The Solicitors Regulation Authority Is At It Too!

If I did not take it upon myself to call the Solicitors Regulation Authority they would not have bothered to get in touch. I called before and left a message and nobody responds. As can be seen, everyone is entitled to excuse their shoddy unprofessional behaviour and conduct. But Mervelee Myers get penalised for having chronic anxiety and other mental and physical disabilities. So let my continue working.

Solicitors Regulation Authority, The Cube, 199 Wharfside Street, Birmingham B1 1RN. Web:

24 January 2019
Dear Mrs Myers
Thank you for your correspondence dated 19 November 2018, we are very sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

Your report concerning Bates Wells & Braithwaite London LLP (“the firm”) Having reviewed your recent correspondence we note that you have numerous allegations against Mr John Fenton including that Mr Fenton held out that he was a solicitor. You have raised allegations of dishonesty against the firm and against Ms Samantha Jones, the barrister representing your employer. Mervelee Myers Analysis 4/2/2019: How does the writer of this letter get Mr John Fenton and Ms Samantha Jones in BWB (“the firm”) here? The reason I have been accused of being dismissive of authority from I come to the UK. From the correspondence submitted it can be seen who are part of BWB.

In addition, you say that the Employment Tribunal Judge and Clerks failed to take your concerns into consideration. MMA: Yes that’s why I am now at the Because everyone thinks it’s okay to keep sending me round the bend like the SRA is doing.
Upon review of your recent correspondence alongside the rest of our file, we have decided to uphold our original decision and our file will remain closed. An explanation of our reasoning is below.

We have not identified any issues of misconduct to take forward
I realise you are frustrated at the situation and we do want to be helpful, but we can only take action if there is evidence of a non-admitted individual holding themselves out as a solicitor. MMA: I don’t know which of the evidence Gurprit Kaur Regulatory Support Officer Solicitors Regulation Authority looked at. Or maybe like Mr John Fenton he has EAL? In such instances, we would need to see evidence of the individual describing themselves as a ‘solicitor.

At present, we have not seen any evidence of Mr Fenton holding himself out to be a solicitor and therefore, are unable to take your matter forward. MMA: I refuse to stoop to the level of unprofessionalism that I have been getting from all echelons of the Legal Fraternity since this case started and decided to join in perverting the course of justice. By refusing to take my concerns about Mr John Fenton apparent criminal activity of Representing LEYF into consideration. And acting to prevent the exploitations that subsequently occurred from I meet Mr Fenton at London South Employment Tribunal on the 15th March 2016.

Regarding the other complaints you have raised against Mr Fenton, we are unable to take further action as Mr Fenton does not fall within our regulatory remit. MMA: Now I am confused about exactly what Mr Kaur is trying to tell me about Mr Fenton. And exactly what is his role in this matter. Because I was advised to provide evidence about Mr Fenton pretending to be a lawyer. And only admitting he is/was not after the ET case was adjourned on the 21st December 2016. There are correspondence from the first contact with Mr Fenton when he introduced himself as the Respondent’s Representative. At no time did he point out he is/was not a lawyer until the day he admitted he didn’t tell anyone he is/was.

Many of the issues you have raised relate to the dispute between you and London Early Years Foundation. This includes alleging that your employer breached the contract and it refused to provide you with your file. London Early Years Foundation does not fall within our regulatory remit and therefore, we are unable to comment on the issues. In addition, the issues you have raised appear to be legal issues and therefore, should have been addressed during the Employment Tribunal trial. MMA: I am at a loss to understand why Mr Kaur had to go back and address the matter he did already? Because I was advised to send information about Mr John Fenton pretending to be a lawyer. Why is Mr Kaur wasting Tax Payers money going back over what he has already dealt with?  For his information, I have taken my complaints to all the relevant authorities with the information I was supplied with.

You say that the firm have failed to respond to your correspondence. It must be noted that as you are not the client of the firm, the firm are not under a duty to respond to you. MMA: Mr Kaur missed the main point in Mr Fenton’s letter to the London South Employment Tribunal, copied to Mervelee Myers. Can Mr Kaur go back to the letter that stated that LEYF was not a client of BWB. So what the hell was the firm role in the exploitation that triggered and exacerbated my disabilities into PTSD. Mr Kaur is hereby acting like the corrupted Mr John Fenton who can’t read, understand or evaluate English, without prejudice. Maybe he should try taking up the Peer Advisory Course with

Therefore, we do not consider this to be misconduct. MMA: When I put all these people’s name in the public domain on I will let the people decide what’s misconduct. Some will be jailed like the black Labour MP Fiona Onasanya for more than lying. She unlike the pathological liar Mr John Fenton is a lawyer. But she was stupid enough to think she could lower the standards by which she was brought up to be like the criminals who get away with a pat on the back. By then all those involved in the discrimination of Mervelee Myers at the instruction of will “Do the decent thing…quit”.

We understand that you received a letter dated 24 September 2015 from the firm which you perceived to be threatening. We have reviewed its content and we cannot see that any inappropriate or threatening language has been used by the firm. It must be noted that in contentious matters, firms may use robust language in their correspondence however, this will not amount to misconduct. MMA: Now I can say without a shadow of a doubt without prejudice that Mr Kaur is sounding like some of the scammers, cold calling me pretending to be from organisations ranging from Government Departments to British Telecom. He is more than welcome to access my to see how I am dealing with Facebook terrorism and radicalisation.

I will therefore refrain from sinning myself with the attitudes of this intellectual imbeciles. So what about the letter and response to BWB after the Reserved Judgement went online? BWB got Facebook and Twitter Legal Team to contact me. So did that stupid Mr Kaur not see the threats in the letter that’s similar to the hate crime Furthermore, you say that during the trial, the firm used your mental illnesses to advance their client’s case.

A firm is under a duty to act in their best interests of their client and in accordance with their client’s instructions. Therefore, whilst you may not agree with the approach that the firm have taken, it does not raise any conduct concerns. MMA: Now I don’t need anyone to tell me that this Mr Kaur is either unhinged or the job has driven him round the bend? Might I suggest that when he is jailed for perverting the course of justice, he should have to do training about the Equality Act 2010 “Protected Characteristics and Act.” I would like to ask like The Honourable Mrs Justice Simler DBE if this his personal opinion? Is Mr Kaur saying that erred in the Medical Report?

You have also raised complaints about Samantha Jones, the barrister acting for your employer. It is not within our jurisdiction to regulate barristers. In our letter dated 14 November 2018, we informed you of this fact and directed you to the Bar Standards Board. MMA: So why is this stupid Mr Kaur going back over his instruction? This seems like more driving Mervelee Myers round the bend with frustration as you will see much later. Stupid man it’s there in the More can be ascertained on the web when I first participated in

You have mentioned that the Employment Tribunal the Judge and Employment Tribunal Clerks failed to take your concerns into consideration. This is a legal issue that we cannot comment on. In addition, we do not regulate members of the judiciary. You may wish to seek independent legal advice in respect of your rights to appeal. MMA: Mr Kaur without prejudice you are a disgrace to the Solicitors Regulation Authority for daring to send me a letter with this crap. I was sent the information for where and who to make the complaints to about what you are saying here. But soon those involved in shielding Samantha Jones of will fall on their own swords. Like you will be in due course.

We appreciate this may not have been the response you were hoping for when you first contacted us, however we hope we have helped to clarify our position on your report. MMA: Since this is not my first contact, I don’t know wht the hell you are on about. But rest assured even when I am dead and gone my legacies will be here to help others who will be better prepared to deal with crooks in high offices at the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Since I was threatened with a criminal record and I decided that the pen was mightier than the sword. This is what happened. Access Denied You don’t have permission to access “” on this server. Reference #18.d6d3dead.153619220.d9f948.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.
Yours sincerely,
Gurprit Kaur Regulatory Support Officer Solicitors Regulation Authority
Direct line 0121 329 6870
Direct fax 0121 616 1299
** Please quote our above reference whenever contacting us **
If corresponding by e-mail please quote our reference in the subject heading

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