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Making the Changes in 4 Years

Mervelee Myers Review Nursery World Show 2018 6th February 2018

Written by Mervelee Myers on the 4 – 6th February 2018 for Statistical Purposes only.  In order to get readers to have a feel and a better understanding of my motives. I will have to use my Facebook Postings over the years as reference. Please feel free to make your minds up and come to your own conclusions. Without prejudice, I will be doing an in-depth write up later of events at the Nursery World Show 2018. This will be about showing how I have decided to get closures and move on from the discrimination which caused my childhood traumas to be triggered into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by And how the presided over another miscarriages of justice.   Then I will be using my Defensive Practice, Continuing Personal Professional Development Plan (CPPDP) and Intellectual Properties to prove to the world that I am a credible witness unlike the way the ET have made me out to be a voiceless vulnerable with the judgement posted online in breach of the Rules of Law.

Witten by: Mervelee Myers for Statistical Purposes of my own personal experiences only. My Vision Fight4justice Website Facebook: My Website:

Yesterday 3rd February 2018 I decided to make the changes to my life that will help me to move on and take back control about the way I conduct myself in the future. Although I have been working towards this goal for a time now, it takes the intervention from God and some GOD people, He sent into my life to making this becoming the reality and I can decide to do so today. Without them I could not have come to the decisions and conclusions to let go of the anger that affected every aspect of my life from the time I returned from burying my MOTHER in July 2014. The saying that knowledge is power can certainly be taken into consideration and explained. However I will have to explain my rationale for this.

That’s why I have to admit that despite what LEYF has done to me, I will still have to thank them also for my empowerment from April 2010 to July 2014 at Luton Street and other settings that I covered in. Sending me on Medical Suspension in the hope that they were depriving me of my basic human right ended up helping me to overcoming the traumas the blighted my life from puberty. Because when they send me to Occupational Health, it was the doctor who advised me to get Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to find out why I react to situations the way I do.  Counselling at will show how the ET presided over another miscarriages of justice the second time round.

All on the fact that I have a diagnosis of Chronic Anxiety from Dr I Ferreira Landor Road Surgery, 134-136 Landor Road, Stockwell London SW9 9JB. Dated Tuesday 18 July 2006. I needed that as proof of my disabilities to present to the OU when I was doing my Health & Social Care Level 2 examination. Sponsored by my union, however I could not use the knowledge I gained from studies in the workplace at KINGS. Hence the reasons I became part of research for Dr Maria Hudson in 2010 when she interviewed me at my home. I told her I would clear my name and exonerate myself. The ET has shown that ACAS:, did not adhere to implementing Dr Maria Hudson’s recommendation.

The ET judgement is based on the judge’s biases instead of the fact about the Equality Act.  More importantly the Contract I signed on the 7th October 2009 (Issued in accordance with the Employment Right Act 1996). In 1997 when I was working at the BBC White City Studios as a Contract Cleaner. I went to clean the bathroom in the workplace nursery setting and was transfixed by what was happening. I told myself, “I can do this” because I was a Basic School Teacher from Jamaica And I had done one year National Youth Service as a Teaching Assistant in Primary School I made one of the most life changing decisions in my entire life from that moment. When I came to the UK, I’d done an interview to continue working with children and was not successful.

Knowing about me more than anyone else, I realise that my hidden disabilities, might continue to plague me for the rest of my life. And I would just have to accept my life the way it is/was. So I carried on with the job as a Cleaner, but still looking out for opportunities to better myself. This time although knowing my hidden disabilities are detrimental to how others are able to seeing the real me, I decided to at least try to make the change. Because I was never able to perform under pressure from the time I lost my father to Parkinson’s disease, during my transitional development of puberty. Therefore it’s important for me to be as knowledgeable as possible is paramount in my empowerment.

I use my bravado, making a fool of myself as a shield to protect myself from the ridicule of stereotyping and labelling of my deficits and limitations. Because at the time I did not have a name for my afflictions, except to calling them Parkinson’s like my father. I develop the exact same atypical symptoms under pressure like my dad’s illness. NWS 2018 Oh no my dad did not have any vices, so in order to blame someone with what was happening to me, I rebelled against my dad and the Christian principles I was brought up with. Whenever I get upset I would curse – Dr Kay Mathieson www.lindenlearning.or. My dad beat me only once for cursing/swearing.

On reflections I have to accept that the more I am learning is the clearer it is becoming for me to get a better understanding of certain matters. Like why Dr Laura Crawford advise me to get Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Attending the NWS 2018 and SEND: Understanding typical and atypical behaviours cleared up some of the misconceptions about my disabilities. I have since discovered that the hidden disabilities would affect my life and existence for the rest of my life. I have made the self-diagnosis of Atypical Parkinsonism that is hard to diagnose and harder to treat. My Personal Experiences of Parkinson’s Disease – Updated 17.8.2017

My publications are been used on websites promoting inclusion and supporting others with disabilities, mental and physical. I discovered at that I am an expert authority on my Mental Health Conditions as my stories and experiences are used to support others. I have offered myself as part of research into Mental Health Conditions and Diseases. I am trialling and using  throughout the duration period. I discovered via counselling that my mother might have experienced mental health conditions throughout her life, but she was able to carry on because she accepted her responsibilities and duty of care to be there for her family and friends. Therefore she made the sacrifices at her own expense to keep going despite of what was happening to her personally.

I know I am on the cusp of finding out my purpose, but I am telling the world, this has taken a toll on my life. Let me go back to when I made the life changing decision at the BBC in 1997, and applied for college. I went to do the test/ interview and for once my hidden disabilities stayed at bay long enough for me to finish the written test. During the interview I was advised to study for a higher level qualification than the one I’d chosen, based on the written test and oral interview performance. I started at Lambeth College in September 1997 to complete the course in July 1999. Having being out of studying for so long and one of the oldest student registered on the course, I did not fancy my chances.

Compared to the confidence I noticed in my peers, especially when it came to Information Computing Technology (ICT). I gave myself until the first assignments to see whether I would be progressing forward or dropping out? I have the qualifications and other accolades proving how I made use of the opportunities. I have been using Social Media to build my brand ever since I discovered the free trainings like that of WWW.BLACKCARDBOOKS.COM where I was destined to meet my coach However that will have to be a story in itself about how she was influenced by the ET online judgement to scam me with her Employment Barrister at

The Role of the Nursery World Magazine In My Continuing Personal Professional Development Plan (CPPDP)

Now I will have to introduce the Nursery World Magazine into the equation. Because I used the resources that were available to help in my empowerment. The impact for me of having such rich and varied resources was instrumental in how I was able to enhance my knowledge from the outset of my studies. I used the NWM as a reference, especially for the Community Assignment, for which I was rewarded with a distinction. Some of my tutors advised me to take up writing and go to university. But I could do no such thing as I was having marital problems at home, which I confided in the two tutors I could confide in. I was getting emotional and physical abuse from my ex-husband from the time we got married.

However my experiences over the years and the resilience I was taught to develop as a child by my Primary School Teacher Ms Una Perry, stood me in good stead to live with challenges from an early age. It is only via my own early intervention strategies that I managed to rescue myself from some of the most horrific ordeals that I overcome later on in life. For me giving up is/was never an option, even when I reached rock bottom. I endured the domestic violence until August 2000 after coming back from a holiday. I almost lost my life at the hands of my husband because I refuse to back down from any arguments, or even a fight when I know I am right. I have had my differences with family, friends, foes and those, mostly men who viewed me as an easy target, and chose to judge me. Brixton Police Station 367 Brixton Road, London, SW9 7DD. Crime Reference Number: 1239892/003. Reported on: 8.9.2000.

That evening I had to run out in the rain barefoot, to escape from my husband, who was hell bent on strangling me. If my sister-in-law did not come in and intervened for me to escape and run, I would have been seriously hurt or killed. That was the time I made another of the decisions that was to change the outcome of my life for better or worse. I would not be going back, no matter what as I sat in the Police Station in Brixton. I ended up in the Refuge: Southwark Women’s Aid 16 Relf Road, London SE5, and three (3) months later, I got my flat in Bermondsey. Housing for Women Sixth Floor, Blue Star House 234-244 Stockwell Road, London SW9 9SP email,  I made a vow that under no circumstances would I be live anywhere, where I do not have control of the keys to my front door.

That’s why when the DWP and Southwark Council started messing about with the Housing and Council Tax Benefits. And my husband got really concerned and said I could be saving x amount of money when he asked me to move in with him, I did not even respond. I will remain an independent woman for the rest of my life for as long as I am able, thanks much. The DWP contributed to exacerbating my Mental Health Conditions from the time I had to learn about the Benefit Systems and find my way around claiming the entitlement that is my rights as a taxpayer. Everything is therefore documented in the Universal Credit Journal so that they know I am serious about getting justice for the way LEYF, the DWP, establishments and systems and the Employment Tribunal have gone about discriminating against me from 2004.

Carrying out the research for the Community Assignment helped me to understand so much more about myself, my son and other issues to do with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND). I am forever enhancing knowledge via trainings and research I guess that’s when my thirst for knowledge about life in general actually started emerging. I had done the Health Care Assistant training in 2006, but realised that this was not for me. There is/was no way I could cope with the emotional aspects when I done the placement at the Residential Home. This was no doubt due to my own childhood traumas from the time I was at another stages of my transitional development. That’s why I recognise the importance of knowledge about child development in many contexts.

As this have the most important impacts on how we as practitioners can support children’s development and learning at the EYFS stages, working in partnerships with parents and carers. I consider myself an expert authority on subjects from cradle to the grave because of my own personal experiences and qualifications. These are documented at, and other Social Media platforms. Moving forward the fact that I am an expert authority on subjects from cradle to the grave can be verified by the request I made whilst working at Luton Street Nursery. When no one was prepared to listen to my concerns, I made sure to adopt my defensive practice, putting it in writing. I did not wish to have to attend Penfold Residential Home during the time I was affected by my mother’s dementia.

I was the EYFS Coordinator, SENCO and Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator at the time. I was responsible for helping to build LEYF as a leading brand delivering inclusive provisions and services in the Early Years Sector. All the information can be access from my Social Media as I am deciding to channel my efforts into taking back control of my life. I will be reclaiming my Intellectual Properties and the Copyright to the work I done that was not part of the contract I signed with LEYF in October 2009. I will end by clearing what’s left of my name that was destroyed in two toxic workplaces by leaders and management that viewed me as threats to their incompetence. Whilst studying at Lambeth College I done one of my placements at Turney Special Needs School in Lambeth. The class teacher was impressed that she asked me to apply for a job. But once more I realise that working full time in such an environment would not be good for my emotional wellbeing.

I still remember to this day, one young lady, Grace who was a student at the school saying to me “I know what your job will be when you are finished, you will be wiping nose and cleaning bottoms”. It has since turned out that Grace might have been able to predict my future, as her words turn out to be self-fulfilling prophecy. I will explain a little for anyone who is interested to understand. The first time I have to represent myself at the ET, please refer to Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12. Recommended to ACAS: research@acas,, I was the Nursery Nurse working in the private sector in the NHS at KINGS. Despite raising my concerns with the,, the KINGS HR Department, asking for trainings as part of my Professional Development Plan (PDP) whilst doing studies with the Open University from various LEA and Local Safeguarding Board and Social Services and OFSTED, I was hung out to dry.

But I am left feeling betrayed that each time I came up against the kinds of discrimination I faced in the workplaces, they use my vulnerability against me. Every time there is a pattern where parents and nappies are involved or I am facing bereavement and loss. This is an example from 2008 at KINGS http://mailserv3/exchange/Gloria.Desbonnes/my%20mail/parents%20complaints/RE… This is where my disabilities of mental and physical will prove that despite developing childhood traumas, I manged to live a fulfilling life until the discrimination in two (2) toxic workplaces in the UK. Therefore I am left with no other alternatives to revisit my childhood to help me make the closures that can enable me to move on with my life after four (4) years of wrangling with LEYF and the ET, the establishments and systems and Liz Roberts the editor of the, who don’t seem to realise why I was offering the hand of forgiveness to her on Saturday 3rd February 2018?

Listening to and seeing the way Dr Kay Mathieson delivered her Seminar was the information that I needed about SEND. The impacts that disabilities, sufferings because of illnesses, loss and deaths have had on my life. Only now I am being made out to be a MAD CRIMINAL, not once but twice. The systems in place are not fit for purpose as they are contributing to the kinds of mental health conditions and diseases that are affecting vulnerable people like myself, two times here in the UK. Because I refuse to be a voiceless vulnerable victim.  The Equality Act 2010 states that a person has a disability if she has a physical or mental impairment, which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on her ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. Yet the ET disregarded the Judges Court Management Orders to provide Medical Reports. But granted the Respondent’s Barrister adjournment to the case because she lied about having a contagious disease.

And others who got caught up in this conveyer belt of bigotry when Legal Entity like the Employment Tribunal and ACAS refuse to act on recommendations to protect employees from been thrown to the wolves by the contingent Laws and Legislations written to protect employers.  That’s what, solicitor Arwen Makin told me when I tried to get support and advice to appeal the disciplinary. She said there was nothing I could do, the discrimination was written in the contract. But now they are trying for me to sign away my Membership. In searching for the ideal job or work environment, I ended up as a Preschool Leader. I am positive this was to be the making of me, in my choice of career. Since most of this history is documented, I will move to the role that the Nursery World Magazine played in my life as a source of enhancing knowledge.

As usual I was reading the NWM, my own copy that I buy religiously every week from the News Agent. I notice this article about Autism Spectrum Disorder and got stuck in. Only realising that one of the children in the setting was doing exactly what I was reading about, and I was gobsmacked. For me this was like a flashbulb moment which led to my interest in SEND as I was empowered to put the theory I leaned at college to the practical experiences in the workplace. Resulting from my interview with an OFSTED Inspector, I was already undertaking trainings to fill gaps in my (PDP). I was responsible as the Preschool Leader for ensuring the smooth running of the setting, and that’s when I went on another transition of self-empowerment. Teaching myself through trials and errors lots of things that would see me becoming the expert authority that I am today.

Back then I was rubbish at ICT and I still haven’t managed to pass a mathematics exam and I am not interested or bothered. Like most things, I used my disabilities deficits and limitations to empower myself throughout my life, until my experiences in the two (2) toxic workplaces. Where my childhood traumas were triggered into PTSD. I can get along just fine with the basics of what I am able to retain. However I might have to add Dyslexia to my portfolio of disabilities with dyscalculia as tops. Despite my deficits and limitations, nothing can stop me in my quest to be the best I can become as has been proven time and time again. But I am still trying to compensate for the missed opportunities from my childhood traumas. Therefore let me move forward from the ordeals of LEYF for the past four (4) years to why I have made certain decisions.

On Friday 2nd February 2018, I can say I have an informative day as this time I was attending the two days. I usually only attend on the Saturday. I get the information from different sources about going back to doing studies in SEND, but doing online. I video Gary Simpson’s workshop as I wanted to get tips about doing public presentations. And working with him at LEYF and attending his trainings, I know him to be a consummate professional at what he does. I later went to the Chef Gloria’s presentation in the Food Zones, as I had bumped into her earlier on. We have not met since the time I resigned from New Cross and I know some of my former colleagues are afraid to be associated with me for obvious reasons.

However I was drawn to the attention of this particular young lady because of her behaviours towards me. This confrontational behaviours was evident from the time I went over to see the chef. She was sat, but as soon as I arrive, she came and stood across from me but so that she was positioned behind me. Although she have a tablet and was pretending to video the chef, she was on her mobile and her attention was focused to me. Because of her irrational behaviours, I decided to capture the evidence for my own peace of mind and safeguarding myself. If you want to know the full extent of this, I made videos to tell my stories of her threatening behaviours and subsequent assault on me. They can be found at and My Website:

I booked for two Seminars on Saturday, because of the presenter for the first. June O’Sullivan 10:00-11:00: Quality provision – building a skilled and motivated early years team was chosen. I will be doing my review and unpicking the drivel in due course. I need to share with the world exactly what was happening to me again as I sat in that room that was reminiscence of the discrimination that was sanctioned by the leaders and management at BIB, HOC and New Cross from the 23rd July 2014, until I resigned with a Nervous Breakdown on the 27th September 2015. The Seminar is not worth the money I paid for it and I should be reimbursed. I attended better more recently and it was free www.ncvo’org’uk/training-and-events-listing. Let me give you a scenario of what I witnessed.

I was early as per usual re my OCD, and only one attendee was already present. Others arrived later, but there were flurries of activities as we were not allowed in the room. There was talk of the speaker been late. One of the attendees standing close to me ask her colleague if we would be getting back some of our money for her lateness. So I told them I know the speaker and what her status is. Next thing she turned up with her entourage of LEYF wearing T-shirt staff. Like the one who assaulted me on Friday, trying to grab my phone and holding unto my hand, then running away saying she was going to call security, for what? In case they were not aware, I have a pass: SD1 SD10 MRS MERVLEE MYERS EARLY YEARS PRACTITIONERVOLUNTEERCARER HOME CARER 22-14-0-516438 VISITOR.

Some stood outside, others came into the room, positioning themselves at the side directly where they were looking at me and at the back. But the strangest phenomenon was seeing the Security stood outside in line with where he could view me and stood watching me throughout. By this time, some of the LEYF staff had left and this only served to remind me of the times at BIB, HOC and New Cross when I was treated exactly like that and developed Panic Attacks and Paranoia. That’s why I offered myself to take part in research BioPort:, and now I am wearing for the next two (2) years. Therefore I have to make reference to the fact that because of the discrimination sanctioned by LEYF Leaders and Management at BIB, HOC and New Cross that’s how my childhood traumas were triggered into PTSD.

Despite the Judge’s Court Management Orders and my correspondences to the ET about the Non-Compliance by the Respondent, the judges allow me to be the victim. Hence the reasons I am dealing with the terrorist attacks by Winsome Duncan and Ryan Clements when I was defrauded of my husband’s money for the EAT and the Police and Ambulance Services were sent to my home to section me on the 30th October 2017. These are some of the authorities I am in correspondence with: Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman Police: Community Council: PM Office: Chelsea Football Club:

In case you are wondering, I have done trainings online with and other training providers. The Security who I had spoken to the day before and in the morning watching me, left me feeling stressed, and anxious, but getting the counselling helped me to cope with the situation as best I could. So what were they expecting me to do, and was this part of the plot? When I was assaulted by the young lady who grabbed my hand trying to take away my mobile, then running away saying she was going to get the Security? June O’Sullivan made sure not to look in my direction. Even when she mentioned that Chef Gloria was there  This is the same Chef Gloria who was set up that she stole food and was disciplined because she refused to lie about events at Rumi’s wedding.

When I see some of the slides with images of my time working at Luton Street, I can’t help wondering how anyone can be so two faced? All I could do was say to the lady next to me, I know that little girl. Because Valarie Cheung was one of those children with health conditions and needing special attention to help her settle into Luton Street Cert WTC (Open). I could have screamed but you know what I am a professional and know how to contain my emotions under difficult circumstances. I paid my money to come for an expressed reasons and I know I would be getting my rewards in the long run. Following on from the time she lied to me at BIB, when she tried stitching me up to breach the Social Media policies and procedures. To saying she did not recognise me at Middlesex University on the 19th September 2015.

I was finally having the opportunities to be exercising my ghosts. As I said I will be doing a review so leaving June O’Sullivan and LEYF here for now. Dr Kay Mathieson 15:00-16:00: SEND: Understanding typical and atypical behaviours, must have been the catalyst that give me impetus to finally decide to move on with my life? Whilst we were waiting for the start of the final Seminar, I informed her I was there to find out more about my atypical behaviours. Dr Kay Mathieson was so natural and down to earth, she immediately put me at my ease with her response. Her presentation style have to be seen to be understood as I do not have the words to put in writing. Somehow I could identify with her to some extent? Sitting there I made the decision that it is time for me to let go. I had seen the silly young lady who assaulted me on Friday, earlier and she was giving me a wide berth.

She seems to be avoiding me like the plague, so maybe she was warned by the terrorists who sanction her to provoke me on Friday? By now LEYF don’t seem to understand me yet, that I am not the stereotypical labels that they and the ET judgement online is portraying me to become. I am a strong intelligent black woman who have had to empower myself to overcome discrimination because of the DNA I was born with. So l step up to the LEYF booth where she was standing, probably trying to make a name for herself and greeted Gary Simpson. We have our conversation about life in general before I departed for my final Seminar. The bitch must have been shitting herself? Because it’s all about who knows you and not who you know? I told Gary I am thinking of completing my studies with University of East London

At the moment I am thinking of the BA (Hons) Special Education UCAS code: XC61 So that’s me getting sorted for September 2018. Since they don’t want me to work, I will become a professional student instead and show them what I am capable of until I am ready to return to Jamaica to make valuable contributions with my sons and their families to promoting INCLUSION in Jamaica’s Educational systems. I have discovered Gary Simpson’s pet project of Bee Keeping last year. And I am hoping this is, that I keep in the hope of getting in touch ASAP. Because amongst my father’s many ways of providing for his family, he was a Bee Keeper as well.

Earlier on I went to ask for freebies, whilst my friend Winnifred Jacques was getting supplies for her new business ventures of becoming a Childminder. These are the freebies I collected: Practical Pre-School, Early Years Educator, Children & Young People Now, and Nursery World 5-18 February 2018. I had a chat with the lovely, friendly young lady at the booth. Then I notice I had caught the attention of the editor of the Nursery World Magazine Liz Roberts, who keeps staring at me. What happened last years is in the public domain, so I won’t go into details. When the Seminar is finished, I walk by the booth and said hello, trying to start a positive conversation. I told her I would be writing a positive review of NWS 2018 and the role the NWM played in my empowerment. Without prejudice, and suffice it to say, if she was been sarcastic in her response, I will give her the benefit of the doubt.

I refuse to let it impact on my decision to move on with my life. I owe this much to my sons and their family. I will end on a positive note and don’t let anything deter me from finding my purpose in life, what I have left of it. My experiences attending the two (2) days at the NWS 2018, the first time I am attending two day. Because I do not have a job and need to keep up with using my brain. I told Senior HR Dilys Epton that work keeps me going because of experiencing traumas when my father was struck down with Parkinson’s disease. That’s why my publication: My Personal Experiences of Parkinson’s disease which was written on the 3.4.2015 and updated on the 17.8.2017 is there in the public domain as the Columnist states “Tech Don’t Lie”. Google is where my publications can be found at

As I am stood saying goodbye to the Security, Carl who is Jamaican, who I meet at the show last year. This young man walked in, proffered his hand and start a conversation, asking if I had a wonderful time and enjoyed the show. He stopped long enough to hear my response and did not seem to be in a hurry, even if he was, shake my hand and left on his merry way. I recognise him to be             Matt Govett of Mark Allen Group Company  Now I know Matt can take time out of his busy schedule to stop and chat to me, I realise even more reasons to let bygones be the past and move along with the future. Two (2) days of the NWS 2018 have shown me the different sides to people. But I gained the most from attending and being proactive in making the most of the opportunities available. I am looking forward to receiving my 2 certificates: June O’Sullivan Quality provision – building a skilled and motivated early years team.

Dr Kay Mathieson SEND: Understanding typical and atypical behaviours. When I receive the Attendance Certificates, they will be added to my Qualifications and Training Certificates Portfolio. The memory I want to forever keep in my head, because of my two (2) sons Kevin Murray and Valdin Legister is the fact that I have had another time to empower myself at the NWS 2018. I was made to feel that I am part of a skilled and motivated early years and multigenerational working workforce who is able to deliver services for children, young people and vulnerable adults. But most importantly what my sister-in-law said to me when we spoke. About whatever I do will affect my sons in the future. Because history is known to be judgemental to the best of us. That’s why I am still weary of LEYF motives and atypical behaviours on the two days at the NWS 2018.

Preparing to Return to Jamaica to Make Contributions

In light of the recently concluded event of Saturday January 27, 2018 at the TRURO Sports Complex, Westmoreland, Jamaica. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information – Youth & Adult Policy Division in collaboration with the FRIENDSHIP DIVISION YOUTH CLUBS present the YOUTH CLUBS CHARGE UP COMMUNITY Rally with Key Note Speaker Hon. Floyd Green Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, I have just started following the MP on Twitter. The event can be compared to the NWS 2018, but on a smaller scale. I am the Mother of the Councillor for the Friendship Division Kevin Murray. My stories are in cyberspace about my experiences, growing up in Jamaica when my father was struck down with Parkinson’s disease. Therefore if anyone like the EAT want to verify, they are to be found.

My other son Valdin Legister is a Teacher, the Acting Principal for the school he has been working at from he graduated from Teacher’s College. He is a FIFA Referee He has thrown his hat in the ring to represent the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) as the next MP for Western Westmoreland. I was a Basic School Teacher and every day I am reminded about the Legacy I helped to create, laying the foundation as an example to young children. Because of my dreams of fulfilling my visions, I was sharing my passion about inclusion and my plans to return home to contribute to promoting inclusion in Jamaica especially in the Early Childhood and Education sector that is my background.

I spoke to the two (2) eminent professors Tony Bertram President at British Association of Early Childhood Education (BAECE) or Early European Early Childhood Research Journal and Chris Pascal at Middlesex University. This was at the LEYF sponsored Big Childcare Conversation on the 19th September 2015. If in doubt check LinkedIn for the posts with the professors. By the 22nd September 2015 I was called to CO where Neil King tried bullying harassing and intimidating me to write a resignation with posts from my Facebook used as threats against me.  I was issued with another Suspension and the rest is history. But I am still finding it strange that Senior HR Dilys Epton should send me LinkedIn request on the 22nd September 2015 when they planned to discriminate against me using my vulnerability of having disabilities, mental and physical.

For some reasons I have been toying with some ideas lately. But after the events of Friday, with that stupid idiot gal from LEYF Nurseries, I know something would have to give. Just so they know I am not scared of any of them, because I was very much aware of what was happening on Saturday as yet another plot to try provoke me to act out of character for them to say the judgement online is correct and factual as the judges are trying to justifying themselves as the bigots who they are. And that’s why I will address the matter in writing as a review. Because until LEYF takes responsibility and accept the part they played in destroying my career and my mental health, I will not be able to get the closure I need to walk away from what happened to me after the death of my MOTHER.

In due course I will write as the counsellor at the Maudsley Hospital advise me to use whatever therapy I need to help in my recovery. Apparently there is a book that encourages swearing according to June O’Sullivan the MBE-CEO of LEYF. I was not surprised to hear some of the rhetoric and bureaucratic red tape linked to managerial targets in her Seminar: Quality provision – building a skilled and motivated early years team.  So now I have to do my research about Andrea Beaty.

All that’s left for me to do is address this little matter about some of the people who have been involved in the demonising and disgracing of Mervelee Myers since I joined Facebook in February 2010. I am determined to move on but I know I will have to be prepared to get rid of some of the baggage that have cluttered my life as my horoscope states. I will document it for good measures.

Taurus: Take the initiative and make a start on new ideas while you have the drive and energy. You can productively channel your efforts in connection with your home or job. Shake of boredom that has been dragging you down.

Celebrating 100 Years of the Suffragettes

Sitting at home, out of work since I was forced to resign with a Nervous Breakdown from on the 27th September 2015. I am reflecting on the roles of The roles of www.bwbllp,com. The roles of The roles of and other establishments and systems that will be named in due course, in joining LEYF to discriminate against me.

Today I am learning so much about the roles played by the Suffragettes in leaving the legacy from which I am benefitting. Because I learned that I was helped by Southwark Women’s Aid of 16 Relf Road, London SE15 (Registered Charity Number 271785) when I was the victim of Domestic Violence. I was saved from homelessness and housed in the Refuge for three (3) months. Later I got my own flat from Housing for Women Sixth Floor Blue Star House 234-244 Stockwell Road, London SW9 9SP, I have been involved with where I have been setting up I am with And more importantly learning that in fact I have Atypical Parkinsonism have set my mind at rest about my erratic behaviours that caused me to be judged, labelled and stereotyped for my DNA. Now I am not working I am thrilling Social Media getting involved with Walk for Parkinson

Once more I think my horoscope is spot on and I will continue thriving to becoming the compassionate person who my MOTHER is/was. Who dedicated her entire life to her family and her friends and anyone who was in need of her tender, loving care? I am proud to be my Parent’s only Daughter and will continue to give of my best always. My children and grandchildren will reap my blessings.

Taurus: People often turn to you when experiencing intense problems. They are comforted by your calm, stable energy. If you are overwhelmed by requests for help, set some healthy boundaries. You shouldn’t feel pressured to answer phone calls at all hours.

Written by: Mervelee Myers Background Basic School Teacher in Early Childhood Education – Jamaica. Early Years Practitioner FD (Open) Cert WTC (Open). Learning Support Assistant. Volunteer, Carer, Advocate.

Copyright on the 6th February 2018.


Facebook Memories 5.2.2010-2018

Daily Express Columist states “Tech Don’t Lie”? 

Sanctions were put in place at Rumi’s wedding by Benedicte Siewe under Lynne Kelly’s orders. 

Added 3 new photos — feeling shocked. February 5, 2017 at 12:16am · London · 
Went out for the day One of the best empowering days since I attended #RumiWedding_4thJanuary2015. As GOD would have it I bumped into her today. She’s still not into fotos. I respect her rights not to be photographed even in #PublicSpaces.
Updates – 5.2.2018: Adhering to the British Ethical Guidelines of the PI: W3323643 that I signed in 2004 to study with the where I graduated in May 2009 with a Foundation Degree In Early Years FD (Open). I done my final studies in 2010 with Cert WCT (Open). I went for the interview at LEYF in May 2009, when they were still known as Westminster Children Society. I signed the contract on the 7th October 2009. Now after contacting LEYF via the Information Directorate, I am been given the run around again. Therefore I will be following due process. 

The Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015

Counter-terrorism as a crime prevention: a holistic approach Abstact Within democratic societies, counter-terrorism is almost exclusively about crime prevention. A broad and holistic approach to preventing terrorism can be based on nine preventive mechanisms: building normative barriers against terroism, …
Updates – 5.2.2018: Maybe Liz Roberts editor of the NWM would like to consult with the Mark Allen Group to find out about the time I represented LEYF at the consultation in Dulwich and was presented with gift voucher and free copies of their resources to take back to Luton Street. That’s why I stopped at the Booth to ask for free samples on Saturday. I know she recognised me by the way she was looking at me. But I made the final decision at thye Seminare to make my peace and move on with my life. So if she was been sarcastic in what she was saying, I am sorry to inform her I am not in the least bit offended. All she has to do is go back to the archive to see how I contributed to building LEYF brand from 1.9.2009 to now I will show the world how they have sold out quality for quantity to meet managerial targets and becoming the biggest Early Years Provider. If in doubt go read Jyoti Sharma review on LEYF website. She was known to me at BIB as Jyoti Bhardwaj as documented at  

It was good to see all my #FormerColleagues from #LEYF. Oh yes I did identify the #YoungMan who caused me to feel as if I was being #STALKED that set me feeling #Paranoid as I waited for Olive Regis-Williams outside the #DesignCentre. He was at one of the #ExhibitionBooth! Wonder what they #Planned?
All I done was say wat Dick Fuck in mi head and walk go off the premises. Maybe he was waiting for me to challenge him or supn? But seems as if they don’t #LearnLessons. The day they have #30staffTraining, I didn’t react. Did they think I was going to play in their hands with their #Provocation? Mi know better than dat!
Time for bed, lots to do.

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup and indoor
Image may contain: 1 person, hat Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, hat Updates – 5.2.2018: I will have to do the Review of NurseryWorld Show 2018 – Saturday 3rd February 2018 10:00-11:00: June O’Sullivan Quality provision – building a skilled and motivated early years team showing how I was the target of terrorism when I was assaulted by an employee of LEYF on Friday. And on the Saturday the shennigans that LEYF got up to was an orchestrated plot to use my vulnerability of having disabilities, mental and physical against me. The Equality Act 2010 states that a person has a disability if she has a physical or mental impairment, which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on her ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.
When I asked Gill Springer if she knows the basics of the Disability Discrimination Act Laws and Legislations to teach the Apprentice. Judge Freer told me she did not have to know. Therefore without prejudice, I am saying that the Panel that made the judgement at is in breach of every updated and reviewed Laws, Legislations, Codes of Practice and Conducts since I signed that contract with LEYF on the 7th October 2009.
And I will be sharing the evidence that forms my defensive practice in the public domain in due course. Because my RACISM claims were strike out repeatedly by Judge Martin after it was sent back for review. The roles played by the DWP and other government agencies, only serve to exacerbate my disabilities. Since they failed to act on Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12. ACAS: and I have evidence on my telephone of the way LEYF tried to get ACAS involved with intimidating me.
All will be revealed in due course as I realised the plot in place at the Nursery World Show was to frustrate me to act the way I was tagged and labelled at the Disciplinary as Uncoorporative, Unprofessional, Rude, Intimidating, Confrontational, Aggressive and Lacking Empathy. But the fact is there in the ET Case that LEYF is responsible. I write Open Letters to,, and, but I am still been treated like an idiot.
 Almost finish my tribute to TESS. Only way to become di Logwood Macca eina dem RC Flesh!

I have & use SM 4 all purpose. FB 4 me Dutty Niaga self wey anyting galang . LI 4 my Professional Profile to tell the Stories of Discriminations. Tweet to chat about things that take my fancy. G+ to just chat…

I’ve been up b4 4 with Tom & his hypo. Need to rest now.
Have to chat to my #1son Kevin Murray b4 the week is done, most likely Sunday. 
I am getting on with y life & as TESS would say or do in her wee Scottish ways I don’t give a **** & she made sure to leave her Legacy telling evey1 2 **** off. But that was her way of coping with what was happening to her.
CANCER that BITCH sucked her out 2 nutn in the space of a few months.
I don’t want to die with that feeling that NO 1 CARES at all what hapn to me in my final moments here on earth.
Reason am packing up & heading back a mi Yard asap if Mass T should go b4 Ratty Nembhard. I must find at least 1 person to pay mi attention, if even 4 di £££’s?

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   You and Danny Dennisor became Facebook friends.
 Lori Reid Taurus Apr 21 – May 21 The extra hours you’ve been putting in are paying off. And since security and self-esteem go hand in hand for you, today’s business is music to your ears. This evening is confusing. Read the signs.
Updates – 5.22018: I am a graduate of the OU before I started at LEYF. I was refused the chance to move up the career ladder on several occassions. All I have to show for building LEYF brand is treated like a MAD CRIMINAL because of the ET judgement online after the judges took 5 months to copy and paste the Respondent’s Summary. Well I have my correspondences to thew ET throughout the duration of the Non-Compliance of the Judges Management Court Orders.
 Up B & E. STRIKE Day of course! Recalls the last 1 I encountered in JA. Was doing EC at Mannings School & that Natchie my son Kevin Murray dad saved me a lift in his car. 1 of the kindest things he’ done 4 me of course? The Best is our Son Kevin D Murray.
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 Off to Chinatown 2moro… Celebrating Chinese New Year with the children, parents & families!!!
 Gwaan guh hole WE Han!!!
found it sooo funni as a Jamaican ^_^ It’s a male choir from… YOUTUBE.COM
I’ll make sure not 2 TEACH! Updates – 6.2.2018: There is a method to my madness, at the time when I was been frustated and prevented from using my CPPDP… As I was told things like I don’t want to hear your voice, you are not a Teacher. All I could do was write in parables on Facebook. My credentials are to be found on social media platforms, yet I was only expected to perform like a puppet on a string when my Intellectual Properties were used to benefit LEYF. I used to pass people on the street who remember me from seeing me on or in the Now I am even establishing my brand, tracking Mervelee Myers down at,
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Community Playthings UK   

Being two is not easy. At times you feel big and strong. You declare your independence in all kinds of ways; you want to be respected and given space. Other tim

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 More Power to Inclusion!!! Enhanced knowledge & expertise empowered US to be aware of how the Talented are given Opportunities to be included, involved & fully participants regarless of the Diversity & Complexity of having a NEED… Long may this child continue to praise GOD with his GIFT!!!
Born with unimaginable disabilities, that doesn’t stop this 10 year old boy and his gift of music. Watch…   GODVINE.COM
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