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Updates 29/9/2018: Facebook is up to its old tricks of trying to wrestle my account away from me on behalf of www.leyf.org.uk. This is as a result of my defensive practice that will prove that I am a credible witness. And that https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 is the worse traversty and perversion of the course of justice since 1807 Slavery Act. Not to mention the Equality Act 2010, which I told the judges, were not updated and reviewed from the time I signed the contract on the 7th October 2009.
There were/are the British Values 2015, Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015 and Modern Slavery Act 2014. As you can see from my postings in Facebook Memories, I have not breached any laws, legislations, codes of practice and conducts. However Facebook have joined forces with www.bwbllp.com to radicalise me because of my vulnerability of having disabilities to deny me my entitlements. I would advice you to go to www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers to see from when I was made a victim by http://www.justice.gov.uk/tribunals/employment/claims/responding.
  2010 – 2017.  Valdin, Kevin and 12 others.  Canada Water station
1 year ago

I would like to bring this to the attention of the Employment Tribunal Service after the way they affirm LEYF Nurseries discrimination. I am yet to get a job, despite my qualifications and experiences. Now I understand that I will have to clear my name with LADO and frankly what they have done to me is taking a toll on my health. If in doubt MQ: Transforming mental health is using my story and so is Parkinson’s UK. Who do I contact about my Fight4justice campaign?

Updates 28/9/2018: Despite writing Open Letters to http://10downingstreet.com.uk/ and getting responses from both PM in office at the time, matters have gotten worse.

Meet Josh. He’s got a degree in Politics & International Relations, but he’s not getting the chance to interview for jobs.

He’s supporting Scope and Virgin Med

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Josh is 32 and lives in London. He is supporting Scope and Virgin Media’s new campaign Work With Me, which aims to bring about real change, to ensure that disabled people who can and want to …
Updates 28/9/2018: For want of something to do, I have to be finding ways for getting involved. Two years after having to resign from another toxic work environment with a nervous breakdown, I am out of work. So I join another community https://virginmoneygiving.com/MerveleeConsultancy.
1 year ago

I have been advised that I need to get access to Section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998. Because what LEYF Nurseries has done is placed my name on whatever Safeguarding Register there is. This is what is preventing me from getting a job. But what the Employment Tribunal Service has done don’t help matters either. So now I will have to find out how to go about this with my Fight4justice.

Updates 28/9/2018: I have been in toucvh with ICO www.ico.org.uk and all I am getting is the run around. After the Freedom of Information Act LEYF claims they have no data, excepting what I shared with them in the ET Bundles. They claim not to have any record of the CEO Long Service Awards, I was given in October 2014. Now my CV are to be found on Social Media Platforms.

1 year ago

Is there any vacancy?

Children’s literacy support charity Beanstalk has launched Story Starters, a new programme designed to help nursery children develop the language and communication skills required to start school. …   Share
1 year ago

Just seen this man asking to get back into z bus. He came out with his #Wallet. He show me, with cash & cards. He will say #Prayer
1 year ago

I know where I am going and what I am about. Don’t think LEYF Nurseries  and cohorts can say the same with #Conviction

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1 year ago

Didn’t get to go on my Memory Walk in honour of my MOTHER on the 10th September, so taking the opportunity to model my @dementia_friends T-shirt.

Updates 28/9/2018: This is where www.peachespublications.co.uk and another corrupted individual, hiding under the umbrella of the Legal Entity joined forces to discriminate against me. I will be exposing http://www.ryanclement.com/ for the groomer and scammer, working with Winsome Duncan to target vulnerable people. I was placed on www.enablementinternational.com to involve me in criminal activities.

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1 year ago

All about the Top Down Bottom Up Approaches from the Experts. But LEYF Nurseries will not promote Equality of opportunity. Instead they will get friends in high places to collude with the DISCRIMINATION.

Updates 28/9/2018: Just a few of the individuals and organisations, prepared to lose their moral compass. In no particular order http://communityplaythings.co.uk/.  The teacher at http://Darvell%20School. Going to the top www.ofsted.gov.uk that will turn a blind eye when concerns are raised. The unions are the worse culprits http://unison.org.uk and www.voicetheunion.org.uk sold me out over the years. The press www.express.org.uk, is another example of how we are made into voiceless vulnerable. The editor of www.nurseryworld.co.uk/ must have thought she was dealing with one of LEYF employees, when she sent me email from https://www.linkedin.com?

Two early years teacher courses ‘require improvement’ https://t.co/WnVZe5ykjR https://t.co/qDOCkyKix2

“Two early years teacher courses ‘require improvement’ https://t.co/WnVZe5ykjR”.  Share
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Share with LEYF Nurseries. Their cohorts will know they are LIARS. Check #JyotiBhardwaj and the other 2 Reviews

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Nelson Mandela.  

“Accountability of leaders to the rank and file and the accountability of members to the structures to which they are affiliated is the flip side of the coin of

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1 year ago

Who cares? I have had my RACISM claims strike out repeatedly by the Employment tribunal. If you check the website you will see him they use the fine print in their CONtAct to keep us Enslave. Just go check Dr Maria Hudson Research Paper The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds recommended to Acas. Not much change since the SLAVERY ACT 1807 despite the Modern SLAVERY Act 2015.

British Airways hostess makes racist comments about Nigerian passengers

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BRITISH AIRWAYS has started an investigation after a video emerged showing a woman wearing the company’s uniform making racist comments about Nigerian passengers, Press Association reports. Share
1 year ago

With my Fight4justice campaign against LEYF Nurseries that strip me of my dignity. With the Employment tribunal that affirm the Discrimination, presiding over 2 miscarriages of justice against #MERVELEEMYERS

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Nelson Mandela

Each & everyone of us has the ability & the responsibility to change the world for the better. How are you taking #ActionAgainstPoverty#MandelaDay