Refusing to be a Victim?

via Making the Changes in 4 Years

One thought on “Refusing to be a Victim?

  1. The world must be told about the discrimination that left me a victim. Hence the reasons I was assaulted at the Nursery World Show 2018 by a young white girl. One year after I was stalked by 2 young white men after the end of the Employment Tribunal on the 4th February 2017. Just in case LEYF don’t realise, I know exactly what was happening. The stage was set on Friday by the assault of the young white girl for Saturday. So I could be sectioned. But Winsome Duncan of and Ryan Clement of tried it before. The Police and Ambulance services were sent to my home on the 30th October 2017, after claims about posts on Facebook. Well it was Ryan Clement who pointed out the statistics in Impact Report 2016 Changing Times, Lasting Impact page 9. 1 in 5 suicides are associated with unemployment. Little did I know what their motives were. The same way I still do not know what are the motives of for treating me like a MAD CRIMINAL and for the ET to affirm the discrimination?


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