My Petition For Inquiry Was Rejected By Government

Blog Post Empowered By My Experience Why are Children Held as Pawns in the UK? 9th January 2019

After yesterday’s experiences when I declared the 8th January 2019 to be a lucky day for me. I’d been to the Jamaica National Building Society #JNBSat Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre to send money to my brother-in-law. Although the young lady who caused me to get upset with her and tell her off the last time I was there, #pretending not to see me? I do the same and got on with why I was there. Talking to the Telller, Pastor Rex, he discloses he recovered from #cancer so understands. This led to a discussion about disabilities in general. I have to mention #forgiveness and how it starts within. I know the young lady must have been digesting…? Leaving JNBS, I decided to top up my #exercise by walking. Anyhow, I have to walk whether I want to or not. I left my bus pass indoors. That’s because I’d gone out, wear a different coat and forgotten to put it back. See I am #defined by my deficits and limitations in one form or another.

In Eaststreet Market I was greeted by a fellow who treated me with #kindness after he was introduced to me. We chatted about his mother and my husband. I was just in time to see the bloke selling materials laying out ends. I stop to get bargains and pack my trolley. He was #generous after I spent £20.00. I was giving thanks for my luck getting the cuttings. Already, I am planning for my return home when my duty here is ended. I have enough of the discrimination I faced since 2004. That’s why I am making the changes to my life and refusing from letting anyone take away the #blessings God bestowed on me. Because I am sure that the young lady must have been reflecting on her #attitudes to me on my last visit. I pulled the trolley laden with goods home.

Little did I know what was waiting for me at home or I might have stop to think about how best to handle the situation. Getting in and all hell broke loose. Someone phone and nearly #scared my husband to death. He was so upset and in a blind #panic. No amount of me trying to reassuring him was working. In my #frustration, I got in a huff and decided I need to be out of that environment. It was important for me to be on my own to clear my head. At first, I thought about going to my #adopted Nigerian family’s home. But then I think better of it and went walking. I left a message on the perpetrator who upset my husband, mobile. Letting her know, I know the law and what she has done is a hate crime.

Walking bring back some #clarity after I made a video recording about how I am feeling, I decided to head back home. My #husband was sat at his usual place in the kitchen, listening to the radio and watching the TV. I made sure that he has everything for his earthly comfort. I set about reassuring him. He is #vulnerable and what have been happening over the years have taken a toll on his life. He is affected more than me. Therefore, it is my #duty to protect him as a wife and carer. Everyone is #responsible for safeguarding and protection of the vulnerable is paramount. I have to stop thinking about me and put him first.

Modern Slavery is thriving in the UK.

Because of deciding to make changes to my life in 2019, starting with having a closer relationship with God, I was at a place where I can bring about change to the life of others as well. Here I was hearing about the exploitations of two (2) young children who are caught up with the #squabbling of adults. These children could be my grandchildren, who are at the age when anything can affect their transitional development. I am talking from my own personal experiences, of coping with my hidden disabilities of childhood traumas. Because of the nature of the case, I am not #privy to any sensitive information regarding the case. I am working on the premise of an advocate, who is aware of what the outcome can be if the powers that be do not act now.

However, this case is parallel to my life in many respect. What happened to my husband is just another example of how the vulnerable, whether they be young or old can get left behind during the time when they need support from the authorities. Someone was trying to exploit my husband’s vulnerability to get back at me. Because I decided to get my Fight4justice to back me and expose them for engaging in #illegal activities and exploiting the vulnerable. By now they must realise I am strong and will not be broken easily. I have had to defend myself two (2) times at the Employment Tribunal. Therefore my former employers LEYF Nurseries and their cohorts could not do it in 2004 – 2008 and from 2009 – date. However they will not be getting away with making me a victim…/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-founda….

My former employers could not do it with the aid of other individuals and the #establishments and systems. They are still trying and that’s why I have my website Merveleeconsultancy to tell my stories. For they have sought to make me a voiceless vulnerable victim at What shocks me the most is hearing about the attitudes of the #Police in this matter? Just in case you are wondering why the Police? I have a torrid relationship with some members of the Police Force. They are acting like morons, ducking and diving. And even acting unprofessionally with their dealing with a member of the public who they know is vulnerable.

When I called the Police during the time I was getting verbal threats from @WinsomeDuncan PeachesPublication The refused to act on my concerns, but they turned up at my house to section me after a #malicious call out. The way the Police set about getting themselves enmeshed in breaching my Human Rights not to be discriminated against. They join in using my vulnerability of having disabilities, mental and physical against me. That’s why I have empowered myself so I can challenge those who are prepared to turn blind eyes. And giving up so as not to be tagged and labeled as I have had my career ruined and twenty-six (26+) years of my life in the UK destroyed. For taking a stance against those breaching the Modern Slavery, Counter Terrorism and Security and the British Values Act. And more recently the GDPR May 2018.

Suffice it to say I have my Fight4justice campaign. But for the concerns been raised for these children. I want the relevant authorities to act now and not wait for the end of the month. Because by then it might just be too late for everyone concerned. The children are at risk of having their lives disrupted once again. At the whims and fancies of adults who are using them as #pawns in their own games of exploitation. There is safeguarding involved as the children have health conditions that need the administration of medication. Therefore they are vulnerable and at risk of experiencing traumas. This can be detrimental to their transitional development. They have had upheavals in their lives before. Therefore, it’s paramount for the relevant authorities to act now. Instead of waiting for another Victoria Climbie’ and Baby Peter. Then they will be wasting Tax Payers Money with more Inquiry and Case Reviews.

If you don’t believe I am a credible witness check Then make comparisons at You will be better informed if you check out Fight4justice/Advocacy

I will be here telling my story until I am ready to go home. I don’t have a job because of what they conspire to discriminate against me from 2004 to date in the UK. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Article 14 states that it is a basic entitlement of humans to enjoy their rights and freedoms without discrimination on any grounds. 

Written by: Mervelee Myers FD (Open) Cert WTC (Open). About this websiteGOV.UK Ms M Myers v London Early Years Foundation: 2300047/2016Employment Tribunal decision.1 Comment

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