Proving LEYF & ET not to be Credible Legal Entity!

Me Nah Buy Nuh Puss In Bag?

 Mervelee Myers   Mervelee Myers

Me Nuh Buy Nuh Puss Eina Nuh Bag?

I brave the rain and winds to go do my regular shopping in East Street market, but believe me ESM is not the same as it once was, but as usual I am ME. I greeted people I pass on the way as I was brought up by my old fashioned parents. I popped into the Bookies to collect the little dividend from Tom’s bet last Saturday. And crossed over the road to go to the PO to get information for my hubby about the Pension Scheme that has come on board as he wants to invest. I made my merry way down the road. Walking has become 1 of my greatest love as this is how I managed to help maintain a semblance of good health where some of my health conditions are concerned.

I walked through the market trying to find my money’s worth of things to buy, especially since my hubby TOM is so intent on me getting values for money and saving up what I can for my old age. I saw Mr Peter Tatchell the Gay Rights Campaigner, and greeted him “wishing him a HNY” and he responded in kind. I went to buy some vegetables but decided against it because under closer examinations they were going off. I got some squash and broccoli on a stall and when the bloke held on tightly to the bag, asks him what he thinks I am going to do? Run off without paying him – as I have a heavy trolley and a handbag… And of course he begins to argue and I told him exactly what I think of him… “You are a silly man!” I went to another stall to buy from a young man and he is so professional and the mere fact that he acknowledged me made such a difference. It is worthwhile to know that there are still some very nice persons out there no matter your Job Description as we all have different roles to play in life.

I went to look at yams and when I done the finger pinching test learnt from my old folks in JA, they were already turning black and rotten. I walked ½ way down the market to find my African auntie to check out her yams, but hers were no good. I headed back to the 1st stall, looked and chose 2 yams and asked the bloke to cut them. When he cut the 1st one it is no good. So I decided I am not having them and the bloke begins to argue. I decided to buy 1 big yam for a fair price instead of getting 2 for £5.00 and the bloke now adds 50 pence so I decided to argue as well. The bloke takes the 50 pence back off and I asks him to cut it, but the other bloke is telling him not to unless I am buying. I told them I have chosen it so I am buying, but I work hard for my money and I have to know I am getting value for my money. There is no way I am dragging a whole load of stuff home to end up in the compost, because I might end up spend £5.00 and end up getting £1.00 money worth out of them.

One of my African sister agreed with me and backed up my arguments. I went to Danny’s shop to get a few bits and bobs and heard another of my African breda teasing him about being a Baby Father and I jokingly offered to be God Mother. I saw Michael on my way back and he said I’d promised to give him my mobile phone #. He showed me the newest addition to his family and his recent trip to the USA – we are Jamaicans and living in close proximity in Bermondsey. It’s important to me to keep connected to my own people. I got back in doors only to leave the trolley to go back out to the Bookies to put on Tom’s bet. Because these days he is not as mobile as he’d wished, what with the aging process in full swing. I cooked my hubby’s soup and served him on a tray in the living room whilst he watched snooker or horse racing and any other sports that take his fancy. He was crossed because his idol Ronny O’Sullivan lost the match.

My job is to serve and that is exactly what I do. I went on the internet to check out the information I was given about the Pension and I think some of my duties are accomplished? These days I realised that most of the foodstuff that is bought and cooked in my house either end up spoilt, going in the compost bin, stored in the fridge until it is also thrown out, because I refused to do anything to exacerbate any of my health conditions. My hubby knows I love plantains and he went out and bought them, but I prefer abstain for the sake of my health with the hope that I can maintain a relatively healthy lifestyle as long as is decently possible. I don’t want to rely on anyone for hand-outs either? Where I come from we have practically all kinds of fresh produce to help us maintain good health. I am a real country girl who came from Sugar Belt Country, so I know more than most about getting food stuff straight off the trees or digging them up from the ground and when we buy we buy only the best.

Now that I have sorted out some of the Blinking Foolishness that derailed my Plans since the Past 2 weeks and I can now get back to celebrating my Mama’s Life and the other things that are important to me!

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