Creating Legacies And Not Letting Social Media Win!

Rye Lane (Baptist) Chapel My Story Of Fellowship And Acceptance To Recover From Discrimination

How Judiciary Of England And Wales The Honourable Mrs. Justice Simler President Of The Employment Appeal Tribunal, Second Floor, Fleetbank House, 2 -6 Salisbury Square, London, EC4Y 8AE. Telephone: 02072731022 Email: continuing the miscarriages of justice started at Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. And for which I became a participant in the first research at I am therefore sharing my stories of how the hate crime in is still affecting my life and my ability to get the closures I need to move on.

After refusing to give up my Fight4justice campaign that was in its infancy at, where I invested my limited resources in sharing stories about my experiences at I was on my way for an appointment at the Citizen Advice Bureau in December 2017, when I was recognised by a school mate from Primary School Days down by the Blue in Bermondsey. I later named this the meeting on the Road to Damascus at the Blue. At first, I was given the support I needed to move on with my life by way of the Christian principles that I was raised with. I will credit my upbringing for keeping me here thus far. I have questioned God throughout my ordeals, since the time I said my final goodbyes to my mother on the 22nd January 2014. More about this or catch up on my website. 

I had an appointment at the Southwark Law Centre in Peckham re the ongoing ET case that was now sent to the EAT. By this time I was getting the support from the CAB that was not available first time around with the ET. As can be verified at Where it is stated you’re your request has been handled under the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). I can confirm that the Employment Tribunal at London South no longer holds the personal data in respect of your case against Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. This is because the case file has been destroyed in accordance with the Record Retention and Disposal Policy. You can find more information in the link below In light of the Windrush Generation stories, I will have to come back to this.

At the CAB I was given the advice about going about matters that were offshoots of the ET case which made me a victim with the reserved judgment posted online. By this time contacted and Facebook Legal Team to contact me. Reads more about this on Social Media Platforms. However, the focus was on the EAT case at hand. Because without prejudice once again as was the case with the first ET, and the current ET with LEYF, I am dealing with the institutional discrimination allowing the Modern Slavery that is thriving in the UK according to the Guardian Event These are the stories that don’t see the light of day when one is not a celebrity with a status to sell the newspaper. 

 As you may know by now, exercise and diet is just part of the early intervention strategies that are included in the lifestyle changes since I was diagnosed with borderline diabetes And before the pressures of personal and other matters involving work pushed me into Type 2 Diabetes. I literally walk everywhere now as this is supportive of the physical and mental disabilities which are underlying causes of my childhood traumas.

An Encounter at Rye Lane Chapel at another Funeral Service 

I had finished dropping off the documents at the Law Centre and walking about in Peckham when I was reading the notes on the wall of the Rye Lane Chapel property. On the Notice Board ahead was a note asking for people to join Rye Lane Community Gospel Choir (RLCGC – Release Learn Contribute Grow Complete). Rye Lane Chapel was celebrating 200 years of existence. I took the details, made contact and as the saying goes the “rest is history”. I started attending Choir Practice”, but I doubt I had any interest in the church? I was too wrapped up in my grief of arguing with God about my present dilemma with the current state of my life. After returning from burying my mother and transferring to South London where my life was altered after the death of my brother. Hence the reason I joined

On another occasion I was back in Peckham and popping into Iceland to pick up essentials, I was in the queue behind this lady with whom I started a conversation. This was purely as the result of her asking me if I was in the line and I told her to go ahead, I was still browsing. Me being me I am chatting at every opportunity I get as this is/was part of my therapy www.slam-iapt.nhs/southwark. Even before I was advised to get Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to find out why I react to certain situations the way I do by After LEYF tried using my vulnerability to deny me my entitlements. The lady mentioned she just come in to get baking flour as she’d forgotten it when she did her shopping. Explaining she was baking for the Mothering Sunday celebrations at church, I enquired where was this? I told her I joined the choir and would visit.

I turned up wearing clothes with colours depicting my Jamaican status and was warmly welcomed. I must point out that’s one of the reasons that I have a presence on Social Media that even I was surprised about when I started doing research to represent myself at the Employment Tribunal. The fact that I have been contributing to building brands whilst working in partnerships with other professionals led to having my images out in cyberspace and on I have my certificate as evidence of my first visit to Rye Lane Chapel on Mothering Sunday, March 2018. Let me tell you a story about the email I sent to Dilys Epton Senior HR of LEYF on the 13/03/2015. The eve of Mothering Sunday, telling them about the impact of the discrimination on my health after I was gagged.

That’s why I am refusing to be a voiceless vulnerable victim with To counteract the fact that I have been failed by right down to the other government establishments and systems that you can read about in cyberspace. Hopefully, if everything goes as planned, I will be attending church and becoming a Member soon? I have been performing with the choir and getting the kind of support-network that was not available to me before. I must share my special relationship with Robert Richards. We clicked from day one when he introduced himself after service. We share much in common, and he is good for my ego. Whenever I am having a crisis, he will be a listening ear. I can be as open and honest about what’s bothering me, without feeling I am being judged.

Robert believes in the power of prayer and this is rubbing off on me. He is not forcing his God down my throat like others have been doing. From beginning, he is/was like one of my brothers. I meet his siblings at church, one of his grandchildren at the Jamaica Breakfast Celebrations. I have since met his extended families at other events celebrating the life of others in the communities. I even meet one of my namesakes at Rye Lane Chapel at a funeral service. I attended the Wake Night and knew about the funeral for Beverley Chambers-Williams. But events over the week meant I was completely blown off course. I did not attend church and did not hear from Robert. I was at the computer finishing another email to send off to and can be viewed at when Robert called.

He was apologetic, but I was glad he called and I got myself sorted and attended the funeral. Despite the fact I was not feeling sociable up until the time Robert called, I had something looking forward to now. I could go out and meet people. I got to church after the service started, and the church was full. This was just an indication of the popularity of the person whose life was celebrated. After going upstairs and coming back down, taking a spot where I intended to stand, I spotted an empty chair. The other two ladies encouraged me to sit. I was grateful because I know the impact on my feet, standing in shoes that are not comfortable. I became alerted to the name Chambers and asked to have a look at the Programme. Later the gentleman offered it to me when I asked to get a photo.  There was an announcement about the Mini Bus provided for people needing a lift to the cemetery.

God is Working, Bringing People into my Life

I was at the back looking out for the bus, but it did not arrive, and I was looking for a ride. This lady who was stood on the pavement told me I could come with her when her driver arrives. There was a conversation in the car and I said I hardly meet people from where I am from in Jamaica. The lady said neither she. She asked where I was from and I told her. She had to call her husband’s attention to the fact. Right there and then I learned more history about people I have known all my life. More was to come later after I dropped my glasses in the car and have to wait until it was collected by the couple’s son. I was unable to use my phones until then. Because of my diabetes and probably other underlying health conditions, I can’t see without my glasses. That’s why I am part of more research

When I opened the phone, I showed the lady a photo of Ms. Bernice and she said that’s her Auntie. She listed other members of her family. Some of whom I had known and those still alive. She went to school with my Primary School Teacher, who I learned had died after visiting Facebook. Sadly I prefer not to use Social Media Platforms much these days. They are contributing to exacerbating my physical and mental disabilities from Facebook give LEYF access to my data on the 18/09/2015. I am taking part in more researches I have evidence proving after researching my DNA that Social Media Platforms can have a detrimental impact on one’s emotional health and wellbeing. Just check for my take on issues to do with mental health.

Coming out of meeting a total stranger at a funeral, I learned that her husband is the brother of Cecil McKenzie, whom I knew from 1992. I was at his wedding, and it turns out Cecil had a stroke. No doubt linked to diabetes? That’s why I am more vocal after being featured online The Email: is taking steps to address the injustice of after I have been targeted by terrorists. Therefore I will hold the Employment Appeal Tribunal accountable for burying their heads in the sand and giving more opportunity to perverting the course of justice and destroying 26+ years of my life in the UK.

If in doubt go back to and and for evidence of some of the images that LEYF is trying to airbrush from my history. Then go to to find out how I can get to page 1 of the Windrush 70 at Westminster Abbey. Then check Mervelee Myers in cyberspace to find out about my knowledge and expertise about subjects from cradle to the grave.

Written by: Mervelee Myers 29th January 2019.  

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  1. Here’s why I am sticking to my writing and refusing from focusing on Social Media Platforms that are prepared to sell me out to the highest bidder despite the fact is to be found I should not have to be going through more traumas at Because the corruptions continue at after the establishments and systems colluded to threaten me with a criminal record at I should be out working instead I am fighting mental health issues linked to radicalisation and terrorism.

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