I Can’t Even Get Any Kind Of Volunteering Role Since 2015

This is how #precise I am. In response to an email, I just deal with the basic. 
Have to be quick.

I worked in the Early Years Sector. The last job was with LEYF Nurseries #LEYF from 1/9/2009 until 27/9/2015 when I resigned with a #nervous breakdown www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk/southwark to avoid all ambiguity about whether I have the diagnosis for disabilities under the Equality Act 2010. They claimed not to have any data for me. After ruining my LEYF Careers with the aid of Bates,Wells & Braithwaite, the criminals at Voice: The Union for Education Professionals and the Nurseryworld Exhibition, London Design Centre. I was there on Friday. The Employment Tribunal Services going to line up the #judges who perverted the course of justice for their stint in #jail.

Worked in the West Indies as a Basic School #Teacher. Done 1 year as a Teaching #Assistant in a Primary School. Worked in the UK from 1999 in the Early Years Sector. Studied at Lambeth College College and For members of the OU- Open university Open University. Held positions as Pre-School Leader. EYFS coordinator and SENCO and the Multigenerational Approach Facilitator. Done various training over the years. Trained as a Learning Support Assistant in 2016. But unable to get a job because of the blacklisting and networking started after I took my former employers at Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to Employment Tribunal London South.

Done #mentoring for colleagues and did training from the time I was awarded a Student Of the Year Certificate at Lambeth College. Need more details, my CVs are to be found on Social Media platforms. I am developing my brand on the internet via default because of representing former employers and getting published in magazines and other newspapers. I can be found on www.google.com in the different capacity befitting my role as an expert authority on subjects from cradle to grave.

Jamaica: Basic School Teacher & Teaching Assistant. I was involved in Early Childhood Education and working in partnership with my children’s school as a Parent Teacher Association member. That’s why I could blag my way unto www.jbsf.org.uk. I represented LEYF at training and then started working in partnership with http://communityplaythings.co.uk/ until they too sold me out. I appeared on http://skynews.com/ in September 2011 when they were researching the cost of childcare. My work is on internet sites. I was part of the www.nurseryworld.co.uk/ Forum on LinkedIn until they excluded me on behalf of LEYF too.

I have just sorted my #website. I have been trying to get https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site and my other platforms sorted since May 2012. I use Social Media platforms. I am interested in anything that I am #passionate about. Before https://linkedin.com/in/june-o-sullivan-mbe-a9798ba/ invited employees to contribute to her blog. Back then I was part of the Luton Street team that was rolled out to the world as the beacon of best inclusive practice.

I am not able to work full time. I am #carer for my husband. However, with the ICT available, I am positive I could bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your team. I am in London. Despite doing volunteering training and work practice with www.resourcesforautism.org.uk I have not been able to get a job. Because I refused to be patronise for my knowledge and expertise to build brands for others. But I was in for more shock when I was excluded by http://www.morellomarketing.com. So I am trying steadfastly not to get in anyone else’s bad book.

At the moment, money is not my main #objective. I need to get back into #employment. I have an interview with Karra.Gentles@stgilestrust.org.uk. But frankly, I am not holding out much hope. I will be using this to brush up on skills, I have not used for the longest while. Since I was refused training to get back into employment by http://www.hctgroup.org after using me in their Impact Report 2016. Of 1 in 5 suicides are associated with unemployment, I get victimised even more from all and sundry. Including having to be addressing http://www.judicailombudsman.gov.uk about matters that have been left to get out of control by the powers that be. My Fight4justice will continue until https://realbusiness.co.uk/june-o-sullivan-london-early-years-foundation-leyf/ come to her senses and realise how she ruined my career and destroy 26+ years of my life in the UK.

Full Name: Mervelee Myers.
Email: .
Number: 07950618083.
Best time to call, Usually: Try until you get me.

Kind regards

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