Taking My Fight4justice Global

My Employment Appeals Tribunal is 19th October 2018

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Analysis & Updates 2nd September 2018
Seems as if Facebook don’t understand my dilemma? Therefore I will carry on with my tasks of clearing my name by continuing to share my writing about the discrimination that have impacted on my life here in the UK from 2004 in the toxic workplaces. And also my encounter with the establishments and systems and government departments. Not to mention my latest ordeals with www.leyf.org.uk and http://www.justice.gov.uk/tribunals/employment/claims/respondinghttp://www.justice.gov.uk/tribunals/employment/claims/responding.
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Me and my state of MIND

This time in 2015, I was in the ongoing #oppression from LEYF Nurseries – #LEYF as they set out their plots to destroy my life. As can be seen from my Facebook posts, I was always mindful of the contract I signed and very careful of what I write in the public domain that could compromise the job I know I was lucky to have gotten after taking a stance against discrimination when I was employed at King’s College Hospital. Resulting from the institutional discrimination which were both direct and indirect and in breach of the Disability Discrimination Act, I chose to be steadfast in keeping a #defensivepractice.

After the way I was stitched up by UNISONLondon Borough of Southwark, SEND Section, the Local Educational AuthorityOfstedCapsticks, WimbledonAcas and the Employment Tribunal Law. I always preferred to err on the side of caution. So despite being part of Policy Studies Institute research carried out by Dr Maria Hudson and recommended to #Acas. The recommendations were not implemented. Throughout my ordeals after representing myself at the Employment Tribunal Service and facing blacklisting and networking. The impacts on my emotional health and wellbeing did take their tolls and I experienced my first #nervousbreakdown after the death of my brother BYRON from #coloncancer. Just so #Facebook know that I have a diagnosis for #chronicanxiety from the Landor Road Surgery from the 18/7/2006 to do my examination in Health and Social Care Level 2 with the The Open University.

I will let the rest of this tell the story I want the world to know about why I have my Fight4justice campaign.

Folks I don’t want anyone to take this Personal, but just to forewarn you about the state of my mind. I hope this will eventually give you an insight into whom and what I am at the present time in my life. I am currently #suffering from DEPRESSION which I have been struggling to keep under control, and believe me it wont get the better of me. However I am putting MECHANISMS in place so that I can eventually get out of the #environment that is contributing to #exacerbating the condition. Therefore I am making plans to be out of the UK before my #60thBirthday if God decides to keep me on this earth until then.

I have some investments which are tied up over the next 4 years without me losing out on any premiums/benefits, so I will be around until then to collect them. The other investments I have I can always settle when am ready. Also I would love to be around for TOM if he should ever need my support. At present he does get on my #Nerves, but I have developed a thick skin and refused to let him dig too deep. At the same time he is a Tower of Strength and can be relied on like no one else at close range.

I have made the decision to do as much work as I can with the assistance of TOM, because I know this will go a long way at putting Mama’s heart at peace before God decides to remove her from amongst Us. This is the only reason that I am making the #sacrifices to work on the house. I have tied up most of my money for a period so I can earn some interests. TOM has decided to help, but I have to deal with the #nagging too. Some times I won’t be able to discuss any matters over the phone when he is around, but will instead use other mediums of #communications.

Seriously I don’t care about having much in life as long as I have a room to call my own. But it is my wish to know that there is a decent enough Family Home for the Family to have some sense of #security. I have seen my parents struggle to provide a roof over our heads, and I know it was one of ASHTER’S dreams to put up a decent house, so I will be proud to know that I can make those dreams become a #reality. All I am asking is that the hard earned money I sent is spent Wisely as TOM keeps harping on about how hard I have to work for the money. He comments every day about the money I #lent out, but I won’t be crying over any spilt milk. I am a person who believes in #Destiny. I always say I came to this country for a reason. Now I recognised that it is time for me to pack up and leave before I am beyond #repair.

There are forces intent on keeping me down, and am damned if I will let them get the better of me, so at the moment I am learning once more to kiss ass before I can kick it. But don’t worry am making my plans for when I am ready to leave. In the meantime I am just #humbling myself and walk with God. Yeah and don’t think that I have not been questioning this same God why Me & my FAMILY have to bear so many Crosses from the time my Papa was struck down with his illness.

All I am asking please take care of my INTERESTS as I want to do what I think is best for my #Mum who did so much for US as a Family. Now that am older and wiser I am able to #comprehend just how much she has done. May God continue to answer my prayers and keep her from too much pain and suffering? Chat later.


5 Years Ago

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 Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is at Home GaGa Street Townhead Westmoreland.
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Fight4justice Being able to write down my thoughts from the time my father was stricken with Parkinson’s must have been my saving grace to help me through the years of challenges and adversities that I was meant to face. I am positive that the resilience that my Primary School Teacher helped me to develop from a young age is also instrumental in my survival?

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Fight4justice Discovering that my mother might have experienced Mental Health Conditions which were similiar to mine and why we are the way we are does go a long way in reassuring me that there is hope for me yet in finding my purpose in life. That’s why I can turn See More


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This was an email sent to my family after coming back from my son’s wedding and realising how much my mother was affected by the dementia that robbed me of her. Mama had no memory of me until the day I was leaving her to return to the UK. By the time I returned to the UK, my life was in turmoil and I had to seek help from my GP. Since returning from burying my mother and experiencing discrimination, I doubt even my family knew how much I was affected, even though I tried telling them.
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