My Grade 5 Teacher At Townhead Primary School!

My Tribute To Ms. Bovel Ackbersingh Bovel Ackbersingh My Grade 5 Primary School Teacher

My tribute is my #recollections about my grade #5Teacher from Townhead Primary School. There are only a few significant memories that stand out in my mind from my early day at Primary School. Ms. Bovel Ackbersingh fills a place in my heart as an #influencer who came into my life during another awkward transitional period when I was about eleven (11+) years old. For those of us who went on to do #ChildDevelopment as I did in my chosen career, they will understand why this a crucial stage for any young person. But in particular, a child whose life was changing rapidly and having no one to offer any explanations is hard. I am wishing I have the time to write #tributes for all the persons I want to. And more importantly, I hope this was done for Ms. Bovel to read during her lifetime.

However, I have to be satisfied that Ms. Bovel family will appreciate my little gesture of adding my thoughts to the #creating of her legacies for the future generations. I want the world to know how much my grade 5 Teacher influenced my life. She helped me develop the self-confidence that was #deserting me as a result of circumstances over which I had no say or control. Ms. Bovel came to Townhead Primary School as a young #Internback in the days when I was an #impressionable young girl. Most likely in search of a big #sister role model? When you are an only girl/boy struggling to find your #identity this can be difficult. Where do I start but at the very beginning with my tribute of #remembrance?

Ms. Bovel is responsible for #mentoring, molding and helping me to develop some of the interpersonal skills of personal, social and emotional intellects of self-belief and self-confidence. That has taken me to where I am in my transitional journey of today. I was #equipped to be aware of my own self-worth to stand on my own. And fighting my battles regardless of what anyone else has to say Fight4justice. Therefore I have to go back to my grade 5 school days for this. Yes, I am/was a late bloomer in every aspect of my life. So have lots of catching up to do over the years. Being an only girl who was always on the outside, looking in did not help matters either?

Teacher Ackbersingh #inspired me to be the best that I could become. So when my classmates did not think much of my #abilities, the fact that Teacher did and pushed me. Meant I was able to top the class with a first place at the end of year tests. The fact that Ms. Bovel could identify the young girl who was unsure of myself and gives me the #confidence to try and do my best and whatever I set out to do. Made the difference about how I was taught to overcome the #adversities and challenges that beset me in later life. Another faint memory I have of Teacher was her being pregnant. But the baby was never born. She was there for me wearing many hats throughout my lifetime. From being my class Teacher to mentoring and everything else that falls between the time I meet her to the last time I’d seen her in Jamaica.

I did my National Youth Service as a Teaching Assistant at Townhead Primary School. Our relationship changed throughout from Teacher/Pupil to working in partnership when I did the National Youth Service. She became an Advisor when I became a Basic School Teacher. During this time I was a member of the Parent Teacher’s Association (PTA). From very early I was taking on active roles in the Early Childhood Education and Primary School curriculum. In 1990 I left to visit the United Kingdom. By this time we had a personal relationship and this led to her introducing me to Bailey Foster, a #Westmorelite away from home.

Then after settling in the UK, I made sure that whenever I visit home, I made my presence known in all the communities I was a member of. But of course, the schools were my personal favourite places to meet and greet the children and teachers. On some occasions, I would see Ms. Bovel at her home. Or at some other community events celebrating the different functions of life. I can recall on one visit to the school Ms. Bovel came over all #serious saying I am asking you to warn your son Valdin Legister because he is chatting up my #daughter. Then said I am only joking, they are the best of friends. I am positive both have maintained that close relationship and friendship that come from being schoolmates from Primary School. Those #bonds are very special because I know how much Ms. Ackbersingh did for me from my early days at school.

I am not sure when or where was the last time I’d seen Teacher Bovel. But I am more than privileged to have known this special lady, who came into my life as my grade 5 Teacher. Ms. Ackbersingh is just one of the many Teachers who inspire impressionable young boys and girls like me to reach for the stars. And never, ever to give up our dreams and let anything stand in the way to prevent us from achieving our potentials.

These days I am not playing such a vocal role on Facebook for WindowsFacebook like years have gone by. Especially since the death of my mother and what I’d endured at the hands of LEYF Nurseries #LEYF and cohorts. It was only a few weeks ago I see my Teacher’s name coming down the list of people I might know. I added her and she accepted. If only I had known, I would have found the time to reason with her. Now I will never get that opportunity again. As I join with the family to mourn their loss, I am using this opportunity to apply some of the talents Ms. Bovel help me to develop to help in creating her legacies. My love of reading and writing are just some of the passion I developed under her tutelage.

So today I think I exceeded my creativity and emergent skills in writing this tribute so quickly. I am now joining her family and friends to mourn their loss. I want to be part of the communities at home and abroad who is proud to acknowledge the contributions that Ms. Bovel aka Auntie Masie Ackbersingh made to the different communities in which she served. And at whatever capacities she was known and represented us.

The passing of my grade 5 Teacher is causing me to reflect on my own life. Because my Teacher is not much older than me. Therefore this is good a time as any to look at my own #mortality. And begin to take stock about the legacies I want to leave behind. RIP Teacher. You live your life as an example to others. You taught me so much for which I am grateful. Your legacies will stay on forever.

Written by: Mervelee Myers in honour of my Teacher who touched my life in many ways! 
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My Teacher was the Principal of Townhead Primary School.

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