Winsome Duncan Exploiter

Winsome Duncan re Amazon Book Publication 10th January 2019

This is the email received from Winsome Duncan of regarding my Book.

From: Winsome Duncan. Sent: 09 January 2019 23:01. To: Ratty Nembhard. Subject: Paperback book delivery on Amazon.    


Your book will be with you in 7 working days, keep a look out. 

Once it arrives Amazon, take up to six weeks for it to be published. This will conclude our business together. 

When this happens, I will hand over to you your password account details and you can order your book in bulk and arrange your book launch. Each book will cost you £5.65 each to order, as per below. 

Congratulations on becoming a new author, we wish you every success. 


Page 2: Mervelee Myers, thank you for shopping at Lulu. We will email your receipt in just a few moments. Your order number is ********.

Messages to Winsome Duncan Tuesday 8 January 2019.

MM: If you think you fucking bad, call my husband again and upset him? U crablouse. WD: I have some great news for you. Call me when you are free.  Thursday 10/1/2019. MM: Put the great news in an email. I need it right now. My website is live. I am changing my life this year. Start with forgiveness.

Modern Slavery Is Thriving In the UK.

 Returning home after going out to send money for my husband’s blind brother, I was confronted with the fright of my life in 2019. Tom was in a blind panic because Winsome Duncan called to tell him about book she published about my former employers No amount of reassurance could calm him. Not knowing what else to do and not wanting to be in the same environment when either of us might lose our tempers, I left home. Whilst I was at JNBS in Elephant & Castle WD rang both my mobiles. But since we have not been in touch with each other since she sent the Police to my home to section me, I didn’t accept the call in public. So when I got home and see Tom in a panic and although he didn’t get her name right, I knew it was her.

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) May 2018.  

Since Ms Winsome Duncan is going to continue exploiting my vulnerability by using my husband’s vulnerability to get to me, I am willing to play her games. Ms Duncan have breached the Engagement Agreement signed on the 8th April 2017 in its entirety. Ms Duncan acted illegally throughout and up to the time she ordered the Paperback Book via Amazon and Lulu. As can be seen from paragraph 3 about handing over of passwords account details. That I was not involved in this transaction. Therefore this is a fraudulent activity, continuing in the illegal pursuits that I discovered that Ms Duncan was using my name in without my knowledge. Ms Duncan introduce me to for the purpose of using my vulnerability against me to scam me.

From conversation with Barrister Ryan Clement it came out that he meet Ms Duncan on the internet struggling to set up her business. I must have to admit that up until, Ms Duncan introduced me to Mr Clement, she adhere to the Engagement Agreement. As soon as I showed him the where I am in the statistic of 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment that’s when she changed. The proof is in the exchange of emails, text messages and complaints to both Ms Duncan and Mr Clement. Because I intend to challenge them in the courts. Ms Duncan and Mr Clement planned to harm me at her 40th birthday party on the 27th October 2017.

But when I was unable to attend because of They had to find another way to get to me. Ms Duncan sent me the email on the 29th October 2017 and sent the Police to my home on the 30th to section me. Clear evidence this was a premeditated malicious act. Despite presenting the evidence to the Police, they acted unprofessionally and now I have to be complaining. The treatment by have exacerbated my disabilities.

Since Ms Duncan is continuing her illegal activities I don’t need her consent to put her data out for people to be aware of her. I have reported her to the authorities. Because she involved me in her illegal activities to do with safeguarding. Everyone is responsible for safeguarding and I am making sure I am not found wanting in my duty of care to vulnerable children, young people and adults. Ms Duncan did not get my consent to publish a book using my data. She phoned my husband to scare him about information in the book about my former employers. I have the correspondences about putting the book on hold. Ms Duncan did not contact me since. So who is the Author of the book she published in my name? The Proof Reader Joanna Oliver made recommendation for improving the sections of the book that I submitted. And which Ms Duncan edited.

The following are where Ms Duncan can be found in cyberspace: Mobile: +447917037853. 07944455010.






Web: and


Winsome Duncan 4294 Ltd.

Company Number: 10132934.

Mervelee Myers FD (Open). Cert WTC (Open).

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  1. I have my Subject Access Request from dated 10 April 2018. Therefore, Me John Booth Delivery Manager Employment Tribunal Fleetbank House 2-6 Salisbury Square London EC4Y 8AE can stay there looking how many complaints he can find? I am here doing therapy after what and the ET and EAT done to destroy 26 years of my life in the UK. If you are negligent then time for you to act. The Government rejected my petition. Who is responsible for making me a target for terrorists?

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