Medical Reports re ET Case Management Order 8/6/2016 South London ET

What did Judge EJ Freer do with the Medical Reports 20/12/2016?

Shared a memory. 8 mins

Middle House, Maudsley Hospital, London, SE5 8AZ
0203 228 2194, The Maudsley Hospital.

Private & Confidential

8 July 2016

Mrs Mervelee Myers
Alma Grove

To Whom It May Concern,

Mrs Myers attended #12counseling sessions at Talking Therapies London Borough of Southwark. She was referred to our service to receive treatment for #depression, which had occurred following a #stressful period at work.

Mrs Myers told me she had suffered with #chronicanxiety since she was a child. She said she had learned to manage the anxiety, but it did sometimes #affect her ability to #write as she has a #tremor in her hand. However, Mrs Myers said this had not affected her #work life. She said she had been able to #manage it and this was evidenced by her long #employment history with the company #5years prior to this recent incident.
Mrs Myers depression seems to have #arisen in the context of a difficult period at work.

She said she felt #unfairly treated and she could not understand how her #colleagues had come to form their opinions about her. Mrs Myers had found this experience to be extremely #distressing and eventually #resigned from her job, as she felt she had no #alternative. Following the loss of her job, Mrs Myers became increasingly depressed and she told me she had found it #difficult to take care of herself.

This has left Mrs Myers with low-confidence, particularly in her work life. Mrs Myers is #fearful of going back into work as she #anxious about being #mistreatedand going through a similar situation again. When she was first referred to the service her scores on the questionnaires measuring depression and anxiety were indicative of #severe depression and anxiety.

Over the course of treatment, we #explored the impact of Mrs Myers’ work situation and how it had affected her. We explored the impact of this situation on her #marriage, where Mrs Myers found it hard to #cope as a result of being #overwhelmed by the difficulties in her work life. Mrs Myers also said this had affected some of her #friendships. Mrs Myers said her family were her main #support, but this was only over the telephone due to the distance between them.

As a result of this difficult work situation, Mrs Myers understandably #struggled to cope with life. However, she has been #committed to working through her difficulties and has made #improvements to her #wellbeing over the course of her treatment. Only reporting #mild symptoms of depression and anxiety at the end of treatment.

Yours sincerely
Laura Tinsley
Trainee Counselling Psychologist

Please note we are not a crisis management service and if you have thoughts of harming yourself, feel unsafe and need more urgent help, please go to your local A & E department, contact your GP or call the SLaM 24-hour information line on 0800 731 2864

Maybe LEYF Nurseries might like to go to the Employment Tribunal and EAT and own up to making them a fool across the world. If in doubt go to Dr Maria Hudson Research Paper for the Policy Studies Institute. Recommendations to Acas. I am listening to Sir Cliff Richards talking about his experiences with the BBC. Funnily enough, I am at peace with myself since the death of my mother from dementia.

3 Years Ago

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard This is for the stupids at the who are chomping at the bit to go write on the Law Society Gazette. I frigging dare you to say I made up my disabilities?
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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Go find about the shit that they drop you in!  Manage
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  Mervelee Ratty Nembhard I did tell them I am willing to settle amicably because of my empowerment!
@Copyright of Mervelee Myers FD (Open). Cert WTC (Open).

One thought on “Medical Reports re ET Case Management Order 8/6/2016 South London ET

  1. After using to apply for Subject Access Request for to give me access to my FILE. Must be the stupid John Fenton from who drafted the response. Just so you know he is going around representing LEYF without pay as a solicitor. I would like to know what part is playing in this deception? Then it will be turn to get stuffed with a bleeding clothe!

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