The ET & EAT Won’t Frustrate Me Any Longer

Mrs. Mervelee Myers, Bermondsey London SE1 5PY

Mr. John Booth, Delivery Manager, Employment Appeal Tribunal
Fleetbank House, 2-6 Salisbury Square, London EC4Y 8AE

7 January 2019 2019. Reference: UKEAT/0101/18/LA

Dear Mr. Booth
Thank you for your #response to my letter dated 15 December 2018, arriving by posts on 5 January 2019. I will address each paragraph as they are #relevant to my case.

I refuse to #waste any more of my precious time going over grounds that have caused me so much #distress since the 23 July 2014. In the first place, I should not even have to be dealing with you and the EAT. Because of the #negligence of Judge Brian Doyle (the Employment Tribunal President) in addressing the #institutional discrimination of the Employment Tribunal Services, I am left going round in circles. Considering that it was the Employment Tribunal that presided over another #miscarriage of justice, making me a victim. Please read…/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-founda…. Then go make comparisons with that I was a participant in.

Although the Employment Tribunal at London South no longer holds the #personal data in respect of my case against King’s College HospitalCollege Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, I have relevant documents. I used Subject Access Request – Data Protection Act – 117119 from to gain data held by the Ministry of Justice UK. However, LEYF Nurseries claim not to have any data except what I #submitted in the bundles for the ET case. Maybe since you claim not to have seen the correspondence to Judge Brian Doyle, maybe you could explain why the left don’t seem to know what the right is doing at the ET and EAT?

Since you can find only one or two #complaints which could be about the #administrative staff of the EAT (I would appreciate if you make your mind up about the amount ASAP)? Barring that I will collate the amount for you and list them in #chronological order. You can decide which breach is.
I am tired of the ET and EAT taking this line about what those #responsiblefor taking actions can deal with. I have been sent round the bend until I was directed to the correct channels to address my complaints.

Please stop taking me for an idiot like what…/employment/claims/responding have done from the time I submitted my claims in December 2015 to when I was made a victim on the 2 August 2017 with the hate crime #copied from the Respondent Summary and posted online. In case your answer is you are the EAT, well and only #exacerbated my disabilities in the hope that I would become a statistic of 1 in 5 of all #suicides are associated with unemployment in HCT Group to get me off their hands.

Very #observant of you to notice that I have written to the EAT President about events at the Hearing on the 19 October 2018. You might be interested to know that Judge Ingrid Simler sent my case to the EAT.

You claim that at #point6 on page 4 is where you identified the first complaint about the administrative staff. All I am going to say on the matter of you not finding any requests for the return of #documents in the EAT file. Try working out why I was not given access to my FILE from the Respondent? Then why the South London ET #concealed my documents and refuse to act on my concerns about the Respondent non-compliance? You will understand why the sabotage continued with the EAT.

As stated I will send my response, but I refuse to waste another second of my life over this matter. Therefore I am not expecting you to deal with the matter as a complaint from anything else I send you. However, I will be keeping a lookout if my name gets mentioned on websites Law Society Gazette about the ET and EAT in the future? 

At point 7 on #page4, you claim not to understand what I mean by “targeted by the EAT”. There is the matter of a #transcript whilst the Police were at my home that was sent to the EAT. Along with phone calls to the EAT. I have to admit that because of my experiences dealing with people in authority in the UK, I am #paranoid about the way they go about abusing their powers of authority. I have had to get the NHS Professionals to help me back from the brink after the EAT on the 19 October 2018. I am keeping one step of that intent on giving me a basket to carry water. So I got support from…/use_your_personal_information.…. Want to know more type my name into the internet.

Judge Freer and the Panel that made me a victim, claim that Legal Entity don’t discriminate. People discriminate, I am just #adding you to the list of those who discriminate by #pretending not to understand my correspondences.

Chronological Order of Correspondences with the Employment Appeal Tribunal 
Most recent dates:
• Email from EAT, acknowledging receipt of correspondences dated 6th & 9th November 2018 – 21 November 2018
• Email from EAT Subject: Summary of the EAT UKEAT/0101/18/LA – 01 November 2018
• Letter HM Courts & Tribunal Service – Fee Refund – 30th July 2018
• Letter from John Fenton Respondent Representative to EAT re submission of Answer postponement – 08 May 2018 (Note Mr Fenton’s role as the Rep and not Barrister Samantha Jones?) 
• Letter re sealed Order and Amended Notice of Appeal – 03 May 2018
• Letter re – 02 May 2018
• Letter re Permission to Amend Appeal – 26 April 2018 (Automated response from EAT)
• Letter re EAT bundles 10 April 2018 (I had to call out the Police & Ambulance Services to help me get over the stressful period caused by the letter from the EAT)
• EAT letter re bundles lodged on 21 March 2018 – 21 March 2018 (The EAT could have handled this matter differently. But because of the confirmation biases that led to Judge Shank’s claims I made up my disabilities, they continue with the institutional discrimination in the online reserve judgement. Which is hate crime)
• EAT acknowledge receipt of letter re Notice of Hearing dated 25.2.2018 – 
• Notice of Hearing – 18 January 2018
• Letter re my letter dated 13 December 2017 – 21 December 2017 (Received 9.1.2018) 
• Letter re Notice of Appeal – 05 December 2017
• Acknowledgement of Correspondence – 18 October 2017 (Claims of not receiving Claimant’s Request for Reconsideration) 
• Notice of Appeal – 12 September 2017

I submitted a handwritten request on the 18th April 2018 for the return of bundles from each of the two set of bundles. I had spoken to someone from the EAT about preparing the bundles because whenever my disabilities are triggered, I am unable to carry out normal day to day activities. Refer to the @MaudsleyHospital  I submitted 2 sets of bundles because of the confusion that was not explained to me clearly when I phoned up to get clarifications.

The South London ET Judge claimed there were no other Medical Reports. They also claimed they did not receive the Reconsiderations for the EAT Appeal. Who is the credible witness, in light of the Subject Access Request?

I was advised by the Solicitor to put in writing that I have disabilities to the EAT. I did but still the documents in the two sets of bundles were not used or read by the EAT before Judge Shanks give Barrister Samantha Jones more time to #pervert the course of justice with her lies.

Suffice it to say that this is just another ploy by the Delivery Manager to frustrate me into giving up by exacerbating my disabilities. You can do whatever you want, 26 years of my life have destroyed. I am making amends with my website until it’s time to leave this country. Where I was given opportunities to educate and empower myself. Only for this to be used to break me.

The same way I found the shouting HHJ Shanks on the Law Society Gazette website, I will make sure the world knows how Modern Slavery is thriving in the UK. On the day when they are pussyfooting about Mental Health funding. Because I have two nervous breakdown in toxic workplaces. Then the Employment Tribunal Services presided over the miscarriages of justice taking away my basic Human Rights.

There are other correspondences with the EAT. But I am tired of pulling out papers. I have been forced to live like a pig since the advent of the discrimination. I am breaking the cycle and moving forward with my life.

Thanks very much for your concerns. 
Yours sincerely. Mervelee Myers FD (Open) Cert WTC (Open).

Early Years Practitioner/Carer
Mental Health & SEND Advocate
CEO Long Service Awards 2014– LEYF
Student of the Year Awards 1998-1999 – Lambeth College.About this website GOV.UK Page not found – 404 – GOV.UKIf you entered a web address please check it was correct. You can also search GOV.UK or browse from the homepage to find the information you need.1 CommentLikeShow more reactions CommentShare


Dedication To Bus Driver On 63 Route On Sunday 6/1/2019

The Bus Journey Blog Why Are We In Such A Hurry To Nowhere? 6th January 2019

I was travelling on my way to Church on the Number 63 Bus from Old Kent Road to Peckham Rye on Sunday. I have decided to start 2019 right, making decision that will impact about the changes to my life. In moving forward to a better way of living, after what happened to me the past five (5) years of hell. I endured at the hands of my former employers London Early Years Foundation Therefore, I have been taking stock of happenings around me as part of my therapy and healing. Considering I was thinking of writing a blog about the impact of depression. And how Social Media is playing a big part in spreading and worsening the epidemic, this is a good place to begin.

On Sunday morning I was left agog at how we as human treat our fellow human beings. And in particular those who serve the public in any capacity. By the time the bus reached the Bus Stop at the Peckham Post Office for change of drivers. The new driver was already waiting to start her job. Unlike in some cases when the changeover driver is late. And the bus would be throttling because the changeover was not in place, waiting. Let me provide a scenario for readers to understand what I am trying to convey, writing this blog. By the time the driver done her checks before stating, the bus was empty, excepting us two. I have to make a comment to draw her attention to the fact, to which the driver responded.   

There was a conversation as I had to point out that I witnessed a similar situation on Friday on the Number 1 Bus. This seems to becoming the norms for some of us to behave? I am making this relevant to why I am writing this blog. I am trying to get across that in life, we have to live by the rules and norms of the society we inhabit. We have to take into consideration the fact that there are the Rules of Law that govern societies. Therefore, how can we treat each other with such disrespect, when carrying out designated duties? Then we get up and start complaining when things don’t go our way. However, on Sunday I witness people acting and behaving in such manner that left me questioning if we have made any progress in human behaviours?

Now I will have to make reference to my situation, and how I find myself in it. Every single individual went back on their words, after the changes that occurred in my life over a period of time. I returned from attending my mother’s funeral and transferring to Southwark South London to work in July 2014. I had not worked in South London since September 2009 because of the circumstances that ruined my career and put a stop to my dreams.  This was whilst I was finalising studies with the Open University 2004 – 2008. Around this time my brother was stricken with colon cancer and died a few months later in March 2008. By November 2008 I had to resign work with a nervous breakdown.

Despite self-referring to the NHS Occupational Health where I worked in the workplace nursery, 2003 – 2008. I was targeted for raising concerns Because of my studies with, I had to adhere to Ethical Guidelines. Therefore, I carried out my work applying my defensive practice in keeping records. But even this was not good enough to help me, once I was viewed as threats to those who failed to adhere to the Welfare Requirements. That’s when the Local Education Authority Southwark Council colluded with the NHS to ruin my career. The joined in with the discrimination and left I stranded on my own. Years later there is no record of the case because the file has been destroyed in accordance with the Record Retention and Disposal Policy.

The establishments and systems are in breach of their own Policies and Procedures as can be seen with There are those abusing the power of their authority and given the sanction to make us voiceless vulnerable. That’s why I have taken up Advocacy after I was made a victim at https://www, Some are very good at covering up their track records of discrimination, when staff like the Bus Driver is going about their legitimate duty. The Government have been fooled and conned by those who are manipulators. Examples of these individuals, organisations, legal entity, etc. is why I have set up  

I have been learning valuable lessons from my experiences of the last few years after returning to the UK after burying my mother. But of note is the fact of what has been happening since my return to South London. This is where everything that could go wrong happened to me. What I learned the most from these encounters, travelling on public transport is an eye opener. There is evidence that some people want things to be done in an instant. We don’t stop to think about the schedules that others have to fulfil. As the Bus Driver said, she have to do the checks. Is it any wonder that we see on the news and read in print about people who failed to adhere by the laws, legislations and codes of practices and conducts? And thinking the law will not catch up with them in the long run.

That’s when you hear the authorities that neglected their duties coming talking about lessons will be learned. Let me refer to my Fight4justice campaign and why I have spent the past five years advocating on behalf of anyone who experience discrimination at the hands of others. Want to know more and join the campaign? Check Fight4justice/Advocacy This is in honour of those who serve in whatever capacity. But in particular the Bus Driver on the Number 63 Bus on Sunday 6th January. Who took up her duties at the Peckham Post Office? I appreciate you even more because I don’t drive and need your dedication to your chosen job to get me out and about in London. Thanks very much for Sunday. You are an Angel.

Mervelee Myers FD (Open). Cert WTC (Open)

7th January 2019.