Fear Can Be A State Of Mind!

Rye Lane Chapel Church Visit 13th January 2019

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This is what I write in church today because I left my glasses at home. Put the finishing touches on at home. Rediscovering my faith that I grew up with until the time my father was stricken with Parkinson’s disease.    

FEAR: Collins Dictionary meaning:  Fear – N. 1. Distress or alarm caused by an impending danger or pain. 2. Something that causes distress. V. 3. Be afraid of (something or someone). Fear for – feel anxiety about something. Fearful – adj. 1. Feeling fear. 2. Causing fear.

Forgiveness is the key that I will be using to help me getting rid of the fear that engulf and taken over my life after saying my final goodbye to my mother on the 22nd January 2014. Days before her 90th birthday. I would have loved to be able to spend the time with Mama, celebrating her birthday, but duty called back home in the UK. The fear factor was first used to break my resolve and frighten me into surrender after the death of my brother in 2008 in a toxic work environment.

Fear of the unknown when my brother was taken ill was at the forefront of his family’s mind. For the family have had our unfair share of misfortune already to deal with? For me in particular, it was a most fearful time. But I was not prepared for the outcome of his diagnosis of been stricken with colon cancer. He was in the prime of his life, and without any prior warnings, he was dying. Unlike my father who stricken with Parkinson’s disease and suffered for long. My brother was gone in a few months. He had asked God not to let him suffer, like Papa. And his prayers were answered.

I was privileged to get the time to fellowship with him during his brief suffering. On reflections, I doubted my brother feared the ending of his life. But he was fearful about the future especially for his youngest child. That’s why I stepped in and make a promise to him on his deathbed. I am positive that I was able to allay some of his fears about departing this life and leaving his family behind. But then I was to learn about factors that can impact on my emotional health and well-being. My life was already blighted by traumas because of DNA I inherited from my parents.  

My grandfather was stricken with stomach cancer. And my sister died of epileptic fit before he succumbed to his illness. During that period my mother must have been filled with untold fear of the future for her entire family. I only learned about my mother’s story months before her passing. That’s why I am creating legacies as I go about laying foundations for my future generations. I am therefore telling of my experiences about the failures in the establishments and systems Rules of Law on my Fight4justic/Advocacy https://fight4justiceadvocay.business.site. That way Facebook will not think that it is feasible to use my vulnerability of having disabilities to exploit my intellectual property and making money from my forgetfulness.

Everlasting life is the essence for why I am empowering myself with the enhanced knowledge so that fearfulness can no longer take away the eternal peace that I am seeking. God bestowed on me blessings to enlighten and enrich my life and those around me with encouragement. The fear factor was not meant to last forever, but a reminder that there is an everlasting Father who is eager to receive us unto Himself in His kingdom for eternity. I was born with an enquiring mind that was the benefactor of from the time I was conceived as an embryo and born a human being with ears to hear as essential senses.

I was destined to live a life of faith to be engaging with others in finding my purpose that God ordained for me. It’s such a pity that some have to be overcome by envy and in trying to ruin the lives of others resorted to evil deeds that would not find favour with God’s teaching. But no doubt the Employment Tribunal Services and the Employment Legislation have given their equivalent consent for employers like London Early Years Foundation www.leyf.org.uk to breach the Equality Act 2010 and other international laws and legislations along with codes of practices and conducts to enslave employees with their Modern Slavery practices that were not part of the teachings of the Bible. Where we are entreated to love our enemies as we love ourselves.

 Awaiting my calling is not the easiest of endeavours especially over the past five (5) years. Because I know that without facing up to the realities of the world I am living in, there will be no way of going forward. Until there are resolutions to the affairs that brought me to my knees and at the end of my tether with fear of the unknown. And a return to the normality of the life I once knew no matter how unstable it was. Instead human beings are always on tenterhook and in mortal fear of the destruction which can end our life just like blowing out of a candle in the wind.

We are forced to be dealing with how the world is changing and becoming, sometimes in anger. Resulting from the awkwardness of people who are the citizen we encounter in our daily lives. I am feeling awestruck and doomed to be forever be in awe of the fear that will attack me from all angles. I have live most of my life in fear of been found wanting because of my deficits and limitations.  I am therefore, affirming my faith in God to see me through the perilous times and evil intentions of others.

I am asking for anonymity from the exploitations of Facebook that is in league with the forces of evil in awakening the avengers of hate to take control of my data and using it to ruin my life. I am still here in agony after five (5) years awaiting the outcome that will release me from the hell hole that I was subjected to after the death of my mother. That’s why I have my Fight4justice campaign as an advocate. I am the sole author responsible for creating the legacies I want to leave for my family. And not for someone else to rewrite my story to suit their agenda. Nor to use my vulnerability in destroying twenty-six (6) years of the life I created in the UK 1992 to date.

 Resolution is important in enabling me to overcome this fear that become part of my life when I was at my most vulnerable. During the period of facing loss and bereavement that can make us resolute about where we need to go to in order that we can return to the life we once knew. My life has not always being the easiest but I am remindful of God’s promise that He will replenish us and in that way I will be resourceful. I will be responsible for applying my critical thinking as another tool in my empowerment. I have had to be able to evaluate my reasoning skills I developed whilst doing research.

I am now taking my time developing the resources to be able to reach out to others who were refused the support to get their life back on track. I am focus on my Advocacy in exposing those who prey on the vulnerable. Thinking that they can get away with overriding their power of authority in discriminating against me. Because I am refusing to be a voiceless vulnerable victim. They have instilled in us a spirit of fear of the unknown. I lived most of my life from the time my father was stricken with Parkinson’s disease feeling anxious about my future and now knowing what to expect.

Not realising what the future hold can take away the control we have over our lives leaving us refusing to live life to the full and in fear of revenge for some past sins that are not of our making. In this way we are grip by the fearfulness that our secrets will be revealed. Some are hell-bent on using our fears as weapons to keep us enslaved.   Because they have the armour of rifles and weapons that can create evil wars that can keep us as prisoners. Prisoners who without knowing God as Saviour and the Lord of our Resurrection will leave us with ruined lives and no one to direct us about how we can pick up the pieces. I am a reflective practitioner who developed the listening ethos all those years ago. The time is right for me to use my richness gained via knowledge to be that force to be reckon with in sharing my experiences in providing the support network for others to be reflective and refrain from withholding the truth to help others reveal the fact.  

Written in part at Church because I forgotten my glasses at home.

Mervelee Myers FD (Open). Cert WTC (Open).