Facebook Is Destroying Lives With Radicalisation!

Check My Facebook Memories To Find Out More. Follow up at https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site to know more. It’s time Facebook stop playing the Community Standards cards and reflect on how they are responsible for colluding with others in ruining careers, separating families and friends and destroying lives. Just now I write my horoscope to share on Facebook with a memory. Only for Facebook to prevent me from posting it. It’s not as if I don’t acknowledge the source from where it was taken. So let me throw down the gauntlet and let Facebook know that two can play this game.

Updates 1/2/2019: As can be seen, this post was created in 2011. Just travel with me on this journey and let me show you how the establishments and systems have colluded over the years to destroy my life and ruin my carer. My 1st outing since 26.11.2011 will be on Friday 3rd!!! (I was going out for my friend’s birthday. This was after the years between 2008 when I had the first nervous breakdown at Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. The case file was destroyed in accordance with the Record Retention and Disposal Policy). See https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/record-retention-and-disposition-schedules.

Ratty going back 2 her Lifestyle that she gets much fun & enjoyment from… Updates 1/2/2019: I have my CVs in cyberspace and I have been sharing my experiences about my passion and what my aspirations, dreams, and visions are for the future. I am a graduate of www.open.ac.uk/ceremonies from 2009. I have been creating the legacies to leave for my family and friends who are interested. I’ve been fortunate 2 loose some So-Called-Friends along de way, but GR2FR & ALL who did tek Me fe RCIP… (I have since lost more friends along the way, even some of those whom I thought were genuine. I put this down to experience and learning curses that will help me along life’s journey).

I did don know My Real Friends from Morning!!! Updates 1/2/2019: Take it from me as long as life lasts, you will never know your real friends. I can count how many of my so-called friends have used and abused me and taken me for an idiot. But I am here, trusting in God. Who God bless no wo/man curse. That’s why I was a participant in www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers. Therefore I am taking a stance for what I believe in and know to be the Rules of Law that are the norms of any civilised society. There are some who are changing the goal posts to suit their own corrupted agenda called discrimination. 1 Comment  Share 7 years ago

Mervelee Ratty NembhardFebruary 1, 2012 at 9:27 PM · London · 

Over de years FB became my CONFIDANT 2 share my Triumphs, Woes & Every Aspects of Life within Reason!!! Now wid dis Timeline business dem on abt… How will I be affected? Well de ongly ting dem can sey is me deal ina PARABLES & I’ll be even more on my Guard!!! Updates 1/2/2019: Let me without haste share https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-230047-2016 showing how they have set about destroying the twenty-six (26+) years of my life in the UK. I made use of the opportunities I was presented with over the years, only to have my passion for my career choice thwarted. Until I reached rock bottom.

I will, therefore, have to try and unpick this statement which was written in 2012 to help you understand how I got to where I am at now. Yes, https://www.facebook.com/public/Mervelee-Myers was a launchpad for me to use my creativity to indulge in my passion. Whatever my moods and feelings I was in my comfort zones, sharing them with Facebook. I was respected and relied on to share the relevant information. This in turn link and united communities globally. As can be ascertained from Facebook Memories, I adhere to British Ethical guidelines which allowed me to do my studies with acc-gen@open.ac.uk from 2004 -2010.

Let me show you how I share my triumphs by going to www.google.com as I was surprised when I typed my name and find out the data held for me. As a matter of fact, I have http://myvision.org.uk from May 2012, struggling to set it up. I was asked to contribute to https://linkedin.com/in/june-o-sullivan-mbe-a9798ba/ in June 2012. As you might not know this was when she was still the CEO. In September 2011 I was part of the Luton Street Community Nursery team representing LEYF on http://skynews.com/. I was already having my writing published on behalf of LEYF in publications.

There were the woes that I was dealing with from the time I refused to be discriminated against in the UK from 2004. As can be verified from my publications, sharing stories of my experiences to help others. The every aspect of my life is inclusive of making my life an Open Book to help others. But ensuring I am sensitive to the needs of others. By adhering to the Rules of Law. That’s why I can use Subject Access Request – Data Protection Act – 117119 data.access@justice.gsi.gov.uk to show those trying to make me a victim realise I am not an idiot.

Without a shadow of a doubt I was right to be suspicious about the Timeline introduced by Facebook in 2012. See I asked the question how I was going to be affected, and I am at this stage where I am challenging Facebook. Because Facebook have breached their own Policies and Procedures. Selling me out to www.leyf.org.uk from the 18/09/2015 when they give them access to my account. A print out from my Facebook was used by Neil King to try harass, bully and intimidate me into signing an on the spot resignation on the 22/09/2015 at LEYF Central Office (CO).

Despite being on my guard, I still become a victim of http://www.justice.gov.uk/tribunals/employment/claims/responding for the second time. I have not worked since I resigned from another job with a nervous breakdown. This time I stick it out from the 23/07/2014 to the 27/09/2015. Because I knew what happened the first time. But that did not stop me from sticking to my guns, not to be stripped of my Human Rights under the “Protected Characteristics” of the Equality Act 2010.

I am on my own until I am dealing with www.gov.uk/government/organisations/judicial-appointments-and-conduct-ombudsman. I will be leaving no stones unturned until I get the justice that’s rightfully mine. That’s why I will make sure there is no ambiguity about my intentions of proving to the world that justice is only given to those of us who are determined and strong enough to stand up and let our voices be heard. Otherwise, we will become the voiceless vulnerable victim. For me it will be death before dishonour. 1 Comment +