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19th October 2018, the EAT Ms M Myers v LEYF Nurseries

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Updates 29/8/2018: As the columnist states “Tech Don’t Lie”, it is a good thing that I have always adapted a defensive practice. I have to admit that this is part of my early intervention strategies from my childhood. I used to write things down to get them out of my systems. Little did I know then that this would be part of the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy that a professional would advise me to access. I have to be thankful to those experts in their fields who continue to be adhering to their professional ethical guidelines in carrying out their jobs.
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I must say thanks to Olive Regis-Williams for the support from the very first day we meet at Storm Family Centre. I have been paid the most beautiful compliment today by my BaJam breda Sammy. He said “You are a CONFIDENT Person”. I told him about you and where I was at when we meet because of LEYF Nurseries. That’s why those 3 Judges from the Employment tribunal will not define #MERVELEEMYERS. I doubt very much they stick to the Employment legislation and Employment Tribunal Law and Employment Tribunals Act 1996? They allow the Trainee Barrister #SamathaJones to confuse them. But what did I expect when they allow her to get away with the SICKIE after telling them she’d not prepared the case? #CREDIBLE_WITNESS indeed?

Updates 29/9/2018: I will start off by sending people to, HCT Group Impact Report 2016: Changing Times, Lasting Impact page 9. I will end by saying, I refuse to be taken in by anyone, who are afraid to stand up for what they claim to believe in. However, I refuse to pass judgement an anyone else who refuse to take a stance with their fellow human being. I know how difficult that can be, and the impact on the health and wellbeing of those involved. If in doubt, will give you an insight in what to expect.

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Just had a call to my mobile. +00000000… was the number displaying. Me just cut me Cross Eyes because mi nuh tell dem mi wawn fi chat to dem. Wat di pump up cart dem a Cum call me fah, mi and dem a fren and combo-LOOS or Bench and Batty?
Mi haffi get rest hor me nuh hab huse to myself.

Updates 29/9/2018: Just realise that I will have to start getting rid of some of the cluttering in my life. After, and incidents happening from I develop childhood, I am understanding the intwinement between the past, present and maybe future.

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Just got back from my training at #STORM and I have left my glasses. Have to phone up and thanks to the staff it’s secure. Luckily for me I have a spare. Same thing like when my glasses fall off my face and one of the lens fall out and the frame break on the day I have a meeting with that psychopaths #HildaMiller of at New Cross.
Was having a chat with my breda Sammy. He paid me the loveliest complement saying how confident I am. I told him about my tutor #DanielleWilliams who supported me to be the person I am. That’s why the #3JUDGES from the #EmploymentTribunals can take their judgement and stuff it where sun don’t shine?

Updates 29/9/2018: Just want to refer anyone who might be interested in how the Windrush Generation are being treated to refer to for Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper.

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Self-Praise is no #Recommendations, but I have accomplished much today. Guess I have to be thankful for the little things in life that makes me want to do only my #Best? Tomorrow is another day & with God’s guidance I surely will accomplish most of what I set out to do…? Gosh October is going to be one #BusyMonth. 7th is my OU AOUG Awards Ceremony & I am off to Milton Keynes for the day. Can’t believe it will be a year on the 2nd when I went to #France & I haven’t had time to download those fotos? Need to get my life back where I want it to be & stop focus on those #Horrible LEYF Nurseries Psychopaths? Time for my #BeautyRest, at least I am still in good nick for my age & all the other ailments that I can’t do a blinking thing about, other than what I am doing! Trying to manage & control my #Health? Why is Facebook fixated on Mr Lloyd Walters? Well mi hantag di damn ting, because mi nuh fava di Man!

Updates 29/9/2018: Let me make it clear to that I belong to many communities. Because I am unable to get a job since I was forced to resign from my work with a nervous breakdown, I am getting even more involved. Therefore I am intending to use to broaden my horizon in the future. I refuse to let lack of concerns about the discrimination ruining lives to stop me from having my day at the EAT. On the 19/10/2018, I will be seeking to clear my name at Hopefully after that the will stop long enough to think that the Employment Tribunal Law is not fit for purpose

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  Mervelee Ratty Nembhard shared a photo — thinking about making a change.

So why the hell did LEYF Nurseries think that I was an #EmptyVessel waiting to be filled once I transferred to BIB? The manager Lynne Kelly who the Area Manager Hilda Miller appointed #SENCO did not have any trainings or knowledge about the #LeadPost. LK begged me to do her work & then she told me she was correcting mistakes about what she have no knowledge or trainings to do? So since most of the staff at LEYF & the Leaders are unable to fill a container, where the hell are they going to get the water from to to put out the fire? Just an insight into my arguments. BIB were offended because I asked them to do their #Research into #MultigenerationalWorking, the CEO #Brainchild. Then the Intellectual Imbecile Hilda Miller told me I know nothing, I am not to implement the Ethos, Core Values & DNA from Luton Street & other nurseries I covered in. The RIH, & I am sure there are others out there taking a keen interests? What’s the point of getting these #Quotes when U don’t practice what U preach?

Updates 29/9/2018: So the CEO-MBE of LEYF was presenting at the in February 2018, and what did she do? There was a plot to use my vulnerability against me from day one. I was assaulted by a young white girl on the first day. The next day June O’Sullivan staged a plan to get me arrested. But pity LEYF don’t know yet that I don’t use physical acts, but Passive Aggressive Behaviours. Most of which are internalise and played out with my writing. That’s another reason why will be exposed for losing track of their moral compass.

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   Mervelee Ratty Nembhard shared a photo — thinking about better days.

Can someone please point LEYF Nurseries over my way. Let me whisper quietly, most of dem cawn #READ! I have eyes everywhere, even rolling them to the back of my #Head when needs be?

Updates 29/9/2018: Just another example of how I am a part of diverse community of practices. When they needed information at, I could be of service.

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I went in early in order to get my #Cuddles & mi nebba did haffi preach & beg fi it either. Wondering if LEYF Nurseries see how #Popular I am? I don’t drink, nor smoke & I swear on all my #DearestGrave I would not CUSS on these Momenteous ocassions no matter how I am #Provoked?

Updates 29/9/2018: There are many on, who would prefer turn a blind eye, rather than speak up in my defence. But they will be name in my book. I make no apologies to anyone who can’t stand up and be counted. I have been standing up for and with others.

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Don’t let no one Miss-Guide U, I never attended Manning’s UK Diaspora (High School). I was at Frome Secondary aka Frome Technical High School. I managed to #Gradu9 whilst my #Peer were Graduating! I am not anyway worse off & LEYF Nurseries better go find my #FILE or else? I am dealing with the #Positive by ways of the #Negative!

Updates 29/9/2018: I spent from 2004 to 2010 with, PI: W3323643. I was determine that I would be a graduate from Which I did before my 50th birthday.

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  Mervelee Ratty Nembhard shared a post — feeling motivated.  September 29, 2016 at 10:46 AM · 

Since no one is willing to give me a #Voice, I will #Empower myself. The #World need to know who/what are responsible for the #StaffingCrisis in the first place. It boils down to a situation where after 5+ years of dedicated services & a Long Service Awards, the CEO who signed the LSA can join in to #Discriminate against the #Employee resulting in #MentalHealthIssuesthat needs #Counselling. One of the Panel who interviewed the employee & have a string of #Outstanding as a #Manager at Carlton Hill have since been forced to #Resign after 15 years. Guess she could not live with her conscience after the #Lies she had to write in the #Statement. Understand like me she is out of a #Job & living on her #Savings? Then there is the matter of #References which cause #Employers to withdraw post or in my case unable to find #Employment. Revenge is a Dish…? My CPPDP & Defensive Practice will tally up for a few #BOOKS until mi ready fi guh back wey mi come from. Mi YARD -JAMAICA?

Updates 29/9/2018: I will direct you to to start with. Then There is which is responsible for the Early Years Sector is in league with those who are the perpetuators of discrimination. They will turn a blind eye when concerns are raised. I have had ocassions to contact two times in the two toxic workplaces where I have the nervous breakdowns

Our CEO June O’Sullivan speaks to BBC News abut the early years recruitment crisis

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Nurseries in England are struggling to recruit qualified staff putting them at risk of closure, campaigners warn.
Updates 29/9/2018: LEYF Nurseries is responsible for most of the problems in the Early Years Sector. If in doubt go read the reviews by parents and former employees at But how can you expect anything better when they get to represent them at the Employment Tribunal? There are others colluding with them from to pervert the course of justice. There are the unions HTTPS://JOIN.UNISON.ORG.UK/ and that will sell us out to employers. This is the second time I was sold out by the unions.  8 Comments.  Share
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Have a few errands to run, but the rain just came down in a rush. Had a #Liein with my Tom & the song in my #Head – Pitter a patter, coming down… Me & my #Baby holding tight… #Pains giving my Tom a warm time. I told the #Scientist about my Diet & Exercise Plan that I use to manage & control my Arthritis & Diabetes & he was well impressed. Only the #IntellectualImbeciles at @LEYF are not aware of my #Disabilities. Maybe if they get out my #FILE from the #ObeahWoMan where they think they can keep me down forever. Maybe the #BentConJohn might learn to #READ by now? In the words of my #KinDreadSpirit, I only believe in #GOD the 3 in 1!

Updates 29/9/2018: I was on helping to build LEYF brand. I am instrumental in bring my knowledge and experiences as a Basic School Teacher from home to help implement inclusive practice in my many roles, working in the UK. That’s why I could talk my way The same way I dressed to impress and was on ITV.Com Report 22nd June 2018 at the Windrush 70 Service at Westminster Abbey. Thats why I am intending to get to go trash out why she called the Police to section me at