Memories Written Of My Past 7/12/18

Memories of the Past – How my perceptions changing

Linking with someone from the past on Facebook for Windows had the ability to stir up #memories of past events about family, communities, and life in general from my childhood. So since I am intent on logging my HISTORY let me get ahead with the tasks of documenting so I don’t miss out on relevant and important information that may eventually form the #legal documentations for launching other aspects of my professional life – becoming a #writer. It is only by documenting the data that I will eventually be able to make sense of it in the future when my #faculties are no longer as good at recalling information as they are now.

Now realised why it is a stated fact that people who live in communities are somehow #related and if we are not informed about who our families are then we may end up getting involved with them without knowing. My experience of having #cousin Lambert coming home to asks for his #auntie Elsie has taught me a great deal about family #relationships and the impact on our lives even if we had never considered the implications before. When I was still a teenager with one (1) child I went to Hanover to spend time with my auntie Claris Chambers-Dixon (now I am not sure if her name is/was Parkins) at Cave Valley. Whilst there I met up with Mass Elisha Munroe’s #motherMonro Ralston grandma. Who was neighbour to my auntie and now that memory is rife I am wondering if we could be #related since everyone was called by an appendix to do with the NORMS of the time.

So now I believe its time to set the #record straight to know who my #natural family is and who was just called by the name as a form of #endearment and respect. These days I have to be thinking who my genuine and real family are? As there were such a #camaraderie and community spiritedness amongst the populace. The Munroe’s and our family were linked in more ways than one when my #nephew Denny changed his name when he became an adult because there was no way of denying who his family is. So there is a #Munroe and a #Nembhard springing from the #Lawrence who are first (1st) cousins. Later there is a Nembhard springing from the Munroe who is my #grandniece. So seriously I will have to go research my history to find links in Hanover and Westmoreland.

Son-Son used to try and pull the wool over my mama’s eye for #Pinky Henry when he took a fancy to me. But mama was adamant it wouldn’t happen as we were related. My family was totally against us getting involved with relatives regardless of how distant was the connections. My parent’s #attitudes were we should not get involved with our family. I always knew there was a STIGMA attached – children with health risks can be damaged if cousins get together it was believed.

Shocking NEWS:

Since year there has been some sad news coming from Westmoreland that have affected families and mine in particular. When my grandniece was sent to copse for a month for beating up her mother Andrea Nembhard. Worse was to happen in the community when school children were #inflicting wounds on each other because their relationships didn’t work – Ms Bebe grandchild. But more shocking news was to be heard last week 6th June 2012 when it was reported that a young man gassed his mum and uncle and set them alight resulting in them been hospitalised. Updates 7/12/2018: Here’s why we need to take what we hear with a pinch of salt.

What kind of world are we living in? This only brings back sad news of this unfortunate family as Years before the father – Parson of the young woman was burnt to cinders. Leaving only a stump one Christmas period and to date, I don’t think anyone knew what happened. Then years later the Mother was involved in an accident where some passengers and the driver died. When the young lady and her brother were traveling to Town to visit the mother in the hospital they ended up in another accident with horrific injuries to both son and daughter. Everyone thought that NURSE would never walk again. Now for this to happen to her again at the hands of her own child is beyond belief.

Updates: When I wrote this, I did not set out to offend or be insensitive to any of the families involved. The information did not match up to the facts. I am just trying to prove my arguments about the divisive environment that Facebook has become.


These horrific news brings back some of the unexplained #tragedies that happened in Westmoreland over the years. Mass Sim – killed at his shop window. Mr. Barnaby – burnt his wife out and then went and #drown at Middle Wire Pond – Pass my dad cutting the street and greeted him Bush. And just went took his clothes off, left his #gun and walk past Philip Anglin bathing at the pond and sank never to be seen again. Phillip ended up suffering from #shock.

The lady who was killed round Greenfield – they #plucked her eyes. I can still hear the screams of Ms. Samuels echoing across the land as she was murdered in her home at Burnt Savannah when I was a child.

There was the case of Clane was stuck down off a bike in GaGa Street and died. I can still recall some of the scenes to this day. I guess as per usual, it might have been Mass Roland who takes him to the hospital. I am not sure if he was still alive when he was taken away? When I was home for Ms Connie’s funeral, I was having a chat with Tony. He told me that going to prison changed his life. He said God visited him in prison and showed him why he had to change. Then he said since he came out he was invited to continue living a double life. I am always willing to make sacrifices helping people like Tony. Who is man enough to own up to the fact they made mistakes in their lives?

The killing of Lloydie in his parent’s house – was it a case of mistaken identity? I cried at the loss of an innocent life.
Barry Anglin turned bad man and eventually lost his life drowning at Negril whilst trying to evade police.
Ringo invaded and terrorised the community. He was on Jamaica most wanted list of gunmen.
The killing of Civil Servants – Policemen – Senior, etc, killed at Strawberry and ganja rubbed into them.

The Good Times:

The new Postal Agency opened in the community at Ms. Elsie Gillette’s home – 1969.

Getting piped water in the Street.

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  • Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Monro Ralston I have been documenting from my childhood about the Jamaica that did not change overnight. So tell anyone who damn bright to message you to come up front and chat dem chat. They are some of the same ones who shield gunmen and women. Lie dung wid gunman. Of course not all parents know that their children and families are doing wrongs?
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  • Mervelee Ratty Nembhard That’s why I decided to call Lloyd Mercy bluff when he started using his family name and swearing on the Bible. I don’t give a toss. I am not setting out to be insensitive either. But by the time you hear the news, it twisted out of proportions. You not sure what’s fact from fiction. Another reason fucking LEYF Nurseries – #LEYF will have to send the assassins.
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  • Mervelee Ratty Nembhard So you want to know if I went to the college of life? Here’s just an example. I have loads of stuff written that’s therapy.  

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