Please Help Me Make Sense Of This?

Explanation needed for Human Behaviours
Can anyone out there please help me make sense of this? I am still at a loss, trying to get this worked out in my head. I am not publishing this to be judgemental, but to get an understanding of why one human being can treat another the way I was treated. This is like a mystery to me and since I have asked the person involved to at least give me an explanation and none is forthcoming, I have to try and make sense of why. The fact that others including women, is perplexing and I don’t know what I have done to deserve any of this.  
The Role of Others – Ethlyn Crooks
I recalled getting a Facebook request from Ethlyn Crooks and because I did not know her, tried getting information. Eventually I accepted the request after finding her as one of Alfred Taylor’s friend. There after I tried getting information from both and none was forthcoming. Except Alfred saying she is his friend from Bamboo. But the information and data just did not add up. I deleted some of Ethlyn Crooks messages so is unable to have them as evidence of our converstion, which was more about me asking questions. But I was not getting any answers. The same way Alfred was quirting over questions that I asked.
Melissa Buchanan: I recalled after Alfred sent me a photo of his young daughter, there was a post on Facebook. The exchange between Alfred and Melissa seem strained, so I questioned Alfred. Because I was picking up a totally different story from the one he was telling me from the time we meet down by the Blue in Bermondsey. He came to chat with me in the CAB and we exchanged number. I have my messages to prove I am credible witness.
Alfred seems to be using me for his own ends: I realised something was not right as time went by. First it was a total block out of WhatsApp and I ask Alfred to tell me the truth as I prefer to be the one who walked away. Each time Alfred would use GOD as his trump card, and I fall for it hook, line and sinker of course.
Facebook: Alfred seems to be using this media for me to disclose information…? The penny dropped the second time there was a WhatsApp block out. There were other persons involved. So I decided to turn detective to find out what was going on. And I did find out certain things that are pertinent to where I am in my life today.
Moving On- I have decided to move on, but like LEYF, I would like some explanation from Alfred Taylor as to why he behaved the way he did towards me.
Extract From Facebook Messages.
Alfred Taylor

        You are now connected on Messenger.

Alfred Taylor  Attachment Unavailable
This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.
How you doing
You and a contact waved at each other!
Relaxing after an eventful day out at Traflagar Square
Alfred Taylor   OK that’s good but not by your selft
My husband gone to bed. Was supposed to go to a BD Party, but change my mind. Going on the computer now. U live in London?
Alfred Taylor  Yeah south east London
Do you know me
Are you not the Alfred Taylor whose breda is Richie? Your mum was in my mama’s Pardonner. If you are then I know you
Alfred Taylor  Yeah Joy know you well UK Ashta Sister
Yeah we were all at Townhead Primary School together. How long u in the UK? I live in SE London too
Alfred Taylor   10 years am getting ready to go back home
I am here 25 years. Hopefully all been well I’m going back too. I’m here for my husband, he’s not going back. But I am making all the plans, God’s willing. Guess u know of my 2 Sons?
Alfred Taylor  No what’s about them
U will find them on Facebook. Doing great stuff and I am proud of them. One Murray, one Legister.
Alfred Taylor   What stuff?
What’s great about the stuff?
Go do some research mate. Kevin is the Councillor. VAL is the Teacher, FIFA Ref, Acting Principal and planning to go for MP.
Alfred Taylor  OK that’s very good
The young people have to take the lead in bringing about change my friend. The are the future
Alfred Taylor   Yeah God is coming soon are you ready
Not quite. Need to sort out some criminals first
Alfred Taylor  Nothing is impossible God will sort out your problems put him to the test seak him first
I know all of that, but I need to do some of the ground work myself.
Alfred Taylor  Be careful God will never leave you let him do it 🙏🏾
Alfred I know GOD will never leave me. That’s why I am here today as a living testimony to His blessings. I am living off my parents blessings that is bestowed to me. God has a purpose for me to accomplish.

Alfred Taylor   Attachment Unavailable
This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.
You and a contact waved at each other!

Alfred Taylor   Attachment Unavailable
This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.

Seen by Alfred Taylor at November 8, 2017 10:25 pm  You and a contact waved at each other!

Ok Deacon Taylor, I get you.


I blinking have to come back to read this. What the heck am I missing? Maybe I need to go back and see a shrink, I can’t believe you didn’t know me/ Even though I have to confess, I hardly know much about you then. But it seems you are even more of a mystery than before. I refuse to let you take me over completely. I am already talking and laughing to myself. Hopefully, if I call out your name in my sleep, Tom don’t have a clue. You and your GOD taken control of my life. Please can I have my life back now? I change my mind about loving you, it was a total mistake. Going to my bed now, and I msde a mistake, please… at least talk to me. I don’t want to replace your Mother, I want to be your friend, just to share thoughts. I would not betray you, please. What’s the use I am beating up my gum and wasting my time? Good morning, I don’t give my love lightly. ASHTER Sister, Ratty Nembhard.


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