Nursery World Show 2019

Nursery World Show 2019 Advertising 28th December 2018

Copy from the Internet after Registration by Mervelee Myers for Research Purpose. In adherence to the GDPR May 2018. The Nursery World Show is the leading, most-established show for everyone in the early years community. The Nursery World Show 2018 took place in February and welcomed around 3,500 visitors for two days of dedicated early years focus combining professional seminars, expert-led masterclasses, a free live theatre, nutrition zone and an exhibition with over 100 companies, organisations, and charities packing out the show floor.

The 2019 show will be even bigger and better, with some popular features returning including the Early Years Resources & Learning Zone sponsored by TTS, and the Nursery Nutrition Zone sponsored by Spring by Action for Children. The London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) are once again the show’s Early Years Careers Partner and will also be setting up a LEYF nursery area to host their popular feature: The Early Years Careers Zone. These features and our regular attractions all contribute to ensuring that the Nursery World Show is ideally positioned to support the people it serves: everyone in the early years community.

Registration and seminar and masterclass bookings are now OPEN! We’re looking forward to seeing you all there.

Opening times
Friday 1 February: 9.00am – 4.30pm
Saturday 2 February: 9.00am – 4.30pm

REGISTER & BOOK NOW My name is Mervelee Myers  

I know it is my duty as a reflective Early Years Practitioner who developed the listening ethos from studies as a graduate of the Open University to make my implicit knowledge explicit. In this way I can be an advocate for change, breaking down barriers and helping to safeguard vulnerable children, young people and adults. I am making this decision resulting from my experiences with individuals and organisations who are party to the Nursery World Show. I will have to make it known about my involvement with the Nursery World Magazine for you to understand my stance.

In 1997 whilst working as a Contract Cleaner at the BBC in White City, I came across a scene that would change the outcome of my life. I was going to clean the toilets in the workplace Nursery and realise that the children were been taught by the same methods I am/was used to as a Basic School Teacher After yet another uncertainty of upheavals with contract changing, I decided to take my chance and venture back into studies. With my Hidden Disabilities which mean I was not a good student, this was a big step for me. But I needed to have the consistency, familiarity, and continuity that are part of having the qualifications to have a steady job.

I choose my time and went for it, applying despite my manager reassuring me that there would always be a job for me, if I need it. Having being out of education for years, I applied for a lower course. But was advised to do a more advance level based on my interview and test. Somehow, I managed to keep the nerves at bay. Because my CV is online,, I will leave out some of the basics and get to the point of this post. Whilst at Lambeth College, I discovered the Nursery World Magazine. This was one of the resource tools which helped me to graduate with a Student of the Year Awards 1998-99.

Whilst I was working as a person in charge of a Preschool,, I was to make another discovery which convinced me to go unto further studies. The subject was autism. However, after reflection, I am convinced that it was from thence, I was getting targetted by those who used my knowledge and passion to further their career. I refuse to regret following my dreams and empowering myself via studies and training. But I can’t help being sad about the way I have been exploited by others who used me for my intellectual property.

I completed studies with the OU 2004 to 2010. During that time I attended the Nursery World Shows and Special Educational Conference annually. Therefore, I have resources from my attending that I used as part of my Continuing Personal Professional Development Plan (CPPDP) over the years. In addition to the resources, free and brought, I was introduced to in 2010 and joined. Despite my reservations, after the way, I was treated by The reason I am part of, I had the first nervous breakdown in a toxic workplace.

From my recollection, only got involved with later. When they realised that this was a source of money making. My active involvement started with my empowerment at Luton Street. I published and contributed to the consultations at Mark Allen Group. I was part of the Nursery World FORUM until I was excluded when LEYF and their cohorts set out to discriminate against me after the death of my mother in 2014. Find out more at

Here are some fact to keep in mind regarding the advertisement above. I transferred to BIB on 23/07/2014 after returning from burying mum. September 2014 BIB had check. October 2014 I received the CEO Long Service Awards. October LEYF received Nursery Chain of the Year Awards. I will leave the rest for you to research about how LEYF is getting support to discriminate by going to the website to read the reviews.

I will end by saying that as a result of me taking a stance against those operating Modern Slavery Practices, I am targetted. I was stalked by two young white men at the 2017 show, the day after In 2018 I was assaulted by a young white girl wearing a LEYF T-Shirt. On day 2 there was an elaborate plot involving the MBE June O’Sullivan. Certainly, these are not mere coincidences are I was advised to get CBT by the Dr who I was sent to, to take away my job as being unfit for work.

I have had counseling, but the Employment Tribunal claims there were no other Medical Reports. After the Subject Access Request, LEYF claims not to have any data for me. I, therefore, have This tells me that the ET no longer holds personal data in respect of my case against Kings College NHS Foundation Trust. I will have to access Do you wonder about the Windrush Generation Stories? I have heard so many stories of the discrimination affecting the Windrush Generation at all levels of society.

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  1. Taurus: You are known for your powers of perseverance and today you will prove how patience does pay. Someone is ready to walk away from a failed project. You aren’t going to give up and by the end of the day you will have found a way to make it work. I should direct this at There is also that think I am only good for volunteering for free. There is that think I am only good for referring others to be exploited. I have to mention that sold out their moral compass to make a few pounds. More reasons why and are important.-

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