Trying to overcome the injustice by EAT

I am just putting my defensive practice out there to ease the pains

Document 1: Email to Dilys Epton re Depression

This is my email to Senior HR Dilys Epton and her response. Since the Employment Tribunal and now the Employment Appeals Tribunal and agreed with the online judgement that made me a victim. Why did they not see this in the ET bundles and me making reference to it in my witness statement? Also the Rep Darren Mahon made mention about it at the Disciplinary Hearing. This can be accessed in the, Disciplinary Hearing Outcome in the bundles.  I was gagged until the time when I realised the magnitude of the allegations that resulted in the investigations by Isabella Glen. That’s when Hilda Miller said she was sending me to HOC to take me out of the situation, I raised concerns about in this letter to Dilys Epton.

Document 2: Raising concerns about Benedicte Siewe

I would life someone to help me establish the motivations of Benedicte Siewe for making the allegations about incidents at Rumi’s wedding. As can be ascertained from Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12 recommended to The London South ET presided over a miscarriage of justice before. If I said anything about work experiences, this was about that. Yet the ET and EAT allowed Benedicte Siewe and Lynne Kelly to get away with Racism. Mewe Mechese statement verifies my witness statement. Now why was the chef Gloria suspended and disciplined? Read the reviews on

Issues with BIB & Benedicte

Document 3: Keeping a defensive practice

These are some of my defensive practices about matters that were happening to me at BIB. The same thing happened in the first workplace that I take to the ET. Hence the reason I am part of Dr Maria Hudson Research Paper.

BIB Monday 16th March 2015 Report

Document 4: More Reports

BIB October 2014 to 16 March 2015

Document 5: Events after Rumi’s wedding

Events WB 4.1.2015 BIB

Document 6: Another publications on Social Media Platforms

Publications at and

Fuming re injustices 2.3.2015

Document 7: Sharing stories about my life growing up with traumas.

LEYF is responsible for triggering my childhood traumas into PTSD.

I am my DNA 8.2.2015

Document 8: Barrister Samantha Jones stated at the ET I could not get another job

I would like and to tell me when I changed from the employee who was given the CEO Long Service Awards on the 15th October 2014 to the victim in the judgement? Then go to to find the BIB September OFSTED report. Then check my memories for the entries. The EAT have only continued the discrimination that is making me a victim and exacerbating my disabilities. I was blacklisted and networking against after taking the first employer to the ET.

LEYF On My Doorstep

Document 9: More Reports.

LEYF Report BIB 11.3.15   

Document 10: Why did Neil King resign from LEYF?

LEYF Resignation 27th September 2015

@Copyright 19th October 2018.

One thought on “Trying to overcome the injustice by EAT

  1. How can I believe in a God that allows the and to leave me and my husband to suffer like this? There is no justice in the for Black People with Disabilities. Once you serve your purpose they destroy you with their Employment Tribunal Law. This is the second miscarriages of justice by the ET. Reason I am in

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