Blacklisting & Networking is Discrimination

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Mervelee Myers

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 I have signed up for a 14 weeks, Supporting Teaching & Learning In Schools (QCF) Level 2. This is with Islington College/HCT Yes I guess I have to face up to the realities of the systems which operate to tell me one thing about myself when I know another. But life goes on and I have to accept that every thing in one’s life happen for good and even bad times. Therefore I am putting the bad times behind me and grasping out for the good, better and best.
I am moving forward with positive vibes and faith in God to see me through. And if I am honest enough, this is after I stopped long enough to stop “cussing bout mi bad and tek back control a fi mi life”. There are a few obstacles in my way that may pose as barriers, constraints and limitations to me completing this programme of studies. 1. I need a school to do at least 30 hours of placements to meet the criteria for the course. I’ve been trying but no joys to date. Well I know darned well I don’t have to spell it out why…?
Update 22.01.2018: Well after writing my application as part of the DWP criteria for Universal Credit, the lady at the Job Centre said she is a Proofreader. There was only one grammatical errors in my letter. I gave to my peers to use as template and one lady who is multilingual, and a translator, told me how helpfull she found it. Despite doing all these trainings. Today the 22nd January 2018, I am still out of a job. My circumstances have become even worse. No doubt because of another miscarriages of justice by the ET After the discrimination I endured at, from the 23rd July 2014 to date. The ET further damaged my reputations with the online judgement at
The other things that became hindrances surrounds my overall emotional health and wellbeing, and what some “Corporate Institutionalised Psychopaths” did to me. When I go back and read their Blog of 15th June 2012, it tells me everything I needed to know about them. Now I have a clear picture in my head how they changed from being the organisation I knew to one that is “LACKING EMPATHY”. Maybe if they revisit the Blog, they will witness how “the self-fulfilling prophecy” came about slowly but surely over the years.
Update 22.01.2018: I am on a mission to expose the discrimination against vulnerable employees, in particularly the Early Years Sector that I worked with from 1999 to when I was forced to resign with a nervous breakdown.  I am part of research by Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper recommended to I am attending the, and the Childcare Expo 2018 to see some of those responsible for destroying my health and taking away my rights and dignity.  
They are responsible for robbing me of “my self-confidence and self-esteem” that I’ll have to spend I don’t know how long to rebuild? And they honestly think they got away with destroying what I spent so many years to build. I now have to start from scratch and force myself “not to be frightened by every shadow and see a Duppy in every movements”?

Let me get back to my main reasons for writing this post. 2. Along with the school to do the placement, I’d like to get a copy of a book. Book title: Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools By: Louise Burnham & Brenda Baker Publishers: Heinemann ISBN 978-0-435032-03-6. Normally I’d go out to spend my money to buy my own, but my circumstances have changed.

Update 22.01.2018: I have had counselling There was a Judge’s Court Management for me to present Medical Reports at the Employment Tribunal. Only for them to turn around and treated me with prejudicial baises of the demeanest proportions they are unimaginable. Thats why I have written my Review of the Employment Tribunal, from my own perspectives. It will be going out to the relevant authorities and then going online, the same way the judgement was posted.   When I get this course over I intend to do “The Specialist Diploma Level 3” and take things from there. Hopefully I will then be able to do my PGCE after doing my research. The good thing about the above 2 courses I don’t have to do exams. As of now it’s more life as I move forward to conquer and overcome the “Fears of being JUDGED” that the PSYCHOPATHS who labelled me have done to me.

Update 22.01.2018: Well there was no joys for me here either, as I faced further discrimination from Tutu Adebiyi of She told me when she called me for a visit, when I was handed a copy of the Impact Report 2016 Changing Times, Lasting Impact that she works in partnership with LEYF. Maybe that’s why I was not surprised when I was given the run around. It’s strange and I did not even notice the statistics until it was pointed out by On page 9 of the Impact Report 2016. It states 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment. I am positive that’s where my Coach, who I got to help me set up a business got the ideas from for what she done to me. Instead of publishing my book, she stole my copyright and tried to get me to write her life story in my book. After the way I was treated by Winsome Duncan of I am only left with the evidence collected from both, that Barrister Ryan Clement groomed Winsome Duncan and they are operating a scam against vulnerable people. The plan was to harm me at Winsome’s 40th birthday party on the 27th October 2017. Because I was unwell and could not attend. Winsome send the Police and Ambulance Services to my home to section me on the 30th October 2017. I have the emails, text messages and messages on my house phone as proof.

They’ve blackened my name, ruined my reputations and destroyed my character. However the race is not for the swift, but those who can endure to the end. I am living my life in honour of my “Mother for whom I am regretting not to have known better”, because if I did, I’d have had a more enriched life. Mama could not read, but she spell and pronounce. She practiced writing and writing her “r” the old fashioned way. Everything I do these days in in “Mama’s Memory” as I look forward to writing another tribute for her 92nd Birth Date.

Update 22.01.2018: Although I have been pushed from pillow to posts over the past 4 years. Today as I celebrate the 4th year since I said my final goodbye to my mother. Despite not knowing and recognising me when I spent 4 weeks with her, because of her dementia She came around on the day I was returning to the UK, telling my son, “she did not come to say goodbye”? That’s the lasting legacy I have of my mum, because I have it digital.   

Let those without any SINS cast the first stone!    My “Homemade Book” was borrowed to improve on as a Teaching & Learning Tool the day SKY News visited. I haven’t heard “breeze blow bout it since”. Does any one know about “Copyrights & Patents”, I’d really appreciate. I intend to write my story bout “Sweet Cassava & Bitter Cassada” & it should be revealing.   

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