Letter To My Dentist re ET Order!

I will tell the world that Judge Freer and Panel Ms Fennell and Mr Dixon at my ET are liars

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Mervelee Myers, Alma Grove,  Bermondsey,  London SE1 5PY
Telephone: Home –  Mobile: 07950618083, Email:  rattynem@btinternet.com

ISmile Dental Clinic
32 New Kent Road
London SE1 6TJ

11th June 2016

To Whom It May Concern

Re: Employment Tribunal Judge’s Order for Disclosure of Mervelee Myers #MedicalRecords.
The release of Medical Records for October 2014

NHS Number:
I would like to take this #opportunity to bring to your attention that I have taken my former employers London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) to the #EmploymentTribunals. In light of the fact that the former employers are contending that they were #unaware of me having any disabilities either #physical or #mental impairments during my employment 1st September 2009 – 27th September 2015. And the fact that the former employer’s #solicitors are claiming that they were not in receipt of the Medical Reports I sent from the GP and London Borough of Southwark Southwark Psychological Therapies Service.

I sent them in from Employment Tribunal Notices and Orders of 21st April 2016.
The Employment Tribunal made another Order for me to seek the #release of my Medical Records to the Court on the 8th June 2016. Therefore I am writing to you,  asking #permission for the Dental Records held by the Dental Clinic during the period and time in question #October2014 – 27th September 2015 be provided. The Medical Records being asked for needs to give information, and #detailing the #impacts of Diabetes on my Dental and Oral Health.

It would be helpful to #document that you #informed/advised me to see seek help from my GP to find out if I was Diabetic. Because only people with #Diabetes experienced the levels of Dental Problems each time I attended the Dental Clinic.

I will need the release of the Medical Records sent to be by the #30thJune2016. I am aware that I will have to #pay the fees for the release of the Records.

Looking forward to your #favourable response. Hopefully this #matter will be #addressed to help me to #move on with my life.

Kindest regards.

Yours sincerely

Mervelee Myers FD (Open).
Early Years Practitioner/Volunteer.

1 Year Ago

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When you have abcess in the Wisdom Teeth and you can’t chew on one side. I have diabetes, so have to be careful. Liquid Dinner: Out of date Special Muesli, tambric, ginger and garlic. Blend with milk, vanilla, and nutmeg. I swear to Almighty that I didn’t take out the Rum bottle from under the table. I have to go back to do Blood Test in January and I’m hoping to lose weight and get back in control to manage my health. Haffi get back to the Drop DEAD gorgeous shape of the Wedding of the Year 2014?

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3 Comments.  Mervelee Ratty NembhardHaha.  Like.  Love.  Haha.  Wow.  Sad.  Angry
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Tell the idiots at www.leyf.org.uk to go back to the drawing board. They will be exposed for what they are…  Manage
  Mervelee Ratty Nembhard As for these corrupted, racists, offensive, lying, cowards at LondonEAT@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk they know themselves. But I will make sure earn my benefits from the Department for Work and Pensions – DWP writing about the injustices to disabled people and others on the grounds of any of the ‘Protected Characteristics’ of the Equality Act. So do I care a toss what www.justice.gov.uk/tribunals/employment-appeals/ want to do?  Manage
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard I am on a mission with my Fight4justice campaign.
@Copyright Mervelee Myers FD (Open). Cert WTC (Open).

One thought on “Letter To My Dentist re ET Order!

  1. Why did Judge Freer think it was okay for him to lie and make me a victim https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016? I was contacting http://www.justice.gov.uk/tribunals/employment/claims/responding about the non-compliance at http://www.personnelconsultancy.com. As can be seen in my correspondences, I refer to him as http://www.leyf.org.uk solicitor. So the pompous offensive oaf Judge Shanks LondonEAT@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk must have thought he got one idiot disabled black woman whose brain was addled to practice his hate crime on? Who was he trying to impress at http://www.justice.gov.uk/tribunals/employment-appeals/ on the 19/10/2018? The balck man who was hanging on to every world? Or that lying manaufacturer of contagious disease from http://www.7br.co.uk? If my husband was not old and relying on me, I might have stuffed her mouth with a piece of clothe with blood on it?

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