Institutional Discrimination

The Discrimination Continue to Exacerbate My Disabilities

GDPR May 2018 Facebook entry 19/6/2018 – Journal 

Young Lady call about Energy. Stupid Gal arguing with me about my #address? This is as a result of what LEYF done to destroy my life from they sent me letter to attend disciplinary on the 28th March 2015. After the Senior HR Dilys Epton visited HOC and tried to stitch me up, then trick me and sent me on Medical Suspension. Letter came yesterday from the DWP. If undelivered please return to: Southwark Council, Revenue, PO Box 68763, London, SE1P 4DJ. At least the letter have my name and address right, but I see #Appeal… I will not open until after I get back from Westminster Abbey to celebrate the life of Sam King.
I did not get a letter from Ms Barbara Clarke as she promised when I attended the interview on the 15/5/2018, So what appeal are they talking about? I can’t wait to get back home to open the letter, if these mother fuckers think I am going to let them get away with what they have done to me, they can think again. I have my correspondences with the DWP and I even have correspondences with Southwark Council This is about my volunteering with So if want me to open my, I will.
I have things to do and places to go, so will not be writing a long epestile. But let me throw down the gauntlet to those who are responsible at  I am part of Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Ref: 01/12. This was recommended to I am also part of statistics I have my Court Management Orders from the
Finally I have my So are they saying like they done at Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust that I forgery the stamps on those letters to myself? Or are they saying what LEYF has done, they have not data for my years of working from 1st September 2009 to 27th September 2015. I refuse to argue with terrorists.
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard If bloodklaat Department for Work and Pensions – DWP thinking they going to stress me out, I am seeking consultations with Neil Coyle MP and Theresa May.
The DWP @MsBarbaraClarke has not sent me the letter that she said she was going to write. So what fucking appeal are they sending me letter about? This is clear case of institutional discrimination.
Oh yes Winsome Duncan: Author, Artist & Book Confidence Coach called the Metropolitan Police Service and London Ambulance Service NHS Trust to section me for my own money and manuscript for my book.
But then the Employment Appeals Tribunal got in on the act with the continuation of the institutionalised discrimination.
My salvation only came because God spoke to Sally Robertson of the London Legal Support Trust.
I will go down with my Fight4justice. How the fuck can they treat another human being less favourably than an animal?
Animals have the RSPCA, who does #MerveleeMyers have?


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