Defamation of my Name by the EAT

The Employment Tribunal make me a victim

This is what I have been putting up with from the Employment Tribunal make me a victim.

Dear customer

Your parcel has arrived at the post office on 17TH OCTOBER 2018. Our courier was unable to deliver the parcel to you due to incorrect delivery details. To receive your parcel, Please see and check attached shipping documents.

The rassklaat dem stop phoning and now tageting me via emails. Now what frigging parcels did I order from any bloodklaat criminals? Dat obeah parcel a go tan dey, mi nuh want it. So whatever gunzo in it, I won’t have to worry dat it can ketch me. Belief kilI and cure.

I don’t even calling and texting anyone fi dem tiyad a mi. Chat bout how mi nah ease dem up or can’t mek up mi mind. Dem nah frigging get no more kicks curtsey of yours truly. Mi nuh hab money for mi nuh wuck 3+ years now because of the thieves at LEYF Nurseries – #LEYF.

Facebook for Windows must realise dat me nah tek dem #baits fi me spend £10.00 fi dem gi me £30.00 credit. I am not helping #Facebook to bring anyone to make dem tek my hands show Good. #JuneOSullivan and all those whose work I done over the years are benefitting and I don’t have a pension to look forward to.

#JudgeShanks of the Employment Appeal Tribunal literally nail the coffin shut with me inside. But I am waiting for them. #JudgeMartin#JudgeFreer#MsFennell and #MrDixon are haters who discriminate against vulnerable employees. As fi dem sick stomach black boy, I already suss him out from me see him early when mi tun up at the EAT and then see him admiring #BackraMassah and miss isses.

Same way I am waiting on all those who scam me and tek me fi idiot. That’s why me nah look no more man fi have relationship with. I will settle for friendship. Don’t you burn your bridges behind you, you might want to turn and go back again.

@Copyright 24/10/2018.

One thought on “Defamation of my Name by the EAT

  1. The face of a hater. Well she is no different than Judge Martin, Judge Freer, Ms Fennell and Mr Dixon from the No different from Judge Shanks of and I got the information from Southwark Safeguarding Adults Partnership It took me two weeks to report and Because operating like any other corrupted government departments that I have had the misfortune to deal with.

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