Discrimination is against the Law!

via Bringing the Truth to Light 8.2.2018

Bringing the Truth to Light 8.2.2018

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 Now mek mi tek mi Dutty Niaga Self offa SM & guh put on my Professional Face to prepare my ARGUMENTS. Come this far flying Solo, so best I continue as I started. Determined more than ever to set up a CHARITY to Fight4Justice. Fight4justice http://www.MerveleeConsultancy.uk is now in operations. Also My Vision http://myvision.org.uk has been in operations for years, but still need to do some work to get the best out of my money. Can’t wait for the EAT to be over and done with. Any1 want to join with me to: Come wi guh Mash/Fight dung Babylon all di time… Cause dem soft & cowards… Until I am rid of this Obsession to clear my name I can’t rest easy?
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 Got home from Nursery World Show & Mass Tom asked me for the Claw Bar he bought here. In the end I heard about the story of the bloke who decided to call my Hubby “THE CUNT” for closing the outer door. From I moved here these Vermin have pestered & provoked me no ends? At all hours of the day or night my doorbell will be ringing & they’d think nutn of playing loud music all night. Then 1 morning when it was a different bloke, Tom simple said to the bloke that I have to get sum rest to go to work…. This set off a chain of events that I was not prepared for at all.
Updates – 8.2.2018: I was working at BIB at the time of writing this. I had one run in with Trainee Deputy Nicola in October about the banana eating incident. Then it was at Rumi’s wedding on the 4th January that the plots were hatched to get rid of me I thought. However all can be revealed that everything started from my initaal visit. This can be verified from the documents in the BUNDLES. Leave me to conclude that this is the reason I was not given access to my FILE before leaving Luton Street. And why Gemma Manns send me LinkedIn request, and what occured after that I have to be signed off sick in April.
The bloke leaned into my door way, pointed his finger in Tom’s faced & threatened him, claiming Tom kissed his teeth at him. Believe me that was the 1st time I was knowing that in the UK kissing Ur teeth was a Criminal Act? Yesterday the corrosion had started b4 day when they rang my bell to get in. B4 I left home these 2 blokes keep going out & leaving the door open, then come back ringing my bell as it can be heard in the other flat upstairs. Because Tom closed the door after they went out, the bloke came back in & made the remarks for T to hear.
In the end T took out the battery out of the bell, so if any1 is coming to my house. Plz call to let me know b4 hand. I will now have to go put that CB out of reach of TOM because I have enough Worry on my plate to be worrying about what he might decide to get up to if he is PROVOKED? Updates -8.2.2018: I was referring to what was happening to me at work at BIB http://www.leyf.org.uk. I told T we are Foreigners & no matter what we will remain Foreigners in their eyes. Despite what any1 says we don’t have any RIGHTS as I have proven time & time again. Therefore 4 a Peaceful Life I am more than willing to give up my Rights until I have the Power to Change the Outcomes.
So in the meantime “I WILL BE KISSING ASS UNTIL I CAN KICK THEM”. And when that little child with hardly any communications skills Looks at me with those cute eyes. Then Cut her Eyes, Shrugs her Shoulders and Kiss her Teeth. I will put it down to her only way of trying to communicate with me?
Updates – 8.2.2018: Bureaucratic Red Tape & Rhetoric: United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Article 14 states that it is a basic entitlement of humans to enjoy their rights and freedoms without discrimination on any grounds. Equality Act 2010 – Although Provision, Criterion or Practice is not defined by the ACT, it should be construed widely so as to include, for example any formal or informal policies, rules, practices, arrangements or qualification including one off decisions and actions
I have never come across a set of Intellectual Imbeciles b4 in my Life! The strangest thing is how they try to drag U dung to their levels of Idiocy? So since this lady was demonstrating how to take this piece of furniture apart in a few seconds, I will have to find sum ways to rise above the Provocations that I have been encountering in my Life over the years? Any1 have the answers?
Updates – 8.2.2018: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/public/Mervelee-Myers became my confidante from I joined in February 2010. At no stage did I breach the contract I signed on the 7th October 2009. But I did give LEYF prior warnings in writing that I would be using my Fight4justice to seek justice that was denied me at KINGS and the ET. If in doubt check Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12. ACAS: research@acas.org.uk and http://www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers. 
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 I went to the Nursery World Show yesterday to update some of my existing knowledge. Attended The Progress Check at Two: getting it right for the child and parents. Well the speaker Vicky Hutchin was vocal about her concerns re the dumbing down of training especially Child Development. And how practitioners are empowered to do their jobs. I have been raising these same concerns since b4 I graduated from the OU. And where did that get Me…?
Updates 8.2.2018: I attended June O’Sullivan CEO-MBE LEYF: Quality provision – building a skilled and motivated early years team. I will be doing a review of this seminar in due course after the EAT on the 18th April 2018. What LEYF has put me through and seeing my work and intellectual properties been used in that seminar is beyond the ken. But the length that LEYF went through when I was assaulted on Friday will be told to the world. Then on the Saturday they planned to use my vulnerability of having disabilities, my childhood traumas that they triggered into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder against me is/was more than criminal acts of terrorism.
I was Labelled, stereotyped and branded as a Know It All, who knows nutn! Well time alone is the Master/Mistress in these changing times. I then attended Understanding and supporting Schemas and when I saw a different name from the 1 I’d registered with. I went to enquire, ensuring I was in the right place. Julie Brierley had to replace Stella Louis who contracted Chicken Pox.
Updates – 8.2.2018: I registered for Stella Louis because she was mentioned in the ET documents. Lynne Kelly, manager of BIB made allegations that are discriminatory. Therefore I will be seeking Legal Advice about that in due course.
Updates – 8.2.2018: Attending Dr Kay Matheieson http://www.lindenlearning.org SEND: Understanding typical and atypical behaviours helped me to make that final decision to move on with my life. I refuse to allow LEYF and their cronies to rob me of another day of my life.   
NurseryWorld Show was very educational & informative indeed. I was in a Public Space, so used my camera to capture my Story.
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 Lori Reid Taurus Apr 21 – May 21 Delayed messages and mix-ups are finally resolved, and it’s full steam ahead. Relationships are enlivened midweek, then an intimate weekend lies ahead. I am looking forward to the start of 2moro, 1 of the Most Poignant Days in the Memories of my Annals. Then the story will continue until April…. Into May, June & July?
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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with LEYF Nurseries and 6 others.

Should be feeling on top of the world, but I guess it’s the MEMORIES that are making ME SAD… Had 2 relive some of them 2day & right now am feeling like SHIT…!!! Have 2 get over this Period fast… Today marked 33 years since the death of my Papa!!!  Updates – 8.2.2018: Everyone should be familiar with my story about my Father’s Parkinson’s disease. And the subsequent impacts on my life.

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Have to take a SM break from this ting called WORK. Updates – 8.2.2018: My first attendance at a LEYF New Year Staff Party after what Maria Goncalves and Maria Freeman done to me at Fitzrovia, when I started with Westminster Children Society. Hilda Miller brought it up at the ET, but I was once agin labelled by the 3 judges hence the unanamous decision. Where is Hilda Miller, Rashid Iqbal and Neil King now?  By 2015 I was treated so badly at the NYSP it was a crying shame. It’s in the Bundles. 
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Every 1 except I MINM must have Wats Up? I did try!
 1 of my Passion whilst on holiday recently. Townhead Basic School.

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 ARSENAL getting GUNNED Out by LIVERPOOL! Di game just 1/2 way! What fi expect 8 Nil? Tom is still willing di Gunners on! Ah win sum lose sum I supposed?
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 This is Ivan Sandyman Nembhard, 1 of 16 children for Irene Mills-Nembhard & Charles.
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 That’s all for February 8.
Here are some more memories that we hope you like.
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 I do believe if I am not mistaken it is my GN Nicholas son of my Niece Ann Chambers today? Happy BD Nick & have a God blessed 1, many happy returns & keep up with the counting! XXX auntie Ratty & all the Clans.
 Up B & E. STRIKE Day of course! Recalls the last 1 I encountered in JA. Was doing EC at Mannings School & that Natchie my son Kevin Murray dad saved me a lift in his car. 1 of the kindest things he’ done 4 me of course? The Best is our Son Kevin D Murray.
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 Brave de Coal & Went out last night go celebrate me Fren BD. LaM a now me undastan why de bwoy did say “Ku BICKLE when Im end up a UK…”
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Updates – 8.2.2018: Can LEYF and the ET give explanations for the discrimination of Mervelee Myers? I rest my case.