority said it’s the duty of the Representative to use whatever means, even illegal to advance their client’s case. Maybe I should have done what my brother did, take the law into my own hands and sit in church waiting for the Police to come?

5. What are you hoping to achieve from your complaint? For the ET & EAT to be accountable and act about the miscarriages of justice that ruined my career and destroyed 26+ years of my life in the UK. I need compensation for the impacts on my health and emotional wellbeing and that of my husband. An apology from the powers that be for the institutional discrimination that impacted on my life and made me a victim to terrorists.

I am a Disabled Person under the definition of the Equality Act 2010. Let me first highlight the arguments that despite the Equality Act 2010 saying that people with disabilities should be allocated additional time to help in carrying out normal day-to-day activities, the EAT continues to treat me like I do not have disabilities. Hence the reason that the ET and EAT continue to hide the fact and perverting the course of justice in favour of the Respondent. The following documents are the evidence that will prove that there is/was institutional discrimination involved from the time I was contacted by Bates Wells Braithwaite on the 24th September 2015. To my first meeting with the Respondent’s Representative Mr John Fenton on the 15th March 2016. To the time when the ET was adjourned on the 21st December 2016. To the EAT on the 19th October 2018 when Judge Shanks claimed I made up my disabilities. After disregarding the EAT bundles and allowing Barrister Samantha Jones to continue lying and perverting the course of justice.

Attachments Complaint 1: I have been put under extreme pressures over the past years since the Respondent set out with the plot of using my vulnerability of having disabilities against me to trigger my childhood traumas into PTSD.

Refer to ET & EAT bundles Appendix: Raising Concerns – My letters to & correspondences from the Respondent 2014 to date: 1. BIB manager Lynne Kelly. 2. Senior HR Dilys Epton. 3. BIB Supervision. 4. Isabella Glen Investigations after BIB Allegations & Complaints. 5. Dr Laura Crawford Occupational Health Medical Report & advice to seek CBT. 6. Disciplinary/Appeal Hearings & Outcomes. 7. Training Certificates at New Cross. 8. Correspondences with Neil King & Neil Best. 9. New Cross Supervision. 10. Correspondences to New Cross. 11. Meeting 2 Professors at Middlesex University. 12. Suspension again. 13. Resignation. 14. Reviews on Respondent website. 15. Respondent letter re Subject Access Request. The Solicitors Regulation Authority provided me with some weird advice, I am just not bothering myself anymore. So since they are continuing with the indirect discrimination, I will put my correspondence in the public domain to avoid any ambiguity.

Without prejudice, the EAT continued with the hate crime in the Reserved Judgement to break me after realising the blunder of presiding over another miscarriage of justice Presidents_Office_Employment_E& Judge Shanks behaviour was no different from what I experienced when Judge Martin strikes out my Racism Claims repeatedly. Then after the ET tried to stitch me up with the Telephone Conciliation, Judge Hildebrand tried tying me to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Claiming the Respondent need to protect themselves from me. Now when was I protected from the institutional discrimination by the ET and EAT? That’s why Judge Freer lied that there were no other Medical Reports, even though I handed them to him to copy from my bundle on the 20th December 2016.

Want to deal with the fact about the credibility of those involved with Refer to Subject Access Request – Data Protection Act – 117119 from the Ministry Of Justice dated 10th April 2018 And the Respondent letter of 2nd January 2018. I have had enough of the EAT trying to get away with perverting the course of justice and covering up for each other.

I refuse to be drawn into allowing the EAT to continue stressing me out so I am taking my case to where there is transparency. I am dealing with bereavement and at a time when I am having to go through the reasons for my childhood traumas with memorials of those who died or were disabled with sicknesses coming up. I was targeted by on behalf of those colluding to discriminate against me. But I have been publishing on and other Social Media platforms since 2010. Therefore please get the evidence from the relevant bundles. The EAT refused to return documents in the bundles I submitted. Because I did not understand the instructions I was given when I called. But upon reflections, maybe this was yet another trick to mislead me, without prejudice. I do not trust the Employment Tribunal Services to give me the justice that I rightly deserve. 

I have submitted documents to Judge Brian Doyle President of the London Central Employment Tribunal, by email and posts. I have been in contact with the ET and EAT with regards to the breaching of the Employment Law by the clerks. I got a response from a Mr John Booth who continued sending me round the bend like all the others. 

Complaint 2  I would like the EAT to explain how Justice Simler come to the conclusion she did with her emphasis on (sic)? Collins Pocket Dictionary meaning/definition sic Latin thus: used to indicate that an odd spelling or reading is in fact accurate. The definition of Sick adj. that proves my case of physically or mentally unwell, is there to be found in my bundles to the EAT. The EAT is responsible for me having another meltdown after the case on the 19/10/2018. I called My husband begged me to pull myself together. I should not have had to be going through this. The Occupational Health Doctor recommended provided the Medical Report to the Respondent about my disabilities. The Respondent lied that they did not receive it at the Disciplinary Appeal Hearing. Another of how they breach the contract I signed with regards to the Equality Act 2010 “Protected Characteristics.”. The ET Judge Baron and Judge Elliott made Case Management Orders in March and June 2016 for the Respondent to comply with.

The ET and EAT were informed about the Respondent’s non-compliance. I had to call out the NHS Professionals to help me get over this difficult period. Why should the EAT get away with this after they were presented with additional information relevant to the case? This information has been on the Respondent website from in March 2016. The time the case came to the ET. The Respondent was perverting the course of justice and the ET and EAT covered up for them by concealing my Medical Reports and make a blunder of the Employment Law.

Justice Simler placed caveats on my case to the EAT. But the Respondent Barrister Jones was given every opportunity by Judge Shanks to pervert the course of justice further. Whilst he intimidated Barrister Sally Robertson. Is it any wonder I am yet to locate her Summary of the case despite telling her it was not attached to the email? And she claimed to have sent it again. All I am saying is I don’t function under pressure and I can’t vouch what happened to it after. The Respondent set out to use my vulnerability against me from the time they got Facebook to give them access to my account. I was used as statistics by of 1 in 5 suicides are associated with unemployment.

I have not worked since I was given a reference flagging safeguarding by the Respondent. Yet I am part of when I had my first nervous breakdown at Kings College NHS Foundation Trust when the ET presided over the first miscarriages of justice. So what the EAT is planning is for time to run out, like how claim the case is closed. But not only that the documents will then be destroyed like how the Respondent destroyed 26+ years of my life in the UK. I will then be sent to to further confuse me.

It has since transpired that the Solicitors that contacted me on the 24/09/2015 and again when the Reserved Judgement was posted online did not represent the Respondent. So what was their role in the radicalisation and terrorism that triggered and exacerbated my traumas into PTSD? The Respondent was only developing the points to provoke me (refer to Dr Crawford advice re CBT).

Complaint 3 Judge Shanks already made up his mind about what he said about me making up my disabilities from he take the case. That’s why I have to be dealing with after Barrister Ryan Clement decided to get the scammer, he groomed to call the Police. To section me after scamming me of my husbands’ savings to represent me at the EAT. I have done my research at the Law Society Gazette about the Judges involved in the ET and EAT case. I know exactly how they behave from appearing in their courts. It was evident that Barrister Sally Robertson was terrified of Judge Shanks. I could hear the quivering in her voice.

All the EAT is doing is imposing their contingent policies and procedures on me to wear me down. Already I am forgetting the chronological orders and sequences of the events from 23rd July 2014 to now. But it’s in black and white in the bundles. I was not even aware of some of the relevance of the documents until the case ended. The EAT is now using the same tactics that the Respondent used to break me. So I am expected to give specific details and then let it hold on one sheet of paper. Just imagine if I did not have access to my computer like how the establishments and systems that the Respondent paid to target me had tried doing. I would have to write it. Then when I am under pressure and unable to function, how many particularise points could I get on the sheet?

I will end by saying the ET and EAT are responsible for putting me in this difficult position by perverting the course of justice in favour of the Respondent. They are party to defamation of my character. That’s why the Government Departments can threaten me with criminal records. When I refused from becoming a voiceless vulnerable victim they barred me at–write-content/SERVICE_ISSUES/.  

I am at as a participant in Mental Health research. Taking part in Participant in for diabetes. The honest truth is I am fed up of been treated like how the Respondent labeled, stereotype and tag me from the day I transferred to BIB on the 23rd June 2014 after the death of my mother. Now my life is an Open Book in cyberspace and I am known for sharing stories about my experiences to help others. So any fucking thing want to do, they are welcome. As long as they know that I am putting everything in the public domain for the sake of my sanity. My Personal Experiences of Parkinson’s disease – Updated 17/8/2017

You are all fucking doing my head in. I will not resort to taking the law into my own hands like what my bother did and waited in church for the Police. Instead, I will resort to the Passive Aggressive Behaviours that kept me one step ahead of getting me section to take away my entitlements. I told Senior HR Dilys Epton about my childhood traumas and that work keep me going on the 27th March 2015 at the prestigious HOC when she tried setting me up. The which advised me and represented me at the Disciplinary have since sold me out to the Respondent. But taking my fees even though I have not worked since I was forced to resign. Now and the DWP is at it again after threatening me with a criminal record. But the list is been made of those to be given the criminal records. You can find it on my website when I am sane enough to write.

Writing is therapy was written when I was on Medical Suspension. I started sharing stories of my experiences to take away the taboos and stigma linked to Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND). Others were using my publications like LEYF did for their benefits. I am not benefiting but my stories can help others not to go through my ordeals from my dad was stricken with Parkinson’s disease. So with all pleasure, I will continue to unmask those to be sent to jail for perverting the course of justice.   

Yours Sincerely

Mervelee Myers.