Defensive Practice By Facebook Memories 28/12/18

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard shared a memory.

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Daily Express Taurus: Making #money from your #expertise should be your #goal in the New Year. You’re a #patient #teacher who is #appreciated by those hoping to #benefit from your #knowledge. Doing #meaningful work will #inspire you to #travel widely and expand your #skill set.

Evaluation: I will certainly be living a #Cow girl life after everything is said and done. I am more than used to the confirmation biases from way back when.

Facebook for Windows wants to dictate my life. So I’ll find other outlets for my creativity. 2 Years Ago See Your Memorieschevron-rightMervelee Ratty Nembhard is 

feeling emotional.December 28, 2016 · 

Studied the Equality Act 2010, from the 27th March – 26th May 2015 when the #Advocate informed me that the Human Rights Act 1998 was breached. Since then the Data Protection Act 1998 has been breached by the #Establishment#Systems & z #CROSSES. I will put the names of the culprits in the public domain in due course as some believe they can get away with #MURDER, with friends in high places. Updates 28/12/2018: Here’s the Subject Access Request – Data Protection Act – 117119 that I received. This is after applying to the Ministry of Justice in February 2018. It was dated 10 April 2018.

I have been forced to enhance my #CPPDP_Empower myself as a #WomanwithDISABILITIES that I managed to control from #10years old when my #Father was struck down with Parkinson’s and as a result, I experienced #TRUAMA. At no time throughout my time in the United Kingdom, was I on benefits because I used the opportunities I was offered to change my lifestyle to overcome the challenges and adversities preventing me achieving my potentials at schools. Updates: However, the establishments and systems colluded with to deny me my entitlements.

 After coming back from Jamaica in July 2014, I experienced no ends of #DISCRIMINATION resulting in me getting counseling at the Maudsley Hospital. So I offered myself for #Research to stop even one child and their parents/family going through my ordeals. As unless you have been in my situations, you will not understand what I am talking about? Updates: But to have the Employment Tribunal Services presiding over another miscarriage of justice is beyond belief? Because I was a participant in Dr. Maria Hudson Research Paper 2012, recommended to

With recent events, I have had to go do more research on changes in current Rules of Law and the #ModernDaySlaveryAct2015. I thought all this #CRAP would be behind me by now, but instead, I have to carry on…
I have been doing my best to make contributions to the upliftments of my #Family, remembering the promise I made to my (brother) breda #BYRON on his deathbed in #March2008, amongst other matters.
Imagine my shock thinking I have #Family2Turn2 when I am in need, only to get nothing but #REJECTIONUpdates: Matters have gotten even worse. However, the discoveries I am making about myself is helping me to deal with all aspects of my changing life.

However this takes the biscuit and I believe someone like the CROSSES has decided to use Reverse Psychology to use my #VULNERABILITY against me like the crosses done. Now, this is what I got from they know themselves after trying to get in touch. “Internet not working so well and I do not have any credit. My response edited: Well how about getting some for…? 
For the #9months I carried you growing inside of me, no #Charge! Well, I think it’s time I get my #Dunce_Maths_Cap on and start adding up the #CostofReal_LOVEUpdates: Do I have any regrets? Yes, many but I will carry on as God intends me to.

I was not brought up this way, I have had my hard knocks in life. I can (curse) #CUSS, throw a few #Missiles, but I never at any time chose to use my #ChildrenasWeapons. It has come to the end of the road where people will have to take #Responsibilities. I can no longer #Prop anyone else up any longer. In a few years, I will be a #Pensioner and if is the way I am getting treated, what will happen then? The #Bible was the #1stBOOK, I got and although, I am not perfect. I tried to live my life by the principles of the #Christian Teachings like my parents and my #Papa in particular.

So I will take my time, as I don’t want to end up doing anything I regret. Love Works Wonders In My Soul…!+44 CommentsLike Show more reactions CommentShare


One thought on “Defensive Practice By Facebook Memories 28/12/18

  1. The Lord is my light and my salvation. Of whom shall I be afraid? Certainly not Not Samantha Jones of Neither John Fenton of Nor Martin Bunch of As I have said the others will be named in due course. In the meantime, better start coming up with some answers. I have to prove to those colluding with Modern Slavery practices that their days are numbered.

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