Mama’s Words of Wisdom!

Mama Lou Warned Me About Men Who Are Up To No Good & Bad-Minded, Red Eyes and Vindictive Women! 14th January 2018

INSPIRED THINKING “A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life” Charles Darwin (1809-1882).

Taurus: Try a different approach if conventional solutions to problems aren’t working. Don’t be shy about asking an imaginary friend for help. Their suggestions may sound weird at first, but give them a try – the results will surprise you.

The things they say… “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It goes on” (Robert Frost 1874-1963).

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Taurus-Lori Reid: Planet of talk and travel, Mercury puts faraway places and faces on today’s agenda. Perhaps you’re retracing a journey. With a clear view ahead, you’re determined now to take your place centre stage. Call to hear why it’s time to take a broader view.

I am determined to address this matter of everyone deciding to come to my PAGE 4 FREE SPEECH without even knowing what they are supposed to be talking about. The first time, it was from me answering a question from Jasmine Hylton about ASHTER, daughter Careen Nembhard Sinanan, Mother, ROSE BERRY. The next thing I know I got a message denouncing me for spreading Rumour on Facebook…?
The next time, it was some issues in the news about the IMF Chief and the Maid… I never back down yet, when I know I am in the RIGHT. And years later I got an apology, after I moved on. Everyone seem to think they have a right to take me to TASK, trying to push their Freedom of Speech down my throat.
The next time was when one Ms Sanya McDonald, TRURO people set her up to come dis me on the Community Upliftment Programme – C.U.P. At the time I didn’t know what it was all about. But for anyone who don’t know me, they should stop to study me, because by the time Natasha SPENCE and Truro People with their plots of so called DISGRACE, I was ready for them.
This is the trend I pick up in all the incidents to date, they come and say the most disrespectful things, even when they don’t know you. But stranger still, they are telling you about their Man-Given-Rights-Freedom-of-Speech. But why do they choose to come to my Page to disrespect me and then demand their Rights2FreedomofSpeech at my expense? The message to the Intellectual Imbeciles like Meli Sue is I am doing my things to promote INCLUSION. So go find your thing to do apart from taking away other Women_MEN! They can Read, but can’t comprehend…
So please get off my Bandwagon and let me get on with my show. If they have told you stories like is the norms, keep it to Yourselves, I am not interested. If you noticed, I keep myself to myself now…
But if anyone DARES, you will hear from me. This is my Facebook PAGE. I have to demand my RIGHTS-4-a-VOICE when the Establishment-Systems got me BLOCKED. So I don’t know what the hell you are talking about.
Please desist from coming to my Social Media for Free-PUBLICITY. I am not working, but I am Funding my Fight4justice campaign to rid the world of Modern Day SLAVERY.
Just remember, I have no Obligations to anyone, my Papa-Mama are DEAD!
I will defend Myself from all Onslaughts no matter from Whom?

Updated: 14th January 2018 I am abreast of the recent happenings from those who claimed I blocked them, but I can see them online. They have no need to fear me, anything was said to me in confidence, I would not repeat. I would rather die with honour. There are others who have blocked me so I can’t see their comments. Honestly, I wanted to get rid of you lot long time and good riddance to rubbish.

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To all #HATEARSES of #RATTY_NEMBHARD, I have you covered in Jesus name. When I reflect on the way I have been forced to live since I got back from burying #MAMA, I know only GOD kept me thus far. Resolution is just around the corner. In the meantime my Fight4justice go on with gusto. For the #Establishment_Systems for which I am an #Automation2FillCoffers, my #ADVOCACY will ensure they are #Revealed as #ModernDaySLAVES. Only then will they know who is #MERVELEEMYERS. Damn #TEALEAVES all a dem and some even a telling flipping lies bout dem #Status?
I was educated at #TownheadBasicNPrimarySch#FromeSecSch, stint at #Mannings_EC, the rest were from #LifeExperiences. I attended #LambethCollege and end with the Open University UK. Now I will show them what an #Empowered_Ambitious_BLACK_WOMAN is capable of?

Updated: 14th January 2018  I have written my review of the Employment Tribunal to go live like what they have done with the judgement. So man a plan and GOD a wipe out. Everyone will have access to–2300047-2016, but I am making sure my review is in cyberspace asap.

Learning My Lessons: Not All Who Kin Teeth and Laugh With You Are Your Friends?

If I spend my time on here commenting on all the things of interests that caught my Eyes, I will never get the Work I have to do done? DEAD-LINE to Meet and this Might just turn out to be a LIFE or DEATH Matter? Ketch you all sum times maybe over the Strong End?

Taurus Apr 21 – May 21: Grab your chance while you can. If you have been incubating ideas, don’t miss this morning’s opportunity to link up with someone who has the power to open all the right doors for you. Call me to hear why you mustn’t delay talking to the boss.

When I was younger, I never bother read my horoscope. Now I am getting older and greyer I read every day and can tell when it is Relevant to I! The last time I was home – JA, my son Valdin Legister said supn and you know what I have to now take what he said on board. Otherwise I will be RUNNING for the Rest of my LIFE? Sorry age is ketching up wid I, suh I a guh Stand up and Fight 2 dah Bitter End!

Russell Grant – Taurus April 21 – May 21:  If conventional solutions to problems aren’t working, don’t be shy about asking an imaginary friend for help. A joint effort will be more productive than anyone expected and as a result, an extra bonus could be coming your way.

If all my efforts from Friday until now haven’t been productive, because of more than joint efforts, I would have failed. But I am thankful for the little I could have done with resolving any outstanding matters. What some of us failed to understand is that it’s time to stop taking others for granted. Spare some time to start thinking about others, instead of focusing on that bloated ego that is me, myself and I, in other words you, yourself and you. It is time we pause long enough to think about how others will be affected by my/your/our selfishness.

Back in the days, my granny and parents would be sharing their words of wisdom and I am sorry now, I did not pay too much attention, in my ignorance. Because now they are dead and gone and I am the poorer for losing out. Some of us will never get more than one chance at anything. Therefore as the saying goes, every day bucket go to the well one day the bottom will drop out. If this is pertinent to anyone, including me, I would start taking heed? Because of my experiences since coming back from burying my MOTHER, lots of things have pass me by in a haze.

Hopefully I can get my life back on track sometimes this year? I have plans and I would like to revisit this chapter in my life from 22nd January 2013 to when I said my final goodbye to my mother on the 22nd January 2014 and know for certain, I would not be seeing her again in the mortal flesh. I am making sure continuing the documenting of the Legacy that, hopefully will be of benefit to my family when I am no longer here in this life. I haven’t the slightest interests in most of what people have to say about me. Yes when I was younger I was bothered, but not at this stage of my life.

My MOTHER warned me about lots of things from I was a child. Mama used to say, “Ratty when you see them jumping on two feet, keep hoping on your one and a half and go on”. I know exactly what Mama was talking about now. GOD in His infinite mercies have empowered me with knowledge and wisdom to know wrong from right. I know none of us is perfect and GOD don’t make mistake. But if we keep making the same mistake over and over again it is no longer a mistake but a deliberate act…  First time is mistake, second time is purpose and I did not bother finding out what name was given third time. By the second time, I learned my lesson well, I know you can’t please everyone, but you have to please yourself.

Updated 14th January 2018: I want everyone to take note that I have been using Social Media as my platform to tell my stories from I joined in February 2010.  Top of Form

So mum had a fleeting memo of her daughter yesterday. This morn she asking fi Toya Latoya Nembhard. But all else belongs to her Long Time Memory (LTM) – Effie, Sadie, Harold, and Will Bernard. All her family on Chambers/Saunders side who passed on. She knows their correct names and that they died. Nothing about me and the Nembhard side.

Top of Form

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

January 14, 2014 at 2:14pm ·

Me cawn call unuh till me put credit pon phone. I am teking the Bun Savanna Road leading to all dem outer regions later. 2moro me off to Hanover.  Got to see Jevon.

Updated 14th January 2018: For those of you not in the know? Jevon is my nephew who was born prematurely. He has multiple disabilities. He will be 26 years old on the 7th September 2018. What chance is there that I will see him before his birthday?

Updated 14th January 2018: I am a Storyteller. I inherited from my Father and not my Mother. Not all my stories are good for all and sundries either.

Suh me feel a story cuming. Dis dunce pickney did guh a school and when the time cum fi spelling…?  He never know fi spell Cow. Suh teacher bus him ass wid di fan belt. Pickney guh home guh tell di even dunca puppa. Puppa cum to teacher wid fire blazing outa him yais dem. Here him to di teacher – “Imagine u gawn tell me pickney fi spell a big sinti like Cow! Why u nebba did ask him fi spell MOSQUITO?”.

The Moral Of The Story Is?

I have seen quite a few breadfruit crops in my time. I know from back in the days when my Mother did not bother to teach me anything, but she expected me to know how to do everything. Her words were if when I show you, you don’t want to learn, that’s your look out. Many of what I know I learn through my own initiatives of trials and errors.

Now I touch briefly on LOVE, because there are ginnals to be found in every walks of life. It don’t matter if they are men or women. They will use you and abandon you and destroy you if it comes to the test. There is more to life and a relationship than empty words. If you have someone who sacrificed their life for you, please respect that person. We are humans and we make mistakes, but please don’t allow yourself to be manipulated by some psychopaths who can think no further than getting their rocks off… And keeping evidence for no good reasons than to pay you back for some slight that was done previously.

My Mother used to tell me that I love tun trash too much, it takes me years to realise what my Mama was getting at. That’s why I want to remain on good terms with anyone who have impacted in my life in any ways. But I am heeding my Mama’s words, if it didn’t work first time, there is no chance it will ever work. There will always be the underlying emotional baggage that stop one from moving on…

I aim to stand up in LOVE, instead of Falling in Love. If there is no respect for other Women, I would prefer not to entertain any arguments you might be thinking of putting forward?