Kevin Murray JNR 22.2.2018

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My Grandson’s Prize Giving 2018

Another momentous moment in the life of Mervelee Myers.

 feeling proud with Vandileete Turner and Mervelee Ratty Nembhard.
32 mins · 

Annual Prize Giving Ceremony today at The Manning’s School (blue blood). Kevin Murray Jr continues to make us proud. Keep up the good work son.

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When You Have To Be Strong

via My First Staff Meeting At LS LEYF – 2010

My First Staff Meeting At LS LEYF – 2010

Taurus: You enjoy spending time with people who share your love of art, beauty and culture. You might consider taking a trip together to visit galleries and mueseums. A fresh involvement kindles an enthuiasiastic energy that may, in time, be a moneymaker.
Evaluation: Thanks to Facebook And for the memories and giving me the opportunities of documenting my stories from the time I joined officially in February 2010. Because this is the only way I will be able to clear my name and exonerate myself from what the Employment Tribunal at allowed to happen to #MerveleeMyers in 2 workplaces in the UK. Because of their negligence and their perverse acceptance of allowing employers to discriminate against vulnerable employees.
Therefore I will have to go back in history a bit to let you understand how I became part of Dr Maria Hudson of the Policy Studies Institute 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12. This was recommended to Acas, I was working at Mapother House Day Nursery workplace of King’s College Hospital. My CVs are all over cyberspace as I am trying to develop brand Mervelee Myers and take back control of my Continuing Personal Professional Development Plans (CPPDP) and Intellectual Properties. 
Throughout the time my partner encouraged me to join the union. Since UNISON was advertised in the workplace with such accoIades, I signed up. But what I will be writing about unions in general will not make for good reading for the future, that’s from my experiences, however. I thought I had found my ideal job at KINGS with the Pension package and all the other benefits. My intentions were to end my working life at KINGS or return home, whichever came first. My life is documented and you can catch up at LinkedIn, Google, WordPress, Twitter, Youtube Videos and other websites using my stories to support others. Like Parkinson’s UK and MQ: Transforming mental health.
Let me give you an insights into LEYF Nurseries, and what they have done to me since my MOTHER died in June 2014. It’s up to you to make your minds up about whether I am a cridible witness or if I have disabilities? Even more importantly what causes the changes in me since I transferred from Luton Street to BIB, HOC and New Cross. Next we have to use Social Media platforms to help in making the decisions. And not come to the conclusions of
There are some who have colluded with and are cohorts of LEYF in the continuation of the blacklisting and networking of me which started back in 2008. It started when I contacted London Borough of Southwark SEND Section, for advice when I was studying with the The Open University, 2004-2010. I also contacted the Local Safeguarding Children Board for trainings as part of my Professional Development Plan (PDP). And  in writing and speaking to the Ofsted Inspector in person.
But I would advice anyone thinking of following your moral compass and the old fashioned beliefs of not turning a blind eye to discrimination to think twice. Especially if you have Disability of mental and physical protected characteristic under the Equality Act, 2010 Because believe me these employers will think nothing of using your vulnerability against you and make you a statistic like I have become. If in doubt go read the HCT Group, Impact Report 2016 Changing Times, Lasting Impact p.9: 1 in 5 suicides are associated with unemployment.
I am bitter about the fact that despite telling #DilysEpton Senior HR at LEYF about my childhood traumas on the 27th March 2015, I was subsequently treated even more less than an animal. After I was pass fit to return to work. Again after another Medical Suspensions. I have a diagnosis for #ChronicAnxiety in July 2006. Yet the Employment Tribunal Service at the time did not accept I have disabilities.
But more telling of how they use the loopholes in the Employment Tribunals Act 1996 to trip up us who do not have Legal Knowledge can be seen in the judgement online. The judgement that they take 5 months to copy and paste from the Respondent’s Summary. When I phoned up, I was treated with the same amount of disdain like how the judges allowed Barrister Jones to pull the wool over thier eyes. Mr John Fenton to put a gag on me re Social Media and at the same time lifting the Oath so he could offer me less than the £4,000.00 to sign away my rights saying costs was going up because of the adjournment.
I was never consulted about any of the decisions and treated like the idiot LEYF made me out to be. Voice: the union for education professionals www.voicethe, give me Union Rep #DarrenMohan for the disciplinary. Then he disappeared and the solicitor Arwen Makin changed her tune and advise me not to Appeal. I have to pay for independent advice and drafting of a Professional Appeal. I was advised that if I did not appeal, I would have accepted the breach and have no comeback like what is happening. Yet the ET presided over another miscarriages of justice, and expect me to become a voiceless vulnerable. The union, they are still taking fees and trying to get me to give up my Membership.
I will end by saying whilst LEYF was perverting the course of justice and currying favour with the judges at the Employment Tribunal, former employees and parents, including #JyotiSharma were writing reviews on the websites. More proof as the Daily Express, columnist states “Tech Don’t Lie”. I have more proof of how I tried to get support from the Daily Express Mental Health CRUSADE But only celebrities get a look in to tell stories maybe without prejudice like LEYF Barrister Samantha Jones who can manufacture a SICKIE of contagious disease out of thin air in a matter of hours.
And get her GP to quarantine her for 48 hours to go through the paperwork for the case she told the judges she did not prepare. Hence the reasons she referred to Dr Laura Crawford as he? I am not at all surprised that even the #chefGloria has sold out. But I can name more, but I will leave them to their conscience. The Employment Tribunal Law need to be reviewed and updated. Because solicitor Arwen Makin told me the discrimination is written in the contract and there is nothing I can do. Well there was a Judges Court Management Order for me to provide Medical Reports. I was diagnosed with #arthrites in 2010 and #diabetes in 2012.
The judges decided not to take my Medical Records into consideration. Yet the ET Case was adjourned because #BarristerSamanthaJones pulled a SICKIE. She told the judges she did not prepare a case. The judges adjourn the case because of the #unfortunate illness of the Barrister. Come on she claimed to have a contagious illness after she was in court prancing and preening and telling me the offer was still on the table but she was getting the case strike out. When she realised my stepson was with me and I was not alone. Asked if he has Legal Trainings. The next day Mr #JohnFenton admitted he was not a lawyer.
He was unavoidably out of the UK for the ET Case. But yet the judgement was sent to him. Like Bates Wells & Braithwraite London, they are all corrupt. Now I am not working, I will be my own #TabloidPublisher. Writing stories about my Open Letters to PMs David Cameron and Theresa May, and from whom I got the most favourable response. I will be writing about other dignatories, organisations, the establishments and the systems that colluded with LEYF to discriminate against me.
The Department for Work and Pensions – DWP already knows what I am capable of. Each time they wind me up I address them via my #Journal. HMRC that did not know of my existence, have a taste of my work as a writer. The Metropolitan Police Service is under the radar. As for trying to get a Petition into the Early Years Sector, that’s on the agenda after I get back my money from Winsome Duncan: Author & Public Speaker And her Employment Barrister #RyanClement
Please read my blogs at Fight4justice http://www., and My Vision I am setting up My Website: I have Pages on Facebook that I am developing MyJAMAICA amongst others .
Happy and knowledgeable reading, please don’t let them continue to enslave us with the loopholes in the laws, legislations, codes of practices and conducts because we fail to educate ourselves. Like what they done to me at, leaving me a victim fighting off the terrorists and scammers.
Luckily I got counselling at Or I would have been tipped over the edge already. But I am even stronger than before. That’s the only reasons the NHS has been exonerated for what they done to trigger my childhood traumas into PTSD. They help with my rehabilitations.