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I am a Product of the Communities that I Live and Work in – May 1956 to date…

Updates 14/10/2018: The things they say… “Courage isn’t having the strength to go on – it is going on when you don’t have strength” Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821). I will left you to make your minds up at for how I was made a victim by The entire allowed this to happen to me a second time. This was after I was let down by, the establishments and systems in the UK from 2004 to date. If you want to know whether I am a credible witness, find Dr Maria Hudson Research Paper Ref: 01/12
After that go to to read my publications. Taking it further please see where I have been publishing I have since started blogging as I need an outlet for my creativity. I have not worked since I resigned the second time with a nervous breakdown. If you still don’t believe me got to and over to Finally type my name Mervelee Myers into Google and you might be as surprised about the amount of information that is in cyberspace forr me.  That’s why I am challenging for making me a victim. After I am statistic in
Daily Express Russell Grant – Taurus: Attempts to improve your life will be successful any you’ll find the stamina to keep going and achieve the outcome you want. You may dream of the ideal relationship, but as no one is perfect there are always going to be highs and lows.
Evaluation: I have a date on the 19th October with, lets hope good sense will prevail? I have had enough of the discrimination perpetuated against me by the perversity of why I have to take actions at the costs to my own health and emotional wellbeing I have sent some of the evidence to But after my experiences dealing with corruption in the UK, I will remain without any expectations.
I don’t have a way out to end it by committing suicide. Therefore I will just have to manage as best as I can. I done from the time my father was struck down with Parkinson’s disease I have on charity platforms. To after the death of my mother from dementia.   I  am supporter, giving back to society.  
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 2011 – 2017.  Valdin, Veralton and 11 others.  7 places
1 year ago:   Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling strong at Old Kent Road.

I want to end an exciting #AfricaLDN #LondonIsOpen with a final reflection of my day at Traflagar Square. I walked around and look at some of the stalls. I spoke to Mr George Ruddock of the Voice Newspaper about some future idea I’m thinking of.
I have one whale of time, I was my natural self, enjoying the ambience of the day. Nearing the end, I turned around and I see one young man sitting in the wheelchair. His Disability was plain to be seen. Immediately I’m thinking of my nephew #Jevon, because the young man is so dark and handsome.
There were things resonating with me like how many disabled people were out enjoying the day. But the lasting memory I have of that young man will make my Fight4justice campaign become the most portent for #BreakingDownBarriers.

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A wat mek sum Man wicked suh doh eh mon? But mi a wait, 2 can play dis game. Mi a guh pretend me nuh see dem next time! Ah ha, dem
Ok, I got in & the 1st thing Tom said Arsenal a get beaten. My TOM don’t like dem tings. Horse run wey wid di #MONEY 2, no luck…
1 year ago:  

Letting my Devil’s Armour down at #AFRICALDN #londonisopen

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Band change. It’s getting to boiling point at #africaldn #londonisopen.

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In the Square

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