Defamation of MMyers by Trolls

By making my implict knowlewdge explicit, I am been penalise for my knowledge

Document 1: This will no doubt be sharing an insight of my life and how I coped with my childhood traumas that LEYF triggered and exacerbated into PTSD after the death of my mother. I was advised to get Cognitive Behaviour Therapy by Dr Laura Crawford of The rest is history of how the ET and EAT make me a victim to all and sundry. This of course go to the top of the UK government starting with the Because I write Open Letters to PM Cameron and May. In due course the letters will be posted in the public domain. I will make sure the world know how the UK is treating the Windrush Generation and their offsprings. And black and ethnic minority (BAME) in general.

1st LinkedIn Publication 19th July 2017 Dealing with Death of Loved Ones –

Document 2: I must have saved and downloaded this for a reason. I have had counselling However despite there was Judge Elliott Case Management Court Order, the ET refuse to act on my concerns about the Respondent’s John Fenton non-compliance. Yesterday 19/10/2018 at the EAT, Barrister Jones was blabbing her mouth full of lies that there were no other Medical Reports. In due course I will upload my witness stament and the correspondences with the ET and John Fenton. We will know who acted unprofessionally to cover up the corruption in the Employment Tribunal Services? M


Document 3: Another of my publications on social media.  MM

A Matter of Time BLOG 11th September 2017

Document 4: I am sure I have been sharing the truths as they were happening at the time.  MM

A typical day May 2017

Document 5: This is bound to be an informative one. MM

Advocacy 14.7.2015 (Autosaved)

Document 6: This have been my life experiences, why I am in Dr Maria Hudson Research Paper Ref: 01/12. Recommended to In due course I hope the ET and EAT will act so I can show them my evidence that is my truths and different from their fact. That’s why I am also in But I refuse to be the statistic of 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment. Two time the ET priseded over the miscarriages of justice that ruin my career and now my life. M

Allegations Destroy Lives 7th November 2017

Document 7: I have become a victim from the time I refused to accept discrimination as a way of life. Those involved are The inspector who started the campaign to discredit me and subsequently those who refused to act when I raised concerns about safeguarding in the NHS. Southwark Council and individuals and organisations that will be named. MM

Blacklisting and Networking 9.1.2017

Document 8: I am refering to the ET judgement posted online after Judge Freer, Ms Fennell and Mr Dixon took 5 months to copy and paste the Respondent’s summary. That’s why I am being stitched up by ICO and the Independent Police Complaints Commision. As well as the Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman

Another Miscarriage of Justice 7th August 2017

Document 9: I am doing therapy to help with moving on after what they done to me at the EAT on the 19/10/2018. Maybe Lynne Kelly and Dilys Epton might be thinking this is the end at the EAT? No it’s just the beginning. Neil King informed me that I should have gotten a job within a month after my resignation. I was given a reference flogging safeguarding. I have to write explanation to I was never given a job, but expected to refer others. Barrister Samantha Jones was in the ET trumpeting that I know if dismissed me, I could not get another job. That’s Constructive Unfair Dismissal and Breach of Contract. There was an orchestrated plot sanction by June O’Sullivan. M

Another Writing Therapy Ssession 7th December 2017

There are loads of documents to upload. This is my new job. I am waiting for whatever they going to issue so I can counter claim.

@Copyright Fight4justice 20/10/2018. M

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