My Poem re Dis/Ability

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard25 mins · 

I am a #writer 
I write stories about my experiences
The stories are scattered in cyberspace
So that one day they will be of benefit to others. 
Writing is also part of my early intervention strategies
And #therapy helping me to empower myself 
And providing a support network for others.

I am a #singer
I sing songs of praises
To help me when I am feeling down and out
With the emotions
Of sheer #frustrations
Because of the injustice
Of having to justify
Myself to others
Who is too lazy and ignorant?the To take the time to understand
That I am struggling with my deficits
The deficits and limitations of disabilities
That sometimes impede 
My creativity, talents, and passion to achieve.

I am a #visionary 
For whom giving up was never an option?
That’s why I am #possessed 
Like the demons that control my OCD
The OCD that controls the way I live
But yet others, because of prejudice
And #fear of the unknown 
Will see my trying to manage and controlling 
My disabilities as threats to their bigotry
The bigotry of discrimination
Cause them to be offended by my determination 
To live my life, full of hope and caution
That one day, there will be a breakthrough
When the studies of the sciences 
Will empower humankind to 
Be aware of how we treat each 
Other and show that we love and care
So take the time to #enhance knowledge
Because that’s how I manage 
To escape from the #traumas of childhood
To live a more fulfilling life

I am a #comedian
Who makes a fool of myself?
When I am feeling #lost and alone
Because I know I am not going to be down and out #forever
I will always #bounce back
With my knack for living life to the full
That’s why I am #compassionate
Using my writing to share experiences 
My singing to #soothe my heart with dream of hope
My vision to make my dreams #reality
My comedy to #entertain me and others
Because I want to give #hope to others, like me
That life is full of #blessings
But please stop treating me less than a person who is #enabled 
In spite of my disabilities

#Overcoming the Fear 
That’s why I am getting rid of the fear 
#Challenging those who discriminate with their lies
Whilst offending with their #confirmation biases and prejudice
In the hope that I will give in out of frustrations?
No, this is just the continuing of my Fight4justice campaign 
Started in the name of my family and friends who were/are treated unfairly?

Written by Mervelee Myers in honour of my grandparents, parents, brothers, uncles, aunties, et al who are no longer with us? Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
3rd January 2019.1 Comment

This Poem was written when I research Parkinson's disease. I discover that I have Atypical Parkinsonism.


  • Fight4justice Now let me show them what Daily Express horoscope saying. Taurus: An unusual job offer is on the cards. Consider opportunities relating to travel, teaching, writing and research. You might be called on to share your expertise. This is your chance to put your skills to work. This extra income will allow you to pay off debts.

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