Facebook Tyranny For LEYF

I Will Not Be a Voiceless Vulnerable Victim Facebook, LEYF, Employment Tribunal, et al

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Here is what I would like Facebook to clarify for me in light of the GDPR implemented 25th May 2018. I continue to empower myself, as knowledge is power. I have attended GDPR – How to be ready and 20 GDP myths debunked by Toni Vitale, Head of Regualtion, Data & Information, Winckworth Sherwood tvitale@wslaw.co.uk. Let Facebook realise that I am not no pushover as I made sure to get my copy www.wslaw.co.uk for future reference. I have done training with Dropbox and doing my research online.

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Your ad wasn’t approved. Edit the ad to try again. I joined https://www.facebook.com/public/Mervelee-Myers officially from February 2010. That’s 8+ years now. I have not worked since 27th September 2015 after experiencing another nervous breakdown in a toxic work environment. As a result I was part of  Dr Maria Hudson Research Paper www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers.  If in doubt go read the recommendations to ACAS and take careful note of Clause 15.

I am wondering if #EvadneScarlett and #RoseDennisur replied to Evadne Scarlett’s comment on your photo in #TheWestmorelite have anything to do with Facebook stopping me from replying to the comments on my post? Would this not be breaching the #GDPR if it turns out to be a fact? Facebook have been directly and indirectly discriminating against me on behalf of various individuals and organisations from November 2016. I refuse to be gagged and have my rights to freedom of speech taken away. I informed Facebook that I am not in a position to be advertising. Because I am not able to get a job, resulting from the networking and black listing. However Facebook is insisting that I advertise by offering me $10.00 credit.

All Facebook needs to do is go to https://www.gov.uk/…/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-founda… to see how they are an accessory before and after the fact of the Employment Tribunal Services making me a victim for the second time. By presiding over the second miscsarriages of justice. How does Facebook comes into this? Because I use them as therapy and documented my stories here. Now they are trying to take away my account, where I have my #defensivepractice. Is this how Facebook deliver #communitystandards? I have my Fight4justice campaign.

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard So maybe Facebook think they can get away with trying to take away my data, #CPPDP and intellectual properties like LEYF Nurseries have done? Let the Employment Tribunal Services deal with the fact?


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