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It has taken me all of this time to get to this point in my life

I am finding my #purpose in life in my 60th year…
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Sharing the truth about experiencing discrimination in 2 toxic work environment in the UK. This led to 2 nervous breakdowns. I am breaking down barriers with my Fight4justice campaign.

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Comments.   Mervelee Ratty Nembhard For all those taking mew for a F**KING idiot here’s what I have been doing recently. Making sure I update my credentials to continue my Fight4justice campaign against discrimination. To begin with,…/203618/sponsors/new… did not get off the ground.
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Happy 36th Wedding Anniverary 2 Balis aka the Ole Man & Sis Doreen Forrester-Nembhard. Keep on going Folks!!! All Family in this Album are welcome 2 TAG…

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  • Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Sister Doreen says the “Best remedy 4 a long & lasting Marriage – 36 & counting is 2 keep Mending & Patching…”!!! Sound Advice indeed from the EXPERT…
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