To HHJ Shanks With Compliments!

LEYF can verify my qualifications, expertise and contributions to building brand 1/9/2009 to date…

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Judge Shanks Poem: He claimed I Made Up Disabilities at the EAT 19/10/2018. Written: 23rd November 2018

Verse 1:
Here’s one I made up about His Honour Judge (HHJ) Shanks
Have you heard of the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) #JudgeShanks?
If not please stop awhile to hear my story.
If you don’t believe because of the confirmation biases from…/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-founda….

Verse 2:
Please do the research.
Just check The Law Society Gazette The Law Society.
This is one of what I come up with about Judge Shanks.
Shouting employment judge went ‘a little over the top’ but was not biased.
By #JohnHyde 31 May 2018.

Verse 3:
This is my experiences with Judge Shanks.
When I was in the presence of Judge Shanks and the Panel?
On 18th October 2018 at the EAT.
With my #husband sat beside me.
And a #Barrister representing me for #free.

Verse 4:
After I was #stressed out at the Employment Tribunal (ET – 23/7/2014 to then
And another Barrister, #RyanClement, a #black man #scam me and my husband.
After I was set up by my #coachWinsome Duncan: Author, Artist & Book Confidence Coach, who used my #vulnerability against me.
Judge Shanks used the opportunity to show his true colours of being a #racistprick.

Verse 5:
Therefore I will rename him “Crank Blank Shanks”.
In honour of his Eugenics beliefs of #superiority.
You may be wondering why?
I will try not to #offend in the process, even though I am #mad as hell.

Verse 6:
Judge Crank Blank Shanks is #offensive.
But seems to get pleasure from his own self-worth.
So he brings one black man on the Panel.
This was the clearest case of #tokenism to be seen.
As the black man sat, #adoring Blank Crank Pre-Shanks.

Verse 7:
Preening like the “Prima Donna” he proves himself to be.
Looking down his #snobbish nose, his confirmation biases already embedded.
At me and my husband and the Barrister, looking at his watch and the clock.
Now, why was that black man there?
So the ET & EAT can talk about #Diversity.

Verse 8:
Because I am/was a participant in Dr. Maria Hudson 2012 Research Acas:
But this is one of the #myths put forward, about black people.
Since the 1807 Abolition of the Slavery Trade.
The contract I signed at London Early Years Foundation (LEYF).
Was not updated in line with the Equality Act 2010.

Verse 9:
(HHJ) Crank Blank Shanks is updated to.
The most ignorant, pompous, arrogant, intellectual imbeciles.
Who #hates disabled people?
He seems to have it in for #women.
From BAME, who #dares to stand up for our rights?

Verse 10:
If you don’t believe me, don’t believe Judge #Freer and the ET prejudicial clowns either.
I am a credible witness, check LEYF Nurseries reviews.
I can be verified on the internet.
If you type Mervelee Myers, my name into Google

Verse 11:
So let this #oaf of a sorry excuse for a human being, masquerading as (HHJ).
Explain how one makes up disabilities.
Blank Crank Shanks became a judge 24th September 2007.
He doesn’t #rank in the same bracket as my youngest son.
Who graduated from gcfostercollege GC Foster College in 2007?
His contributions as a #Teacher and FIFA Referee are in cyberspace.

Verse 12:
My stories about my struggles with my elder son are documented in cyberspace.
So, Judge Shanks, you will not get away with destroying 26 years of my life.
With your hate crime, I don’t care what #prank you have up your sleeve?
More, later as LEYF, the ET and EAT cannot make me #obscure.
Discrimination is against the law.

@Copyright of Mervelee Myers FD (Open). Cert WTC (Open).
Mother: 1976 & 1979.
Basic School Teacher & Teaching Assistant: Jamaica
Student of the Year: Lambeth College 1997 – 1999
Graduate: Open University – 2009
Long Service Awards: CEO LEYF – 2014
Mental Health & SEND Advocate: 2015

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Everyone at knows of my contributions to LEYF Nurseries from 1/9/2009 to even now. Because the world needs to know about what’s going on there in 2018 after the changes in the Rule of Law.
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