Proof Of Terrorism Covered Up!

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I am back where I was a couple months ago because of some #spineless unscrupulous People who have taken out their stomachs & stuffed it with straws. Since I don’t intend to go down without a fight I will be enlisting support from the Public to stop them destroying my HUSBAND & I in their campaign of destructions. I will be going Public defending myself & using every piece of Documentations in my possession to help me take back control of my life. My survival depends on anyone out in the public domain with any amount of humanity, a conscience & beliefs in a true & living GOD to come to my rescue. Now I have my Fight4justice.

If everyone who knows me on Social Media, Facebook, and LinkedIn can join me in defending myself I’d be eternally grateful. I’d like to get out of the clutches of these Evil People if someone could think of my plight and #offer me a JOB. The money is not the most important thing, as long as I am earning enough to tide me over and keep me #occupied I can manage. Working is what keep me going and I am dedicated, passionate, reliable, trustworthy and a believer in giving the best of me to any causes that promote #inclusion for all.

If everyone of my Facebook friends can #share my story and spread the word about my Plight. Then this will stop them in their track of destroying another Human Being who they keep in their vice grips because of the fact I was #blacklisted and #networking against for standing up for my rights not to be discriminated against. I have decided to stop running as was necessary for securing my #sanity. All my life I have being kept underfoot because of my disabilities, like they have done to me & numerous others.

PLEASE LOOK INTO UR CONSCIENCE AS U CONSIDER MY PLIGHT. I AM DEPENDING ON U ALL! I am prepared to go down fighting and refused to become a VICTIM like they once made me years ago. Refer to Dr Maria Hudson for the Policy Studies Institute research that was recommended to Acas. These people are wicked & there are more persons out there who are being affected by them but are cowering in fright. Refer to #JyotiSharma review and others on LEYF Nurseries website. Maybe this is the time to come forward & be counted. People are coming forward, but only as much as they can escape the Modern Slavery Practices at That’s why I am challenging the United Kingdom government of Theresa May to launch an inquiry into the Early Years Sector.

Whilst they are concentrating their energies on Destroying me & the #principles I stand for, they are losing sight of the bigger picture. They are breaching every laws in the UK & Europe but hiding under the umbrella of their authority because they have friends in high places. Let me list some of those friends in high places as Bates Wells Braithwaite, the union still taking my fee, Voice: the union for education professionals. The Employment TribunalDepartment for Work and Pensions – DWP and HMRC. The Metropolitan Police ServiceNursery World MagazineConnex EducationHCT Group and Community Playthings UK. Have no fear the like of Winsome Duncan: Author, Artist & Book Confidence Coach and others with criminal tendencies to be terrorism will be named. And I have to go back to UNISONCapsticks, Wimbledon and London Borough of Southwark SEND Section.

When I started working in Early Years I recognised 1 reputable organisation in the news lately, because I done training with them. But where are they now? Their demise came about because they lost sight of the bigger picture & all sense of their humanity in promoting equal rights & justice for all. The Baby was thrown out with the bath water whilst they were busy joining the cliques of officialdom and not paying attention to those they trample on to get to the top to be with the in-crowd.

I’ll be back & if I have to start naming NAMES I will! Because no one is going to Victimise me & treating me like a #JimmySaville character. Oh yes I am not always seen with a Fake Smile plastered across my face, but that don’t give any one the rights to judge me for that. I always say there are some jobs I’d not apply for if certain criteria had to be fulfilled. I do what I am PASSIONATE about.

Already I am back getting the SHAKES, not sleeping nor eating properly. Just imagine the impact on my Health Conditions? I’ve never experienced a #Hypo, but I am not far from one now. And I have to get on with carrying out day-to-day activities so they don’t say I am #incompetent at my job. Now I will be watching to see who will be rallying to my CRY of support!

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard No 1 should have to be going through what I’ve been experiencing since I came back from JA after burying my MOTHER & asked to be transferred to another setting closer to home. Since then my life has been turned into a Living Hell and the things that caused the #Trauma is the fact that People who I thought were supporting me after 5+ years of distinctive services of contributions had in fact Conspired & Colluded to bring down to where I am t today. Well by the time I am finished I will be asking for answers to why they acted in a certain manners towards me & not #flagged up the concerns they claimed they had about me. I’d like to know why there is no Records of my existence with them. And more pertinent why they allowed me to be in breach of Government Laws & Legislations. Then asking me to bring my Personal Records that I got from another organisation to copy to keep on their file. Am I the only person without a Valid Record?

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard For any1 with any iota of sense & rationale pertaining to the laws & legislations of the land they can see that I am adhering to the laws. I’ll leave the relevant authority to decide who is in breaches.

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Please take note of the date on this because I’ve got all my Copies from I started working & adhering to the laws. Maybe now they can answer why it is now September & I informed them on my return after Medical Suspension that theirs was expiring in July. If I am that person that they are portraying to be some1 who I don’t identify with. Why did the Occupational Health Doctor declared me fit & why are the Reasonable Adjustments agreed at my Return to Work Meeting not in place?

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Whilst they were paying me to stay home on Medical Suspension & trying their utmost to destroy me, I was spending my time studying The Equality Act, 2010 & seeking Legal Advice about my situation. So now I know lots of Pertinent information off the back of my hand. So to all the II who don’t know them bed head from the bed foot, they can start take notes.

The 2nd Union Rep AG who accompanied me to the Disciplinary Appeal told me he is a Christian. I gave him a copy of my Report & since he must have gone thru it with a fine toothpick, he’d know where I am coming from. Because he told me that being a Christian meeting me 4 the 1st time, he could hear the passion when I talk about what I care about. Now they did not give him my file that I sent to them & which DM had used to represent me at the 1st Disciplinary Hearing. Oh I am taking my time & collecting myself because like 1 evil woman that I read about in the Sunday Express today, I am started writing a Book, but now I have to devote myself to another 1.

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard I am working, breaking down barriers!
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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

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3 Years Ago

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I still have to get on with my life through the STRUGGLES of Victimisation that I am facing. So I am off to do my shopping & go do my Volunteering because maybe this is the only options I have left to save myself from those Unscrupulous BASTARDS & BITCHES who are intent on Destroying me. They could not get me out with their CONTRACT, etc, etc… So now they are resorting to ruining my Health & Frustrating me to Quit under the Pressures that are once more taking the tolls on me.

This is how they Divide & Rule. I still can’t come to terms that sum can use the ambiance presented at a Wedding to continue their Campaign of Hate that started when I stood up & refused to be Victimised because I was eating a Ripe Banana so as not to become sick. I have every piece of Report contained in that Investigation carried out after the trumped up Allegations when they exhausted all that was written in their CONTRACT to get me on breaches. Then they got the institution in their pockets to advise me not to APPEAL.

But I did appeal… Remember I know exactly what they are up to & I will be putting everything in the PUBLIC Domain so people with a Conscience can split the differences & come to a verdict on why I am been treated like a Common Criminal & my Health ruined in the hope of destroying me. I am getting out with my Life in tact, but U won’t be damaging my good name & character any further if I have anything to say about the matter. Only God is going to solve this matter for me & I know He will. It’s only because right now I am thinking of the injustices involved!

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Fight4justice   Fight4justice Let LEYF Nurseries – #LEYF, the Employment TribunalDaily ExpressFacebook, et al stay there in their stupor and thinking my Fight4justice is not going to prove them to be terrorists?
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