More About Defamation 21/10/2018

Bates Wells Brathwaite are the solicitors for LEYF

Updates 21/10/2018: The things they say… “A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men” Roald Dahl (1916-1990)

Daily Express Russell Grant Taurus April 21 – May 21: You can’t really know how you will feel about something until you experience it. High ideals could stop you finding true happiness, or true love if you are single and in the market for romance. Being patient is the way to succeed. Evaluation: I will use the following to focus on the first sentence of my horoscope. 

Document 1: I will be honest with you and let you know that I am not going back to read any of these publications. Otherwise I will not be able to get the work done about exposing those that colluded to destroy my life over the past 4+ years. I write thse during the times when I knew I have to keep up my defensive practice or I would one day regret it. Since this is after the date that the ET judgement was placed online, I am assuming that it is in response to contacting me. With reminder of their threats of the 24/9/2015. MM

Bates Wells Braithwaite 4th September 2017 LEYF

Document 2: I am assuming this to be the correspondence to BWB after the ET case was adjourned on the 21/12/2016. Read for yourself with all pleasure. Because I can recall seeing correspondence from the stupid John Fenton to the ET. Basically what he was saying to the effect was I thought BWB were acting on my behalf because of my correspondences. I am positive that I have seen the website up for sale. There is a Diana Fenton who can’t seem to keep away from my LinkedIn profile. The stupid man sent email for someone else to me recently.  Yet he complained about my email that went to my Housing Association by mistake. But I intend to find out if contacted John Fenton about the email and what was the motivations. MM

Bates Wells Braithwaite 23.12.2016

Document 3: Here is my response to BWB about threats after the ET reserve judgement was put online. I don’t have time to waste with idiots. I must admit that have left me to get on with my life after I responded to the Legal Team. Not so the terrorist cell at MM

Bates Wells Braithwaite LEYF Solicitors re Twitter Account 1st September 2017

Document 4: Most likely this is the letter dated 24/9/2015 with threats from BWB on behalf of They disappeared after I sent the Open Letter and other correspondences. Only to climb out of the gutter after the ET reserve judgement was posted online. M

BWB [26193] LEYF Solicitors 27.9.15

Document 5: This is the reference from that silly Dilys Epton. She is the Senior HR at LEYF. She haven’t got the slightest clue about nothing. You should have heard her under cross examination at the ET. Now Judge Freer, Ms Fennell and Mr Dixon thinking I am going to let them get away with perverting the course of justice? They can watch this space, the same like Judge Martin and the judge, he who conducted the Telephone Conciliation. Yes I am making sure that the others like take note. M

Connex-Education – Dilys Reference 1.11.2015

Document 6: I am assuming this is my explantion to after the silly Senior HR Dilys Epton write a 6 page reference flagging safeguarding. Now what protected characteristics could I claim for re discrimination under the Equality Act 2010? Those at the ET better don’t fool with me. They can go do the research at MM

Connex-Education 8th November 2016

Document 7: This must be correspondence about the way I was been treated by them. I will only take so much before I get my activated. MM

Connex-Education 17.5.2016

Document 8: This is defintely after the adjournment of the ET, and the disclosures by John Fenton that he was involved in deception. Misleading me that he is working with BWB. At least I am a graduate of the There is no need to pretend that I am someone who I am not. M

Legalities of the Solicitors Role 26.12.2016

Document 9: This is my Open Letter to BWB. I did not hear from them again until after the ET reserve judgement was posted online. So what is the ET and EAT on about? The world will know how the ET colluded with LEYF in discriminating against Merveleee Myers.

Letter to LEYF Solicitors 15th October 2015 8.9.2017

Document 10: I should have gone to do today. But because of the EAT on Friday 19/10/2018, I am not feeling up to scratch. Therefore I refuse to go out and leave myself open to becoming a causuality and a burden to anyone. MM

Notes of 1st Allegations at New Cross 1

@Copyright Figh4justice 21/10/2018. MM

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