My Grade 5 Teacher At Townhead Primary School!

My Tribute To Ms. Bovel Ackbersingh Bovel Ackbersingh My Grade 5 Primary School Teacher

My tribute is my #recollections about my grade #5Teacher from Townhead Primary School. There are only a few significant memories that stand out in my mind from my early day at Primary School. Ms. Bovel Ackbersingh fills a place in my heart as an #influencer who came into my life during another awkward transitional period when I was about eleven (11+) years old. For those of us who went on to do #ChildDevelopment as I did in my chosen career, they will understand why this a crucial stage for any young person. But in particular, a child whose life was changing rapidly and having no one to offer any explanations is hard. I am wishing I have the time to write #tributes for all the persons I want to. And more importantly, I hope this was done for Ms. Bovel to read during her lifetime.

However, I have to be satisfied that Ms. Bovel family will appreciate my little gesture of adding my thoughts to the #creating of her legacies for the future generations. I want the world to know how much my grade 5 Teacher influenced my life. She helped me develop the self-confidence that was #deserting me as a result of circumstances over which I had no say or control. Ms. Bovel came to Townhead Primary School as a young #Internback in the days when I was an #impressionable young girl. Most likely in search of a big #sister role model? When you are an only girl/boy struggling to find your #identity this can be difficult. Where do I start but at the very beginning with my tribute of #remembrance?

Ms. Bovel is responsible for #mentoring, molding and helping me to develop some of the interpersonal skills of personal, social and emotional intellects of self-belief and self-confidence. That has taken me to where I am in my transitional journey of today. I was #equipped to be aware of my own self-worth to stand on my own. And fighting my battles regardless of what anyone else has to say Fight4justice. Therefore I have to go back to my grade 5 school days for this. Yes, I am/was a late bloomer in every aspect of my life. So have lots of catching up to do over the years. Being an only girl who was always on the outside, looking in did not help matters either?

Teacher Ackbersingh #inspired me to be the best that I could become. So when my classmates did not think much of my #abilities, the fact that Teacher did and pushed me. Meant I was able to top the class with a first place at the end of year tests. The fact that Ms. Bovel could identify the young girl who was unsure of myself and gives me the #confidence to try and do my best and whatever I set out to do. Made the difference about how I was taught to overcome the #adversities and challenges that beset me in later life. Another faint memory I have of Teacher was her being pregnant. But the baby was never born. She was there for me wearing many hats throughout my lifetime. From being my class Teacher to mentoring and everything else that falls between the time I meet her to the last time I’d seen her in Jamaica.

I did my National Youth Service as a Teaching Assistant at Townhead Primary School. Our relationship changed throughout from Teacher/Pupil to working in partnership when I did the National Youth Service. She became an Advisor when I became a Basic School Teacher. During this time I was a member of the Parent Teacher’s Association (PTA). From very early I was taking on active roles in the Early Childhood Education and Primary School curriculum. In 1990 I left to visit the United Kingdom. By this time we had a personal relationship and this led to her introducing me to Bailey Foster, a #Westmorelite away from home.

Then after settling in the UK, I made sure that whenever I visit home, I made my presence known in all the communities I was a member of. But of course, the schools were my personal favourite places to meet and greet the children and teachers. On some occasions, I would see Ms. Bovel at her home. Or at some other community events celebrating the different functions of life. I can recall on one visit to the school Ms. Bovel came over all #serious saying I am asking you to warn your son Valdin Legister because he is chatting up my #daughter. Then said I am only joking, they are the best of friends. I am positive both have maintained that close relationship and friendship that come from being schoolmates from Primary School. Those #bonds are very special because I know how much Ms. Ackbersingh did for me from my early days at school.

I am not sure when or where was the last time I’d seen Teacher Bovel. But I am more than privileged to have known this special lady, who came into my life as my grade 5 Teacher. Ms. Ackbersingh is just one of the many Teachers who inspire impressionable young boys and girls like me to reach for the stars. And never, ever to give up our dreams and let anything stand in the way to prevent us from achieving our potentials.

These days I am not playing such a vocal role on Facebook for WindowsFacebook like years have gone by. Especially since the death of my mother and what I’d endured at the hands of LEYF Nurseries #LEYF and cohorts. It was only a few weeks ago I see my Teacher’s name coming down the list of people I might know. I added her and she accepted. If only I had known, I would have found the time to reason with her. Now I will never get that opportunity again. As I join with the family to mourn their loss, I am using this opportunity to apply some of the talents Ms. Bovel help me to develop to help in creating her legacies. My love of reading and writing are just some of the passion I developed under her tutelage.

So today I think I exceeded my creativity and emergent skills in writing this tribute so quickly. I am now joining her family and friends to mourn their loss. I want to be part of the communities at home and abroad who is proud to acknowledge the contributions that Ms. Bovel aka Auntie Masie Ackbersingh made to the different communities in which she served. And at whatever capacities she was known and represented us.

The passing of my grade 5 Teacher is causing me to reflect on my own life. Because my Teacher is not much older than me. Therefore this is good a time as any to look at my own #mortality. And begin to take stock about the legacies I want to leave behind. RIP Teacher. You live your life as an example to others. You taught me so much for which I am grateful. Your legacies will stay on forever.

Written by: Mervelee Myers in honour of my Teacher who touched my life in many ways! 
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My Teacher was the Principal of Townhead Primary School.

There Were Caveats From Justice Simler Of The EAT!

How the Employment Tribunal Presided Over The Miscarriages Of Justice That Ruined My Life 2009 – 2019.

Maybe I should make this the subject of one of my books in line with There will be no missing the fact of my life which is an Open Book. In due course, I will make sure I am accounted for on I will, therefore, not be waiting until I am dead to be exonerated from the falsifying of my life from the past 26+ years in the UK by LEYF and cohorts. 

Daily Express Taurus 1: You’re looking for something fun and exciting. A discussion with a friend or partner will take you down a new avenue of experience. A surprising bonus will arrive just in time to settle an outstanding bill so you can relax. Taurus 2: Good news about a legal settlement, inheritance or insurance refund will lift your spirits. It will feel wonderful to indulge your love of luxury. Splash out on a new outfit, a massage or gourmet meal and enjoy some sensual pleasures. This appeared after the dream about the women from LEYF watching me. Then I found the email from the EAT. I will be at

I would advise the Honourable Mrs. Justice Simler DBE President Of The Employment Appeal Tribunal to go back and look at all correspondences to the EAT from after I attended the EAT on the 19/10/2018. Some are via email, but I safeguard myself with the additional security as proof of postings. I learned to continue my defensive practice via enhanced knowledge as a graduate of The EAT is responsible along with LEYF and cohorts of robbing me of, ten (10) years of my life from 2009 – 2019. I have no intention of wasting another moment with those like President_Office_Employment_E& that are hell-bent on making me a voiceless vulnerable victim. Because the EAT is prepared to whitewash the fact to make them whiter than white in LEYF favour. By bringing a black man as tokenism to the EAT on the 19/10/2018. I have done my research about all the judges involved. So should I start with the “Shouting HHR Judge Shanks?”

Please feel free to contact me for any further clarifications. There seems to be some in the EAT without an ounce of humanity and empathy. That’s why I have gone to track down June O’Sullivan – LEYF Nurseries She is using my intellectual property, making money, whilst at the same time engaging in radicalisation like from when she sanctioned the discrimination getting rid of employees who she viewed as threats to her incompetence. I am hoping the EAT don’t have to let me do the same about all the judges who LEYF Nurseries either pulled the wool over their eyes or brought them out?

The Employment Tribunal Services in neglecting their responsibility enshrined in the Rules of Law left me to become a target to terrorists, scammers, criminal elements and trolls practicing hate crimes. One of whom is Barrister who is just a white collar criminal hiding under the umbrella of the Employment Tribunal to terrorise vulnerable people. I used Subject Access Request – Data Protection Act – 117119 to gain access to the data that LEYF refused me access to. Refer to letter from LEYF dated 2 January 2018 when they claim not to have any data excepting that I give them in the ET Bundles. The is complicit in concealing my Medical Reports.

Is The Honourable Justice Mrs. Ingrid Simler prepared to verify how she came to the conclusion of the following? Let me put another Taurus 3: Turn a deaf ear to people who criticise your work. Your boss or a senior colleague may not have realised your talents. Now they see what you are capable of, they feel threatened by your knowledge which in some areas is greater than theirs. Taurus 4: Your boss or a senior colleague might seek your opinion about a difficult job. They may not say it in so many words but they value your knowledge. If it becomes obvious they are relying on your advice, don’t be afraid to ask for a higher salary. My CVs are at Now tell the ET and EAT bigots to go brush up on their knowledge. I was forced to learn in order that I can defend myself against the Modern Slavery thriving in the UK.

Rule 34(a) of the Judicial Conduct (Tribunals) Rules 2014 provides that: 34.   … the relevant President must dismiss the complaint, or part of a complaint, if it falls into any of the following categories – (a)  It does not adequately particularise the matter complained of:

Rule 35 of the Judicial Conduct (Tribunals) Rules 2014 provides that:  35.    The may not dismiss a complaint under the rule 34(a) unless they have given the complainant a reasonable opportunity to provide adequate details of the complaint. A complainant must provide any further details within 15 business days of the request for further details made by the relevant President to the complainant.

Let me address each point that I consider relevant. The documents supporting my arguments are with the EAT.

I consider that in its current form your complaint does not adequately particularise the matters complained of.

You, therefore, have 15 business days from the date of this letter to provide further details of your complaint about Judge Shanks. In particular, I would be grateful if you would address the following points:

Mervelee Myers Response 1: I have just completed Week 3 of Business Fundamentals: Effective Communication – Online. I am keeping myself updated because I am unable to get a job, as a result of LEYF denying me my basic Rights to my Entitlements not to be discriminated against. Let me just point out information relevant to the fact I have disabilities. “Emails should not be used to deliver messages that require an immediate answer as there is no guarantee that the receiver will receive the message and respond immediately. I would suggest that next time the writer of this email takes lessons from Email:

1.  ln relation to the complaint I have numbered 1 above, what behaviour led you to feel that Judge Shanks was biased against you? How was he rude towards you; what did he say or do?

Mervelee Myers Response 2: I am honestly shocked to get this question from the Honourable Lady. But from correspondences with the EAT from the time I applied for Reconsiderations, I am not surprised. Hopefully, someone who understand, read, write and speak English can go through the correspondences for the EAT. I did not use my Mother Tongue to write any of the information in the complaints. Therefore I would not think the EAT need interpreters like Mr. John Fenton of and Judge Freer? Hopefully, that’s enough to answer complaint number 1?

2.  In relation to the complaint identified as 2 above, it would be normal at a hearing for the Respondent to be permitted to make submissions which they consider relevant to the issues to be determined. Please explain how Judge Shanks behaved improperly by permitting the Respondent to make these submissions? Did your Barrister object when the Respondent was permitted to develop these points?

Mervelee Myers Response 3: Considering that it was Judge Simler who send my case back to the EAT, I am just appalled that she is now resorting to using Her Office to continue the institutional discrimination started by LEYF after the death of my mother. Might I refer the EAT to: Disclosure Team, Ministry Of Justice, 102 Petty France, London SW1H 9AJ. Email Subject Access Request – Data Protection Act – 117119.  Her Honour needs to explain how she comes to this conclusion about submissions that are relevant to the issues to be determined. I should not have to represent myself at the ET. Much more having to go back to the EAT based on the Bundles. And the Witnesses Statements about events from the 23/07/2014. I don’t have to take my Witness Statement into consideration.

I will therefore not be wasting my time, of which it’s precious, trying to sort out 5 years of discrimination that ruined my career and destroy my life to be explaining what’s in the public domain at The Law Society Gazette. That’s where the ET and EAT judges end up abusing their powers of authority, hiding under the umbrella of the Employment Tribunal Services Law. Please read Johnathan Freedman for the latest about the judges I come up against during my ET and EAT case with LEYF. Not to mention in respect of Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Can you understand how I ended up being on page 1 of the about the Windrush 70 celebrations at Westminster Abbey?

The Employment Tribunal at London South refused my submission of additional witness statements. But allowed the shenanigans of to happen when Barrister Samantha Jones made up a contagious disease overnight. Ms. Jones further perjuring herself saying that Judge Freer sent me home overnight to find Medical Reports. Although I am not a credible witness and I made up my disabilities. The Subject Access Request – Data Protection Act – 117119 back up my story that the Respondent’s Representative failed to comply with the ET Court Management Orders of the 15/03/2016 and 08/06/2016.

By this time the Barrister was showing signs of the harassment, subtle bullying and intimidation that I could hear her voice quivering. I know because I am unable to function under pressure as the Honourable Lady should be aware of (refer to data in my FILE 1/9/2009 to date). She presided over the EAT that sent my case back for Hearing. In my estimation, she did all she could.   

3.   In relation to complaint identified as 3 above, at what stage in the hearing, and in what context, did Judge Shanks say that you made up your disabilities? Are you suggesting that he was putting this forward as his own opinion or finding, or was he saying that was the case put forward by the Respondent, or that it was a finding of fact made by the Employment Tribunal?

Mervelee Myers Response: How about going back to the Bundles and other additional information to address the question about the stage of the Hearing and the context. I am sure there is Court Transcript. I noticed that on The Law Society Gazette the ET and EAT Judges use this for bragging about how they are the people who discriminate and not the Legal Entity. Yes, he was putting this over as his finding after prompting Barrister Samantha Jones with questioning. But Samantha Jones is a disgrace to the Legal Fraternity, and this is fact. The Respondent had no case to put forward. If in doubt go back to Judge Baron Court Management Order of the 15th March 2016. When I first meet the Respondent’s, Representative John Fenton. He is a pathological liar. Are you going to tell me that is not a hate crime? The EAT did not even look at the Bundles I supplied for Judge Shanks. As stated by the Honourable Lady, they worked from the premise that the Reserve Judgement was finding of fact by the Employment Tribunal. This cannot be the case according to the  Disclosure Team, Ministry Of Justice, 102 Petty France, London SW1H 9AJ. Email Subject Access Request – Data Protection Act – 117119. 

I was unable to address the matter within the 15 Working Days to Justice Simler

Under section 110 of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, you may apply to the Judicial Appointments and Conduct Ombudsman for a review of my handling of your complaints on the ground that there has been maladministration. Your application must be made within 28 days of the date of this letter.  END Mervelee Myers 27th January 2019.                 

Another EAT Windup Addressed By Mervelee!

Office of the Judicial Appointments and Conduct Ombudsman

Postal Point 1.55, 1st Floor, The Tower, 102 Petty France, London, SW1H 9AJ. 26 January 2019. Email: Website:

Your Refrence: JC/1811/4. UKEAT/0101/18/la – Mrs M Myers v London Early Years Foundation (LEYF)

Dear Sir/Madam

Let me state that I am just seeing this email now (26/01/2019) and taking the opportunity to address it before the deadline. I am sure that the Equality Act 2010 states that if a person have disabilities they should be given additional time to deal with any issues that affect how they are able to carry out normal day-to-day activities. But since the Employment Tribunal Services colluded to conceal my Medical Reports And is using the hate crime in the reserved judgment copied from the Respondent’s Summary after five months (5) and posted online making me a victim

Then Judge Freer who I handed my Medical Reports to at London South Employment Tribunal on the 20th December 2016 stated in the Reserve Judgement that there were no other Medical Reports advised me to get CBT to find out why I react the way I do to certain situations in April 2015. LEYF hounded me despite I was passed fit to return to work. I eventually resigned with a nervous breakdown on 27th September 2015. Hence the reason I got counseling at www.slam-iapt.nhs/southwark. That’s why you will know out of Judge Freer and me, who is the credible witness. The Employment Tribunal later stated they did not receive my Reconsideration. Now I am having the same arguments from the EAT about matters to do with me asking for the return of FILES.

Eventually, I was given the run around at the Employment Appeals Tribunal having to write laying out my disabilities and progressive health conditions on advice from the Law Centre Employment Solicitor. You would think I would have been given some considerations as someone with disabilities, but no. In case you want to check go to However, you won’t find any documents for the case. You can find more information in the link below The Honourable Mrs. Justice Simler DBE was the one who sent back my case to the EAT before she was appointed President of the Employment Appeal Tribunal. She imposed caveats of which I had no knowledge the meaning until I asked the Barrister. Is the Honourable Lady now saying there is/was no merit to her sending my case back to the EAT?

I have been representing myself until Barrister Sally Robertson took on the EAT. However, I am even more confused than when I represented myself. Anyway, let me address the points raised by the Honourable Lady as the deadline has gone. And I do not agree with her finding. I have since sent additional documents to the EAT. Let me also point out that the Employment Tribunal Services seem to have a vendetta against Mervelee Myers from the first time they presided over the miscarriage of justice that ruined my career and partially destroyed my life. So once more they have only done LEYF dirty work of destroying 26+ years in the UK. I have been made a criminal and a victim so I will continue telling the world about this at The Employment Tribunal Services is party to Modern Slavery Practices. If in doubt read the reviews at and don’t tell me crap about caveat. Why am I the only one caveat applies to and LEYF can get away with terrorism of vulnerable employees?

Here are the complaints the Honourable Lady identified about Judge Shanks

  1. In the first paragraph, you write: “I felt that the judge was bias (sic – I did not write this, just another liberty taking as far as I am concerned) and rude towards me from the outset of the Hearing.”  
  2. Also in the first paragraph, you complain that the respondent’s barrister “was given time to continue perverting the course of justice, misleading the Court about the ET reserve judgment. The Judge allowed her time to repeat that I said I have a diagnosis for Parkinson’s disease.”
  3. In your email of 09 November 2018, you suggested that Judge Shanks said you made up your disabilities. 

Miscarriages of Justice by the Employment Tribunal Services

The Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal have already presided over the two miscarriages of justice that destroyed 26+ years of my life in the UK. I am having it up to the top of my head. In the past months since I appeared before Judge Shanks, I have had another meltdown. So I have been in contact with the NHS Professionals to help me manage and control my disabilities. Saving myself further stress that’s going to exacerbate my disabilities. Because I have another bereavement in the family. Let me direct you to Disclosure Team, Ministry Of Justice, 102 Petty France, London SW1H 9AJ. Email Subject Access Request – Data Protection Act – 117119. If needs be I will copy and send for you to see the data. I send what I thought was relevant documents to the Judiciary Of England and Wales. The Honourable Mrs. Justice Simler DBE President Of The Employment Appeal Tribunal. And all other relevant parties, but all I get is the run around to confuse me.

I am challenging the fact that the Honourable Lady says that in the current form my complaint does not particularise the matters complained of.

Since I missed the 15 business days because I am just seeing this email, I will address each point briefly in order to catch the 28 days deadline by email. Then later I will send more by letter.

In relation to complaint 1, I was explicit in my letter about the behaviour of Judge Shanks. Maybe you can let me give a demonstration as I am unable to make it any clearer in writing. I have decided to change my life around and since counseling on the advice of I no longer let terrorist and those who radicalise me using my vulnerability against me wind me up. Because that’s what Barrister Jones and Judge Shanks were doing on the 19/10/2018.

In relation to the complaint identified as 2 above… I would like the EAT that put the caveat on me to explain why did the EAT think it was permitted for the Respondent to make submissions that I provide evidence were perverting the course of justice to the Court? If in doubt about my credibility refer to the above-mentioned Subject Access Request. Judge Shanks behaved improperly by not taking account of the evidence in the bundles. Any fool can see that, much more someone who has been forced to do my research as a result of the institutional discrimination by those involved. Including the Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal. Maybe this is the question for the Barrister. I witnessed how she was doing her best to represent me and getting flustered when Judge Shanks started using intimidations by glancing at his watch and down at the Barrister. I am not sure if that’s how she saw it as she was busy trying to keep her composure. I could hear her voice quivering by this time. Who is to tell, maybe she has become another of the casualties of LEYF and the Employment Tribunal Services? I can name some of those who are.

I refuse to even attempt to answer this question 3 by the Honourable Lady. You can get the answer from the Court Transcript. I am still not sure if I got the copy of the Summary sent by the Barrister. It did not come with the attachment. She resents it again but I was having difficulties with my ICT systems that crashed.

But let me enlighten you about the disability argument. From the very beginning of the Hearing, Judge Shanks must have taken the stance. He set out to intimidate the Barrister. The only member of the Panel who asked any relevant questions to do with disabilities and the Hearing was the White Lady. As far as I am concerned the Black Man was there as tokenism. Because my Racism claims were struck out repeatedly. But the evidence, written and verbal from the 7 witnesses back my Racism Claims. And other “Protected Characteristics” under the Equality Act.

Why should I have to explain about context? I provided 6 FILES because, by the time I realised I did not understand the instructions I was given when I called the EAT, I found it easier to prepare more FILES to be on the safe side. Is the Honourable Lady telling me that Judge Shanks did not consult the Bundles, but relied on the Respondent to make submissions that are criminal offenses and in breach of the Rules of Law?

Yes, Judge Shanks was putting this forward as his own opinion after prompting Barrister Jones with questions. The Respondent could not put this forward because they refused me access to my FILE before I transferred to BIB. The Respondent later stated they have no data for me except what I give them in the bundles for the ET. This was after I made Subject Access Request.

If this was a finding of fact made by the Employment Tribunal, they have to take responsibility alongside LEYF for the hate crime from the 23/07/2014 that destroyed my life and ruined my career. There is no statement of fact here.

 I am not even expecting an answer as the EAT will come up with more crap to trap me.

Yours sincerely

Mervelee Myers.