Martin Bunch BWB 25/11/2018

Making comparisons with those that colluded with LEYF to destroying 26 years of my life!

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Updates 25/11/2018: Here’s how my account has been hijacked by Facebook. Facebook gave access to my account from the 18th September 2015 to terrorise me. Using my vulnerability of having disabilities against me. I was passed fit to go back to work in April 2015. But the hate crime of discrimination continued until the nervous breakdown and my resignation on the 27th September 2015 after been called to CO to harass, bully and intimidate me into writing a resignation on the 22nd September 2015. 
With LEYF refusing me access to my FILE containing the sensitive and confidential data about my disabilities, for which I was given Reasonable Adjustment after the diagnosis. I later participated in Must remember to mention My stories about my experiences are to be found at As well as other social media platforms where I am publishing. Websites to support others.
I am at I am a participant at re my diabetes. That’s why be prepared for me and my Fight4justice and Who tells them that they are getting away with destroying 26 years of my life? After all, I have been doing in my little ways to eradicate the thriving Modern Slavery in the UK and across the globe.   
  Mervelee Ratty Nembhard shared a memory.  11 mins

Copy from the #internet to tell my stories as part of my Fight4justice.

Martin Bunch BWB 22nd November 2018

#Martin worked as a general commercial litigator for the first ten years of his career but has specialised in #employment and #discrimination law since 1996. He is an experienced #advocate in the Employment Tribunal and an accredited Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution mediator. He is a specialist in all areas of employment law with an emphasis on TUPE, advising on mergers and acquisitions and also advising on the #protection of confidential information and other #confidential property by the enforcement of contractual covenants. Martin provides contentious and non-contentious advice to clients ranging from PLC’s to large charities and individuals.

Examples of recent work
• Advising a publishing company on #alleged breach of restrictive covenants with respect to theft of confidential information and employees #data and issuing Application for Injunction against employee in the High Court including a claim against the new employer of the employee
• Advising on dispute process and settlement with CEO following dispute with Chair and other Board members.
• Advising on TUPE and redundancy process and issues arising from purchase of a UK group specialising in Education services
• Successfully representing #claimant discriminated against following #diagnosis of cancer
• Advising on closure of staff pension scheme and other auto enrolment issues
• Advising on merger of two charities, including carrying out a restructuring and redundancy process prior to completion
• Advising on Collective Consultation redundancy and restructive process for UK based client with multiple offices
Qualifications and career
• Bristol University, BSc (Hons) Social History
• Solicitors Final/CPE
• Admitted as a solicitor in 1987
• Joined Bates Wells Braithwaite Bates Wells Braithwaite in 1991
• Partner in 1997
• Deputy senior partner since 2011
• Appointed managing partner in 2013
Pro bono, memberships and appointments
• Member of Employment Lawyers Association
• Accredited CEDR mediator
• Trustee of national charity
• #Volunteer coach at local sports club
• Non-executive director for a management company
• RFU accredited #referee
Employment knowhow from Martin Bunch
• Restrictive covenants

+44(0)20 7551 7737
V-Card >Download PDF >
Services & Sectors
• Employment
• Advice for Employees
• Advice for Employers
• Insolvency
• Health & Social Care
• Disability and Health
• Social Care Providers
The ‘highly commercial’ #MartinBunch is a key contact.
Legal 500 2018

• Bates Wells Braithwaite launches new Charity Hub – Social Business Trust first occupier to rent space
04 July 2018
• Purpose & Values: BWB Managing Partner features in podcast discussion
28 June 2018
• BWB Managing Partner profiled by Law Society Gazette Law Society Gazette
09 April 2018

7 Years Ago

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  Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with Paul Tomlinson and 7 others at Townhead Westmoreland JAJanuary 29, 2012

Here is the BD present I got 4 U Mr Fitzy MERCY!!! Blessings & Guidance Sir Fitzroy Scott!!!

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Let come forward about why they got Facebook and Twitter Legal Teams to contact me after that hate crime by the Employment Tribunal reserve judgment was posted online?
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Mr John Fenton of said Bates Wells Braithwaite was not retained by LEYF Nurseries to represent them at the Employment Tribunals.
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard So what games are  Manage
Like   ReplyRemove Preview5m
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard The…/employment/claims/responding got the chance to correct the miscarriage of justice when I worked at King’s College Hospital. But no they make an arse of themselves.
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Thats why is going to get all that’s coming to her…  Manage
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard The pen is mightier than all the hate crimes of @WinsomeDuncan of   Manage
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Now need to continue with my horoscope…
@Copyright Merveleee Myers FD (Open) – 2008. Cert WTC (Open) – 2010.

One thought on “Martin Bunch BWB 25/11/2018

  1. I have been experiencing discrimination at the highest levels from 2004 in the UK. But has anyone stopped to think of the impact on me? Now thinking I am going to sit back and let them get away with the second miscarriage of justice? The don’t know the mad woman they have ciolluded with to create. But I am comfortable in my own skin as I was advised by to get Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). Although I can’t regain the life that I lost resulting from the traumas… I am more than comforatble with my multiple identies. I can support research to help other. Now can grovel in their depravity.


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