Defamation of Mervelee Myers 20/10/2018

Working at LEYF: 1/9/2009 – 1/9/2015: Defamation of Mervelee Myers 

Defamation Act 2013 Over the next few months whilst I am trying to put this sordid affair that destroyed my career and now on the verge of becomig the demise of me and my husband. I will take the opportunity of publishing my defensive practice showing that I am a credible witness.

Document 1: I will show how after working with, I was terrorised from the time I returned from burying my mother. This was as a result of the sanctioning of discrimination by LEYF leadership and management. Starting with the banana esting incident, until I was called to CO for meeting with Neil King and Dilys Epton on the 22/9/2015. This was after the meeting at New Cross on the 18/9/2015. Then the CE0 MBE June O’Sullivan snob me at Middlesex University on the 19/9/2015. The day I meet professors Chris Pascal and Tony Bertram. Refer to on the 22/9/2015. I have been on from February 2010. Why did it take them so long to know I breach their Social Media policy?

25. LEYF Nursery Operations – Use of social networking websites Policy – January 2015 (Version 1.1) [31388]

Document 2: The allegations started at BIB from the time I was eating a ripe banana so as not to go into hypo. Please verify my crediblity despite how the ET and EAT make me a victim. Check LEYF website for reviews, in particularly that of Joyti Sharma. She is listed in the ET bundles and witness statements as Jyoti Bhardwaj, deputy manager of BIB. MM

Allegations 1.6.15

Document 3: This is no doubt about the disciplinary Hearing and Appeal outcome. The, Rep Darren Mahon supported me from he was assign by Arwen Makin. After the disciplinary he disappeared and have never made contact.

Appeal 13th May 2015

Document 4: This would have been the document I prepared and for which Union Rep Darren Mahon advised me about. I am leaving everything as they are so people can see my intentions from the outset. M

Appeal re Disciplinary Hearing 7th April 2015

Document 5: This should be me taking photos, working inline with the contract I signed and after consultations. From I was working at Luton Street, I was the EYFS coordinator, SENCO and Multigenerational Approach Facilitator. I used photographic equipment that were my own. Uploaded photos to the computer at work, after the change in the Social Media policy, I adhere accordingly. This can be verified from social media platforms. Refer to the consent form for Theresa Salmon. Also the CEO-MBE visits to BIB November 2014 to January 2015. I was given permission to continue the work I carried out. However on the 28/1/2015 at BIB, June O’Sullivan lied to me and tried getting me to breach the policy. I have to adhere to British Ethical Guidelines to become a graduate of the

Benjamin & Me 2014-2015

Document 6: These are copies of my CRB/DBS. I have additional correspondences with and to verify my argument. This is/was LEYF stop me renewing my DBS because this was part of the plot to dismiss me from my work. Hilda Miller told Deputy Louise to ask me to bring my DBS from for them to copy. However Hilda Miller left the meeting on the 10/9/2015 and must have asked Louise to wait until the close of the setting to ask me. What was Hilda Miller’s motivation for this, since I was considered a Safeguarding threat?  Why did Deputy Louise and Hilda Miller resign from LEYF?

CRB & DBS 1999 to 2015

Document 7: Here is proof that I have a valid DBS. Therefore in refusing to allow me to renew their DBS is breach of Contract and Constructive Unfair Dismissal.  MM

DBS documentation updated – Judiyah Daniels 18.5.15

Document 8: More evidence of the direct and indirect discrimination. M

Disciplinary Hearing 7.4.2015

Document 9: More about the disciplinary. M

Disciplinary Hearing Revised 5th April 2015

@Copyright Fight4justice 20/10/2018. Mervelee Myers.

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