I Am Credible Witness

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Just in case Facebook need an interpreter? I better translate in the The Queen’s English. For the dunce MFs intellectual imbeciles, who did not know that I attended Frome Technical High Sch. Past Students, until I got caught on cutting table, when I let some bloke I fancy sweet talk me? I pass GCE O’Level English that’s why I am so clever.

Here is the proof staring everyone in the face from last year about what #LEYF, http://www.leyf.org.uk have done to me to trigger my childhood traumas into PTSD. The Employment Tribunal Services, continue to preside over miscarriages of justice that see vulnerable employees pushed to the limit. The   Department for Work and Pensions – DWP, colluded in denying me my rights from the time I was forced to apply for benifits. Because I could not get a job, and still have not gotten one.  They took nearly 2 years to sort out my Housing Benefits, which exacerbated my Mental Health Conditions. Keep saying they have no knowledge of me to the ET.

Then to make matters, worse issue me with threats of criminal record. Then when I challenge the discrimination, they deny me access to my Universal Credit Journal. Stupid intellectual imbeciles don’t know they are breaching the GDPR? The  HMRC, was caught short when I challenge them about breach of the Data Protection Act for going into my Facebook to take out data. They claim not to know of me living at my address until 2015. So where was I then?

The Metropolitan Police Service, might think they are a law unto themselves after what they done to me. But I have them covered with my recording the last time they come to my home after the EAT blunder in trying to stitch me up to cover for Judge Freer, Ms Fennell and Mr Dixon. Do you see how they work together to cover up the wrongs, when they failed to act on your concerns? These solicitors will be called to book in due course- Bates Wells & Braithwaite are responsible for acting unprofessionally and colluding with LEYF to pervert the course of justice. As for Voice: the union for education professionals, they are just acting like highway robbers. They still collecting fees from me and trying to get me to sign away my membership.

The editor Liz Robert of the  Nursery World Magazine, must have thought she was dealing with an idiot? My MP is one of those that use rheteoric to let people feel sorry for her. I thought Neil Coyle MP, was crdible when I heard him talking about his mother’s challenges with Mental Health Conditions. I am hoping he has stopped long enough to think how he has let me down?The PM Theresa May, is a law unto herself. She claims to be the daughter of the clergy. I will leave her here for now. As for  London Borough of Southwark, we have unfinished business.

My coach   Winsome Duncan: Author, Artist & Book Confidence Coach the terrorist scammer, I will be taking on Judge Rinder. I will be getting legal advice about  #RyanClement the groomer of terrorist. The Community Playthings UK– Darvell School, let me down. The  HCT Group, made me part of statistics, but failed to let me undertake studies to get back into employment. You can bet that I will not let any individual or organisations get away with what they have done to destroy my life.

That’s why #BenedicteSiewe can go to LinkedIn to write that I am #crazy on my publications. But they are only given the power to continue with the discrimination by https://www.gov.uk/…/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-founda… by the bigots who presided over another miscarriages of justice. 

I will leave the rest for another time, but if you need more proof of how #Facebook have been breaching the GDPR, let me know? I own the data in my Facebook account and pages. Now why did Facebook leave the memories until a few hours ago to show them? Facebook, remember my childhood truamas did not affect my intellectual intellegience. Only my physical abilities were affected. So can you imagine how much I learned from being around my parents during my family struggles?

I am happy I went through those experiences. They help me become the person who I am today. Otherwise I might possibly have turned out like #JuneOSullivan, with my head up my backside?

1 Year Ago

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#HATE all Fucking #Hypocrits. I don’t give a Rat’s Arse if they Control #SocialMedia or are #LEYF#bigots… Now I go to #Bed!
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard I am like a pussy cat until you rub me up the wrong way. Then I will punce like a tiger. Ask anyone who knows me, I will let you think you are safe and then I vent my spleen. I have a big mouth and plaster for all stinking festering sores. I don’t care where the sores are either, I can dress them.


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