I Am Being Terrorised From All Quarters

via Atypical Parkinsonism Diagnosis 2017

One thought on “I Am Being Terrorised From All Quarters

  1. I am just giving Name Godwin Perrot 75MD Rank/Grade PS Dept/Unit Southwark Sent on behalf of Southwark Professional Standards Champion that I will be going through his letter with a fine toothcomb. Because he didn’t even have the decency to get back to me before sending me this crap. Please go and ask PC LULU why he sent my data to the Maudsley Hospital. Ask the 2 PC who visited my home on the 26th November what happened to copies of emails and other correspondences I give to them, before you can send me an unopened letter at the date close to the time when I can’t APPEAL. For your information I have an EAT and you are just making my life a living hell and triggering my disabilities. So there you have got it, hopefully?


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