Mental Health Day 10/10/2018

Mervelee Myers is participant in researches and statistic.

Updates 10/10/2018: Social Enterprise Business Where Society Profits HCT Group Impact Report 2016 Changing time, Lasting Impact. Page 8 is a full spread of me, and on the page 9: Our Social Mission: 600,000 older people in the UK say they get out of the house once a week or less. 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment. Disabled people make 42% fewer journeys than non-disabled people, a decline since 2010. I was diagnosed with chronic anxiety on the 18th July 2006, when I worked at Kings College Hospital. That’s why I am in Dr Maria Hudson Research Paper recommended to
I was diagnosed with borderline, on the 17/03/2012. I have been having from Slimming World  I have gone through, or I visited my GP for checks and given advice  I have useful websites: Diabetes UK Patient London Diabetes Diabetes Peer Support  There is Worklife Suport As a result of advice from, I got counselling at I was not wearing for a week+, because the strap was broken. I take it with me for the time and realised it was working although it was in the bag.
I am copying this from the Daily Express  Minister to fight suicide. Theresa May yesterday appointed what is thought to be the world’s first Minister for Suicide Prevention in a bid to cut the number of people taking their own lives. Health minister Jackie Doyle-Price will lead the national drive to address the stigma of mental health which stops people seeking help. The PM siad primary and secondary schools will carry out “wellbeing” assessments, with pupils given routine mental health checks. Mental health issues among the young have increased six-fold over the past two decades. Ten percent of children have their lives every year England and suicide remains the leading cause of death among men under 45. Mrs May has pledged £1.8million for the Samaritans’ helpline. Speaking at a reception to mark World Mental Health Day today, shewill say: “We can end the stigma that has forced too many suffer in silence. We can prevent the tragedy of suicide taking too many lives.”
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  2013 – 2017.  Myrna, Joe and Serena.  Old Kent Road
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I hope this is pass to LEYF Nurseries?

Nobody should face a mental health problem alone. This World Mental Health Day, help us be there *every* day. If you can, please text TODAY to 70660 to donate £

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We won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect.
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The first free training I attended. Will be forever grateful to JT Foxx!

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These are the people I have to deal with at the #Establishment and the #Systems like the #DWP. Not to mention LEYF Nurseries and the cohorts…?

A JobCentre fraud investigator kept a young Nigerian woman as a slave for more than a decade

Was listening to #TonySewellon Channel 4 News. All about Theresa May Rules of Law re #INCLUSIONLEYF Nurseriesin z firing line!
I got in a strop when Tom get in a strop, so I didn’t tell him abt been put on #Metforminyesterday.
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This is my life, yet LEYF Nurseries, the #Establishment and the #Systemsused my vulnerability trying to make me a #VOICELESS_VULNERABLE.

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Parkinson’s UK

Parkinson’s is more than just a tremor. If you’re living with Parkinson’s you may be living with depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions too.


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I will be making my Fight4justice campaign do the talking. LEYF Nurserieshave been at the heart of the Unitedkingdom, Ofsted Chats and the Department for Education and the Nursery World Magazine LinkedInNursery World FORUM for years. So lets see if the Employment Tribunal Law will be reviewed as a result of the miscarriages of justice?

Huffington Post UK

Finally! Being Brave enough to go into the battle field 🤣🤣

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Data shows racial disparities in health, education, employment and more.
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That’s why I am starting my own #Publication. This way I can publish the correspondence about my Disability.

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Theresa May

Today is world mental health day and I am especially proud to be leading the biggest expansion of mental health care in Europe.

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Cuz of Myrna Nembhard, I am going to get my teeth into this one too. Thanks Joe Aldred.

Just another Government inequalities initiative or is this one likely to be transformative?

The ethnicity facts and figures website brings together information from across government about how ethnicity affects people’s everyday lives.
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Taurus: You’re lucky in love and never lack for admirers. If you’re single, you’ll soon meet someone dark, mysterious and compelling. The object of your desire will fill your life with excitement, while you’ll lend a welcome sense of stability to their life.
I am not single, but I have met Mr Darkas, who is as mysterious as compelling.
My life is already full of excitement, trying to work out exactly who he is.
As for the sense of stability, I am sorting out my life, and hopefully others are doing the same. What chance do I have of bumping into someone playing avoiding tactics because…?

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