Winsome Duncan The Scammer Publisher Groom By Ryan Clement

Meeting Winsome Duncan at a Free Event that was to lead to exploitations

I am making sure to put the information out in the public domain about those who colluded in discriminating against me. I am disappointed by the way I was mistreated by After she used my vulnerabilities of having disabilities to exploit me, I am further left picking up the pieces. I have tried to sort the matter with Ms. Duncan amicably. But she refused, so I contacted   That’s when she told the Researcher she owes me no money. And will be publishing my book. But she better go back to for guidance. He must have put her up to scam me?   

Winsome Duncan re Amazon and Kindle Book Publications 23rd December 2018 Mrs Mervelee Myers

Judge Rinder re Winsome Duncan 21st November 2018

I have to say how much I benefitted from attending Live Event. I later wrote about my own experiences with my former employers and the Employment Tribunal Services. They are both responsible for the Modern Slavery thriving in the UK.  

Is Modern Slavery thriving in the UK

Here is my write up after my book was proofread.

Joanna Oliver Proofread my Book 26th June 2018

I am sharing the following because once again institutional discrimination meant I was denied my entitlements under the Rules of Law.

IOPC- Making a complaint against the police[19284]IOPC_Appealing_against_decision_to_discontinue

Ms Duncan is responsible for making a malicious report to the Police. Sending them to my home to section me. Because I was unable to attend her birthday party. Where she and her Employment Barrister must have planned to harm me. That’s why they resorted to verbal threats and inviting me to meet them away from my home. When I did not fall in their traps, Ms Duncan was stupid enough to put her hate crime in writing.  

Open Letter to the Met Police 28th September 2018 (Autosaved)

Open Letter to the Met Police 28th September 2018

I am making sure to put the information on Social Media platforms so my defensive practice is in the public domain for all to see. 

Me Too Fight4Justice against Discrimination 28th October 2018

For there not to be any shadow of a doubt about my intention in seeking justice against those who are thinking I am to be exploited. I will use Ms Duncan as an example of how unscrupulous people who prey on others get their just rewards.

The following are Ms Duncan’s public profiles on the internet: 

Ms Duncan have behaved so unprofessional and unscrupulous, I am left feeling violated by her. Therefore I am making sure she is exposed. Stopping her from doing to others what she colluded with Ryan Clement in discriminating against me.

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  9. I am making sure to put the information out in the public domain about those who colluded in discriminating against me.                                                                     Copyright of Mervelee Myers