Day after Father’s Day Reflections

No one is Perfect

Taurus: Friends will show their true colours. Someone you once thought was without fault will betray a weakness. Try not to judge them to harshly. The sooner you accept their flaws, the healthier your relationship will be. After all, you’re not perfect either.
Evaluation: I couldn’t have said it any better myself…? But I am learning to swallow some bitter pills over the past 4+ years. I guess I have had a productive #FathersDay reflecting on my life. My life that I managed to make my own despite of my experiences of indirect and direct discrimination from the time my Papa was struck down with #Parkinsons, But I have always been a #resilient person as you can read from sharing my experiences without no holds bar,
I am not one for embelishing the truths like some are wont to be doing, Trying to create a life that was/is not theres. That’s why when Winsome Duncan: Author, Artist & Book Confidence Coach, telling me to change my book to that of a victim, I refused. I will be going to Judge Rinder to claim my manuscript. Also her #EmploymentBarrister_RyanClement, be reported to the The Law Society for gross professional misconduct. He groomed Winsome Duncan Lyrical Healer and the coach who breach the agreement and removed me as adminstrator on Merveleeconsultancy, www.MerveleeConsultancy.ukto scam vulnerable people.
That’s why I am at loggerheads with the Metropolitan Police Service, the Department for Work and Pensions – DWP, HMRC, Ministry of Defence, and other individuals and organisations and companys that are part of the establishments and systems, intent on destroying my life. But I will be making my implicit knowledge explicit So that another Ms Barbara Clarke one of my own is not set up to discriminate against me. It happened before hence the reason I am part of Dr Maria Hudson Research at But no lessons were learned?
This discrimination started after the death of my mother. But the Employment Tribunal choose to preside over another miscarriages of justice because they refused to give a voice to the common people. Hence the Windrush Generation stories. So when they have #WindrushDay, I will be telling my stories about the heroes and heroines who I know and who we were not educated about as part of the curriculum. That’s why LEYF Nurseries, can get away with operating Modern Slavery Practices, despite the reviews on the website.
Go to to see why I am public enemy number one? Visit Bates Wells Braithwaite to find out why I have my defensive practice as a result of UNISON, Capsticks, Wimbledon and Voice: the union for education professionals, indirect and direct discrimination colluding wioth LEYF.
I did not tell anyone I am/was perfect. I am not working so please stop bothering me with your adverts. I am not going to fucking commit criminal acts to fund a lifestyle that’s not real. Another thing I need to sort out MyJAMAICA. Some of you are taking fucking liberties. I just have to uninstall Facebook on some of my ict equipement.
What do you think, I am here to be used by you? Remember I am frigging mad according to you know who…?

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