Barrister Samantha Rochelle Jones

I am on a mission to unveil corruption in society

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This is the #Profile for Samantha Rochelle Jones Barrister. Samantha Jones (@SJ7BR) was appointed to the Attorney General’s civil panel on the 31/1/2018. She appeared in the Solicitors Journal. Well, this is just the beginning of this #War to see who is the credible witness. Because as God is my judge, I am going to unpick this damn liar of an imposter dutty gal by every strand of that hair with my writing. By the time I am done, she will wish the #plague take her alive? According to the scriptures from the Bible about the Children of Isreal journey in the wilderness.

As for LEYF Nurseries – #LEYF, They will think about my #6years when I was a slave. Bates Wells Braithwaite, the cons, can decide who was their client. When they get Twitter and Facebook Legal Teams to contact me? After sat on their  corruption induced arses and done nothing about when I raised concerns.

I am intending to collect what’s owing to me from Voice: the union for education professionals. The criminals, that sold me out. But still collecting dues 3 years after I have not worked. Going back to  UNISON and Capsticks, Wimbledon

London Borough of Southwark SEND Section, you all know what you have done. I will make sure that I am collecting my dues from the Department for Work and Pensions – DWP.

Years Qualified
6 years of the #26years I have been in the UnitedKingdom

Areas Of Work
Civil, Clinical Negligence, Commercial, Court of Protection, Disability Discrimination, Education, Human Rights, Inquests, Medical Negligence, Mental health, Personal injury, Professional Discipline, Professional Negligence, Regulatory, Special Educational Needs.

In due course, I will dissect these ones by one showing how evil this Samantha Jones is.

7 Bedford Row,

3 Years Ago

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Now I go twist up the Front of my Lax & put in sum dat mi never was born wid. Gosh it’s dat TIME already? My wedding was the 3rd I attended. 1st was my breda BYRON in Town. 2nd was Clinton Legister & Penolyn Campbell. Gosh we coming from far! I remember when Mass Mike bring him BAC gal come to Henglad & I cut off myself & send the rest wid him to give her at 17 Denchworth House Robsart Street Stockwell London SW9 OBN. Lawd I can look back pon fi I life & Reflect indeed! Mi gone now, like U know when U did lock up & get let out.

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard On the 20th October 1992, I got married to Mr Malachi Myers at the Brixton Registrar Office. All these years later LEYF Nurseries – #LEYF destroyed my life a second time. And…/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years… think I am going to left everything for God to deal with?


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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Well they can think again?
@Copyright Mervelee Myers FD (Open). Cert WTC (Open).
Blessed and highly favoured.

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  1. If you ever stop to wonder why theworld is in the mess its in today, look no further. Here are the names of some of those who are responsible. &, Judge Shanks. The pompous ass have the nerves to tell me that I made up my disabilities. But bringing one balck man along as tokenism to see how he can be bias and offensive to a black woman with disabilities, mental and physical. There is a Judge Freer who is a lying likkle toe rag. I give him my Medical Reports on the 20th December 2016. He wrote in that there was only Dr Crawford. Did he take it to the toilet with him? There is a Judge Hildebrand who told me have to protect themselves from me. So I should be glad to take the £58,000.00 to gag me. Yes there is the matter of Judge Martin who strike out my Racism claims. But God, I am setting up my writing press so I can earn

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