Attack Left, Right & Centre By Exploiters!

Can the UK Government state if they address Modern Slavery & Counter Terrorism & Security in light of the Windrush Generation Stories?

Shared a memory.  9 mins

Mrs Myers, Alma Grove, Alma Grove, London, E1 5PY


Payment Reference Number: 2312 3174 0300 0100 2500 03

Subject: Notice to pay a #fee

Dear Mrs Myers

#payment of £250.00 is due for your Fee Balance Due – Issue for case number: 231231740300.

Please make payment or #submit an #application for help with fees no later than 28/01/2016.

Payment can be made on-line using a #debit or credit card by going to… and entering 2312 3174 0300 0100 2500 03.

If you do not have a debit or credit card please send a #cheque made payable to HMCTS, enclosing a copy of this #notice (or as a minimum quoting your Payment Reference Number) to #Employment Tribunals Central Office – England and Wales.

Please note payment will not be #accepted by the office dealing with your #claim. Failure to quote your Payment Reference number will lead to #delays in processing your payment and could lead to your claim being #rejected or #dismissed accordingly.

If you wish to apply for help with fees please #download the form from…/ex160-eng-2015.10.p… and follow the #instructions on the form #ensuring you use the payment #referencenumber above.

If you fail to make payment or submit a #valid help with fees application by the due date your appeal/claim will be rejected or dismissed accordingly.

We will not #refund any fees that you have paid if you reach a #settlementagreement or #withdraw your claim.

2 Years Ago

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   Kevin Murray is feeling PROACTIVE!!!  November 26, 2016Town Head, Jamaica

Work in silence, let your success make the noise -Frank Ocean.

I believe in action, not a bag a mouth because actions speak louder than words. Whenever I say I am committed to a change, I am committed to a change and change comes around by action and action means doing. The time taken to talk and spread propaganda could be used more productively towards some upliftment of the Friendship Division. Take action by voting for ACTION, not a bag a noise
#TakeAction#Tiadadnoise#BeProactive#VoteKevinMurray #Xbesidethebell#November28#

  Mervelee Ratty Nembhard When I tell the Department for Work and Pensions – DWP that they are responsible for exacerbating my Mental Health conditions. They threatened me with criminal record. Then deny me access…/SERVICES…/
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard But I never tried to get anything for free. Until #LEYF deny me my entitlement. 
@Copyright Mervelee Myers FD (Open). Cert WTC (Open).

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