My Grandson’s Prize Giving 2018

Another momentous moment in the life of Mervelee Myers.

 feeling proud with Vandileete Turner and Mervelee Ratty Nembhard.
32 mins · 

Annual Prize Giving Ceremony today at The Manning’s School (blue blood). Kevin Murray Jr continues to make us proud. Keep up the good work son.

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2 thoughts on “My Grandson’s Prize Giving 2018

  1. Taurus: Stop feeling so intimidated by the competition. You’re more talented than you realise. The sooner you start celebrating your own accomplishments, the more successful you will become. Maintaining the status quo will keep you trapped.
    What more can I say than, I refuse to take anymore crap from LEYF And the Employment Tribunals at that set out to make me a VICTIM the sencond time round.
    Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12. Recommended to ACAS: and was never implemented. Because was the union that abandoned me to my faith at Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in 2008. Yet they have now overturned the government legislation of charging employees to take employers to the Employment Tribunals.
    But the question is what roles do unions play in the indirect discrimination of employees? Because once again I am let down by They are still charging fees and trying to get me to sign away the rights to my Membership.
    Because of the cohorts that joined LEYF to discriminate against me, I have still not grieved for my MOTHER. Instead I have to be trying to protect myself from terrorist attacks because of the judgement online. So the discrimination continue at all levels of the society to make out that Mervelee Myers is a MAD CRIMINAL. So I continue telling my stories.


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