Subject Access Request Breach

I have my defensive practice. I refuse to let them gag me with a cavaet

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Information Directorate
Post Point 10.38
102 Petty France
London SW1H 9AJ


Date: 01st February 2018

Reference – 116506

Subject: #SubjectAccessRequest

Further Information
Enclosed please find the information that was asked for by the Ministry of Justice UK in order for you to process the Subject Access Request that I made.
• A £10 fee: This is in the form of a #Cheque
• Proof of #identity: The 2 types of proof of identity are the copy of the photograph page of my #passport and recent #BankStatement or utility bill.

Thanks in advance.

Yours sincerely

Mervelee Myers.

Mobile: 07950618083
Home: 02072310813

Analysis: Earlier I was listening to BBC Radio 5 live and hear this 27 years old talking about his ordeals at the hands of the Metropolitan Police Service. I can vouch for every single word that he has said to be correct. Let me briefly tell you my story after I was threatened by Winsome Duncan: Author, Artist & Book Confidence Coach and #RyanClement. I called 2 times and was informed my concerns have nothing to do with the Police. But on 30th October 2017 the #Police and London Ambulance Service NHS Trust turned up at my house to section me.

The rest is history as I intend to make an example of LEYF Nurseries, the former employers that destroyed my life, colluding with cohorts who are part of the terrorist cell that came together after the death of my mother. The solicitors that contacted me on the 24th September 2015, Bates Wells Braithwaite, Martin Bunch.  The union that give me the union rep Darren Mahon to represent me at the disciplinary hearing. Only for him to disappear after leaving me and promising to be in touch. Voice: the union for education professionals, is still taking my fee and trying to get me to sign away my rights by resigning my membership. Since I took out a grievance against them, I have the names of those involved.

The employment solicitor, at  Advising London, who tried to bring religion into the advice and trying to keep my documents. This is despite saying she could not help me. Once she found out I did not have insurance. The Respondent’s representative, John Fenton of  Personnel Consultancy Ltd, The, who is one the most unprofessional individual I have the misfortune to deal with. But he has proven himself to be more than a liar. He masquaraded as a lawyer throughout and tried blagging his way out.

The Department for Work and Pensions – DWP, they have been the bane of my life and exacerbated my disabilities from the time I was forced to sign on for benefits. But I am sure they have something to think about? I am waiting for them to address my letter re the interview by the ignorant Barbara Clarke. Or else I will be getting in touch with  It is worse with the Windrush Generation stories. When I get frustrated, I post my writings in the Universal Credit Journal. Serves the bigots right.

HMRC, they have acted like they have not an iota of sense. When they claimed they were not aware of me living at my address until 2015. But the idiots breach the Data Protection Act and Human Rights Act when they went into https://www.facebook,com/public/Mervelee-Myers and sent letter to me as ERMINE MERVELEE IONI MYERS. Now how did they come by that information? I choose to put that information in the public domain. I did not wish my life to be complicated as tried to do. My life has always been an open book.

I have had my life destroyed by people from my workplace, the professionals, organisations and the systems that triggered and exacerbated my disabilities.  London Borough of Southwark SEND Section, colluded with kINGS in 2008 to destroy my career because they feel threatened by my knowledge. But to add insults to injury they were at it again when I started having difficulties. But they didn’t know who they were dealing with when they demanded my intellectual properties and sending letter with threats of ultimatium. The coluded with the Local Educational Authority, the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board and OFSTED to ruin my career.

The editor of the Nursery World Magazine, is a bully who get 2 young white men to stalk me at the Nursery World Show 2017. I spoke to her at the Show 2018 at I get the impression she thinks she has not done anything wrong. I have her email and I was removed from the Nursery World FORUM on As for  HCT Group, they have a lot to answer for with the statistics and then not allowing me to do the training to get back into employment.

Community Playthings UK – Darvell School, I have written to them about my intellectual property. They have lost their moral compass, and I pity them. Connex Education, et al are documented for the discrimination in this round of me reprenting myself at the Employment Tribunal. I have exonerated King’s College Hospital, but UNISON and Capsticks, Wimbledon will have to make amends for the first Employment tribunals when my childhood traumas was triggered and I have my first nervous breakdown. Read about it in Dr Maria Hudson Research Paper for the Policy Studies Institute when I was participant in the research. This was recommended to Acas.

So why did ACAS employees think they have the right to be calling and leaving messages on my phone? Maybe #JudgeMartin, the Employment Tribunal Law that allow my concerns to be pushed under the carpet and the miscarriages of justice should be up for a review? How about #JudgeFreer#MsFennel and #MrDixon admit to #JudgeClarke of the Employment Appeals Tribunal that they were totally out of their depth when confronted with #LEYF. If in doubt go read the website with the reviews. In particularly that of #JyotiSharma, mention in the ET bundles as #JyotiBhardwaj.

It is time for the UK government to act about the scourge of discrimination that is destroying familes and turning people like #ChefGloria into people who dispising themselves.

5 Years Ago

See Your Memorieschevron-right

Had a really out of Body Exp. yesterday after going for my Eye Test. Had some drops put in my eyes & the doc asked if I drive. Came out of the surgery and was nearly blinded having to feel my way around in the market & making excuses. Struggled home with 1 eye like Looka & the other like Blinks making sure I wait at the traffic lights so I don’t get run over? Got in doors started my usual Saturday routine, but had to give up as I stick the knife in my hand seasoning the chicken. Went to sleep off the drowsiness & then got up to finish the dinner & the rest of the chores & then back to bed>>> Now I know how people who were not born with a Disability have to try cope & adapt if they are eventually confronted with anything of such nature?

Having to cope with a HIDDEN DISABILITY all of my Life, has made me more Sensitive to the needs of the VULNERABLE in Society. Unless U have to stand in OUR shoes for just 1 minute no one knows the real struggle WE have to deal with to overcome the Shit that this Insensitive World throws at US in the forms of Social Injustices & Inequalities. These SII are neatly packaged in PC labelled as EQUAL OPPORTUNITY, but they are totally blindfolded as it only applies to some?

Because I know how much WE can be misjudged & our intentions Misconstrued to suit those who refused to educate themselves about OUR Needs. I have taken the stand to become an ADVOCATE for the Downtrodden & Misunderstood who are not given a Voice >>>> So when I get on my Soap Box am doing it for US because WE are SPECIAL? MAD, MENTAL or FOOL-FOOL are just some of the Labels attached as well!!!


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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard If the Employment Tribunal Service decide to go do the research they will come up with the fact at about from when my Windrush Generation stories started in the United Kingdom?

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Now I want the Theresa May Government to tell me where do I go from here? And for Neil Coyle MP to explain why he refused from signing my letters, without even giving me a consultation?

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