The Criminal Justice System Is Making Mockery Of BAME

How BAME Are Fooled Into False Sense Of Security In The UK 30th January 2019

3 Months For Speeding Lie By Emily Pennink of the Daily Express Labour tells jailed MP: Do the decent thing…quit. Picture: Jonathan Brady/PA.

Quoting paragraph 1: It states ‘Disgraced MP Fiona Onasanya was urged to do the “decent thing” and resign yesterday after she was jailed for lying to police over a speeding offense’. I have read the article as I intend to be making comparisons to how the Criminal Justice System is rigged in favour of Backra Massahs and Misses in 2019. Despite the changes in current Rules of Laws from the British Values 2014, the Modern Slavery Act 2015, the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) May 2018. Because the more the laws are reviewed and updated the more the BAME community is bearing the brunt of the unjust systems. See where I applied for Subject Access Request – Data Protection Act – 117119.

I am going back to the recent outcry by Raheem Sterling about the role of the media in reporting the news. There is no doubt that the media is responsible for portraying BAME people and the communities that we are part of in negative lights. This is breaching the Equality Act 2010 “Protected Act and Protected Characteristics” at every section of the Human Rights Act. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) Article 14 states that it is a basic entitlement of humans to enjoy their rights and freedoms without discrimination on any grounds. That’s why after having my website from May 2012, I have gone ahead and worked to have where I can make my voice be heard.

I have to join the conversation from the perspectives that the media is responsible for some of the institutional discrimination portraying BAME communities in negative fashions. At the same time, I am speaking from a place where I was supported by the media to share my story when I was defrauded. Without the input from the media in 2004, I would not have gotten back my money. I am forever grateful to for the invaluable support that probably gives me the platform from which to start my own media campaign. I refused to be beaten despite the fact that the cards were stacked against me. I took the Financial Institution to the Legal Ombudsman. I have been defending myself against discrimination ever since.

Fast forward to the date when I have been trying to get support from the media to help me in getting justice by giving me a voice. I have been left with no alternatives but to go it on my own since the injustice I have been facing since the death of my mother in 2014. I am therefore challenging the media that I approached for help with sharing my story, to be more transparent. Firstly I will name the Daily Express as one of the media that is showing prejudices against vulnerable people and is selective in giving a voice only to celebrities. I know what I am saying because I have contacted them. The way they responded to me shows that they are only interested in those who can sell the newspaper. The thing that hurts me the most is I have contributed to their Mental Health CRUSADE over the years.

Next, it’s the turn of The Guardian After attending one of their Live Event: Is Modern Slavery thriving in the UK? I submitted a report, but all I heard is if the Editor ever finds a use for it. Since that time there have been reports about the Judiciary. At the time I was in contact with the Judiciary Of England And Wales with complaints about the Employment Tribunal Services and the Employment Appeal Tribunal. I am the victim of the London South Employment Tribunal that presided over the two miscarriages of justice. Hence the reason I was a participant in Social Media Platforms that sold my data to those who used my vulnerability against have been excluding me and trying to close my account. Because I have my defensive practice from 2010 proving that I am a credible witness.

That’s why I am holding Facebook and LinkedIn responsible for radicalisation and exploitation. By giving terrorist access to my accounts from September 2015. I have been fighting my battles with discrimination from 2004 when I took my case to the Financial Ombudsman. I had to contact when the Manager started the discrimination that led to my nervous breakdown in 2008. That’s why the Ministry Of Justice advised me to go to because the data have been destroyed. Maybe that’s why LEYF Nursery is claiming that they have no data for me? How can I work with an organisation from 01/09/2009 – 27/09/2015 and they have no data for me? My CVs are in cyberspace.

Here’s more evidence that there is a conspiracy against BAME communities. In 2006 I contacted about the discrimination at Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust that was causing me concerns. I was in contact with the Manager, and when she failed to act, consulted the HR. I was diagnosed with Chronic Anxiety the same year to do my exam with The GP claim they could not give me Medical Report for diagnosis for Parkinson’s disease. By 2008 when I was finishing studies with the Open University, my brother was stricken with cancer and died. The ill-treatment in the workplace from 2004 led to the first nervous breakdown in a toxic work environment. I was refused support even though I have a Chronic Anxiety diagnosis. So I self-referred to Occupational Health.

I was passed fit to go back to work, but they didn’t stop until I had to resign. Resulting from me taking a stance against discrimination, I was targeted. I faced blacklisting and networking which derailed my career. I set about rebuilding my life after the ordeals of 2004-2008 in South London. Getting a job in 2009 working with LEYF after I was recommended. I made use of the opportunities to empower myself. Only to have my life disrupted again when LEYF breached the contract I signed to deny me my entitlements. There are individuals, organisations, the systems, and Government Departments that conspired to discriminate against me. Since the 23/07/2014 as can be ascertained from the ET and EAT, I am being made a voiceless vulnerable victim.

That’s why I am making sure everything is transparent with as the last resort to getting justice. It’s no wonder that the Windrush Generation are having the problems coming out now. And that’s why I am not surprised that the MP has ended up in the predicament she finds herself in. But we have to question why? Who are her role models? Why did she believe she has to change from the way she was brought up by her parents and the communities that raised her to break the laws by lying to perverting the course of justice?

Here’s why I am challenging the harshness of the sentence. Because all those involved in this case are guilty of doing the same and worse to me. Here’s a list of those I want to see brought to book for worse offenses than this young misguided black MP. Her life has been effectively ruined by the act of lying. But if I was not proactive, the following would destroy twenty-six (26) years of my life in the UK. Here’s my list from the bottom up:

The Employment Tribunal & Employment Appeal Tribunal

1. The Honourable Mrs. Justice Simler DBE President Of The Employment Appeal Tribunal

2. Judge Brian Doyle President_Office_Employment_Tribunal_E&   

3. John Booth. 4. Judge Shanks & Panel – EAT. 5. Judge Freer & Panel – ET. 6. Judge Hildebrand – Telephone Mediation. 7. Judge Martin – Racism claims.

Legal Ombudsman & Bar Association.

1. Barrister Samantha Jones – perverting the course of justice and manufacturing contagious diseases.

2. Martin Bunch terrorising me and claiming that LEYF is their client.

3. John Fenton pretending to be a lawyer and perverting the course of justice.

4. Ryan Clement scamming.

There are others who will be named in another write-up. We are the ones, BAME who are getting made the scapegoats for reasons like making a silly mistake to be in with the corrupted lots.

Written by: Mervelee Myers.